Installing Faux Wood Beams {in our master bathroom}



We are making progress in our master bathroom!

A few weeks ago, I asked if you could guess what we would be doing to our ceilings in our master bathroom.  Some of you guessed right…

We were going to install wood beams on our ceiling!

I have been in love with these pictures I found on Pinterest for a long time…

hubba hubba


Wood beams are gorgeous in a bathroom.


(source unknown)

But they are equally beautiful in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens…

wood beams


exposed wood beams


beautiful white kitchen with gorgeous wood beams


Wood beams add so much character to your home.

Wood beams


So when we had a little “pipe problem” in our master bathroom ceiling that needed to be covered…

faux beams 001

we decided we would rather cover the pipe with a hollow beam than lowering the height of our ceiling.

So Cy tried to make a hollow beam by himself, but let’s just say that it didn’t quite work out the way he had planned.  (He explains it in the video.)

Determined NOT to have to lower the ceiling to cover the pipe, I began searching online to see if I could find a faux wood beam to install in our bathroom.

To my excitement, I found AZ Faux Wood Beams!

logo faux

Have you ever heard of faux wood beams?

They are the coolest products ever!

Here’s the low down:

  • They are made of polyurethane.
  • They are made from the molds of actual wood beams.
  • They do not split, crack, or dry out like real wood.
  • They are super lightweight making them easy to ship and install.
  • They are termite resistant.
  • They can be painted or stained.
  • They look exactly like real wood!
  • They come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles.

Superior Building Supplies manufactures these beams.


If you visit AZ Faux Beams, you will see that their faux wood beams have been featured on HGTV and the DIY Network.  They were even used in Jay Leno’s home!

So we are super thrilled to have these beams from AZ Faux Beams in our master bathroom.


faux beams 025


You will NOT believe how easy these were to install.  I swear that my 13 and 10 year old sons could have installed them by themselves.

faux beams 032

We still have to finish the trim molding around the top of the ceiling, but I wanted to go ahead and show you our beautiful beams.  We will also be installing a chandelier above the tub from the middle beam.

Cy and I made a little video for you of how we installed the beams.  (Eli even got into the action.)

Check it out!  I know you will be amazed at this product as much as I am!


Now I just have to find a chandelier to hang over my tub!

And window treatments for my window.

And a mirror for above the sink.

Oh! and a rug….


So what do you think about my new faux wood beams?!

If you would like to check out the different styles and sizes of faux wood beams and many other cool products, click on the button below.


You can also check out installation videos from AZ Faux Beams by clicking HERE.

And if you want to check out their next episode on the DIY Network, the date and time is listed below.



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*I loved these beams so much, I contacted AZ Faux Beams and asked them if I could review their product.   They agreed and were excited about reaching bloggers and their readers with their product.  Cy and I only paid shipping for our beams.  The opinions expressed in this post are 100% ours.  We love these beams and were excited to share them with our readers.

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