More than an Heirloom



Well, my sister shared another youtube video with me on facebook, and I started crying as soon as I read the title.

Heirloom, by Amy Grant, is one of my all time favorite songs.

It reaches deep into my soul and expresses all of those dear things that I love so much in my life.  As soon as she begins to sing, I begin to bawl.

Man, I miss my mom. 

{It’s been a “Mom, I miss you so much!” kind of day.}

As I listened to the words of the song, I was reminded of those boxes in my attic full of pictures and papers that hold such sweet memories to me.  Those things that we pass down from generation to generation and remind us of days gone by.  They are priceless to me.

But my family is more than an heirloom to me.

This holiday season, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, it is easy to get caught up in the traditions and stories that we pass down like heirlooms from generation to generation.  We sing the same songs, put up the same decorations, make the same cookies our mom’s made, and so much more.

But I am so grateful that Jesus is mine, and the story of His birth is so much more than just a story that I pass down to my children, and they to their children.

He is so, so much more!

Jesus is more than an heirloom to me.


I hope you enjoy this song and the sweet poem that Amy shares at the beginning.



God bless you all!

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