“What I’m Loving” Wednesday!



Happy Hump Day!

I hope you are having a great week so far.  Smile

Today, I wanted to share with you what I’ve been lovin’ lately.


First of all, I’ve been loving my

Michael Buble Christmas CD!

{Um…Hello! Is that present for me, Michael?}


Do any of you have this?  We bought it last year, and the boys and I love it!  We are HUGE Michael Buble fans!  {Or Michael “Boo-bay”, as Eli calls him.}

My favorite song is #12,  Cold December Night.



I am also lovin’ this bread. 


I could eat a package of these a day, I swear!  My boys love when I make sandwiches with them for their lunches.  Cy loves it when I toast them in the oven with turkey and cheese for an snack while watching football or basketball on tv.  YUM!


I’m loving all the Christmas movies that are on tv now!


I love watching the classics especially, but the boys and I love Elf and the newer Grinch too.  Nothing like snuggling on the couch watching Christmas movies this time of year!


I’m loving this verse:


During this time of year, it is easy to get so busy and overwhelmed with all that we have going on.  But I am trying to focus on resting in God.  This means that I have to take time each day to read his word and talk to Him in prayer.  It is amazing the peace that I receive when I spend time with Him.  I pray that you will find rest in Him too.



I’m also lovin’ this sweet sight….

purse 004

{One night when he fell asleep with his teddy bear in his arms.}

Right now, Eli loves for me to lay down with him at night, and of course, I do too!  He fell asleep last night with my arm around him and my hand snuggled in between his two sweet little hands.  There is nothing quite as sweet as hearing your child drift off to sleep.



I’m lovin’ this kids’ passion for reptiles.  Smile

sept 025

{Luke with his leopard gecko, Troop.}

Luke got a leopard gecko for his birthday, and it has been nothing but reptile talk every since. sept 036

I swear that kid could talk about reptiles 24/7.  It drives me nuts sometimes, but it is fun seeing your kid so passionate about something that means a lot to him.  He would like to expand his reptile collection, but mama is saying “no” to that right now.



I’m lovin’ watching this kid grow in his passion, music, too.

carter's 009

He played his guitar for the first time in church last Sunday in the Praise and Worship band.

Jonathan is a music loving fool!  He has been playing on his guitar every minute he can since we got him his guitar for his birthday in July.  He has self-taught himself through videos on youtube.

We filmed him singing on his guitar for Kevin and Layla the other day to show Kevin what Jonathan has learned so far. Here is a clip for you.


I am loving this sweet boy.

phone 028

Adam loves football and basketball right now.  But more than anything, he just loves love.  Adam has the sweetest, most loving heart ever!  He just wants to love and be loved.  He is the child that is always hugging me, loving on me, telling me I am beautiful and the best mom in the world.  If you want to feel good about yourself, hang out with Adam for a while.  He is the great “uplifter.”



Of course, y’all know how much I love this man!

phone 001

We ran our very first half marathon together in October.  My first, his 6th or something. Smile  We had just finished the race when I snapped this picture.  Wow!  It was tough!  But I am so glad I did it, and I had my best friend cheering me on.

So those are some of the things I am loving right now.



What are you loving today?

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