It may not be popular, but…



Hello, sweet friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far!

I’ve been super busy, but so far so good.

You may have noticed a lot of posts going up this week about bloggers truncating their feeds. 

What the heck is “truncating”, you ask?

Well, if you subscribe to a blog via a reader, a truncated feed only shows a snippet of the post.  You have to click on “continue reading” to read the post in it’s entirety on the actual blog’s web page.

I HATE truncated feeds!  If a blogger truncates her feed, I usually unsubscribe from her.

However, starting with my next post, I will be truncating my feeds.

Why?  Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Over the past year of blogging, things in blog world have changed.  Sites called “Scraper” sites are popping up everywhere.  They steal bloggers’ posts, word for word, and post it on their own sites. 

They use our posts, that we worked hard to create, to turn around and make money off of them.


I read a post from Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch, who gives the best explanation of how terribly WRONG these scraper sites are.  I hope you take the time to read her post.  Just click on the link below:

Stop Scrapers from Stealing Your Content

Stop scrapers from stealing your content

I know it is not a popular decision.  I know my readers who subscribe to my blog via a reader won’t like my decision.  I know I may lose followers.  I know I might get some mean emails.


But it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Jonathan is in middle school now, and I am constantly trying to encourage him to do what is RIGHT even if it is NOT the popular thing to do. 

I am gonna take my own advice.

I hope and pray that you keep following me.

And I sure hope that my blog content is worth that extra click you will have to make.

If you decide to unsubscribe.  I understand.  I will miss you.

But I have to do what is RIGHT.

I have one follower that I know will keep reading.

My sweet blog friend, Gina, from San Antonia, Texas emailed me today to say…

This reader will stick with you!  Don’t worry, just protect yourself in what ever way  it takes.  I believe most people WILL understand and follow you and the others.  We don’t like these creeps taking credit for your work either.  We want you to keep blogging and if this is what it takes, then we’ll follow.  Especially when blogger after blogger has to write a post and explain why there is a change….they will follow.



How sweet is that?!

I just want to hug her!


And to all of my wonderful readers, I truly hope you understand.




You can hear about other blogger’s decisions to truncate their feeds








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Bathroom Sneak Peeks!



Girlfriends, here is the honest truth…

I have been so stinkin’ busy working on my bathroom, that I haven’t had much time to

The other night, I spent a couple hours tiling our shower.  I LOVED doing it.  There is something so therapeutic about it.


Cy finished grouting the tile.

bathroom 012

I will give the details about all the supplies we used in a later post.  Smile

bathroom 011


Cy also finished putting up the crown molding in the bathroom.  I filled in the nail holes and painted it. 

bathroom 046

He’s also framed up the doorways, and they look sooooooo good!

I did one more thing that I am absolutely head over heals, crazy excited, smack-your-granny-happy about!

Here’s a clue!

bathroom 065

It is one of the most favorite things I have done since blogging.  No lie!

I cannot wait to show you the whole thing in all its raging beauty!

But for now, I gots-ta-go!

I’ve got more painting to do. Smile



I hope you are having a GREAT day!!!!


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