I’m not HERE, but I am over THERE.



Ha!  I am totally laughing at myself and this crazy week I have had.

I told y’all that I have been subbing in 4th grade since last Thursday, and let me just say that it has rocked my world!

Seriously, y’all!  I am hanging on by a thread!

I admire full time working mama’s so much.  (That includes YOU, Ms. Katherine Cox!)  Smile

I LOVE teaching, but trying to teach full time and blog full time is not easy.

It is a miracle that I have gotten three posts up this week {although today might not really qualify as a true post}.

It is even a bigger miracle that I have written three guest posts this week!

It also didn’t help that we have had some big event to attend every night this week.

My laundry is backed up.

My sink is full of dirty dishes.

There are buckets of candy and candy wrappers strewn all over the house.

The beds are unmade.

The toilets have rings.

My email inbox is overflowing.

And I haven’t cooked a single meal in a week.  {Unless you count grilled cheese and chips one night.}


But I am still alive, and life is good.  I will try to catch up on my life next week. Smile

So I am here to tell you that I am not really HERE today, but I am over THERE.


Where, you ask?

I am guest posting over at Positively Splendid today. She is starting an awesome series called “A Swell Noel”, and I am honored to be kicking it off today.


I would love if you would stop by over there and visit me.  I am sharing some Owl themed Christmas decorating I’ve been doing lately.


I hope you are having a great week!  I will see you tomorrow for Favorite Pins Friday.



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