Gutting our Guest Bathroom



Well, a few weeks back, I showed you the picture of our {future} guest bathroom shower.  It was after my second son, Luke, decided to stand on the tiled soap dish holder in the shower tearing down the soap holder and half of the tiled wall.

bathroom re-do


Shortly after that, Cy “went to town” on that bathroom.

I was sitting in my room when I heard an awful racket.  I ran across the house to see what was going on, and I found Cy ripping out the vanity of the boys’ bathroom.  He had already removed the toilet without me knowing.

Doesn’t he know I need “before” pictures?!!!

So I don’t have a picture of the bathroom before he took the toilet out.

I had to grab my cell phone real quick to take some pictures because the battery on my Nikon was dead.

oct 010

{He had already put up some green board around the tub a few days earlier.}

There was an ugly light above the mirrored medicine cabinet that Cy had to remove.

bathroom re-do

Then we got rid of the sink top.

bathroom re-do

Now, I know y’all are wondering why in the heck I would get rid of such a beautiful vanity!  Well, ladies…I just have a hankerin’ for something new.  Smile

bathroom re-do


Cy unscrewed the vanity from the wall and yanked it out with a crow bar.

bathroom re-do

After he removed the toilet and vanity, he used a shovel to get up the several layers of linoleum.

It smelled horrible!

bathroom re-do

But the bathroom was completely gutted and ready for a re-do!  Woohoo!

bathroom re-do

Lastly, he installed some water resistant hardi backer board around the shower.  This will help prevent mold and mildew behind the tile that we install soon.

bathroom re-do

So that is where we are at! The bathroom has been like this for several weeks because Cy has been so busy trying to finish our staircase and the upstairs of the addition.  We really hope to get the boys in their new rooms before Christmas.

I am very excited about getting this bathroom finished. For now, I am planning on installing white subway tile in the shower and creating a plank wood wall.  Cy will be making us a custom vanity using some left over butcher block from our kitchen.

Can’t wait to share the process with you.  Smile


Have a blessed Monday!

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