The Storm before the Calm



I had a comment from a reader yesterday that made me laugh.


Deborah E says:

December 18, 2012 at 10:29 am

Haven’t read anything about your home remodel in awhile. Just curious, what is going on with the master bedroom and the boys rooms. Also, it would be fun to see your family room.


Ya wanna see why I laughed?

Well, sweet Deborah E, here’s my family room…

 {Please do not stop following my blog after seeing this.  I promise it will get better.  hee.hee.}

bunk bed 039

You asked.  Smile


We are in the midst of FINALLY moving the boys out of their small rooms into their new rooms upstairs!  But in the meantime, that means a lot of stuff in transition.

We’ve been having a big family slumber party in our bedroom!

bunk bed 045

The boys love it!

bunk bed 047


I moved their stuff out of their old rooms so I could get the walls painted and get those rooms ready to be a playroom and office.

bunk bed 046

So this is our STORM before the CALM.

Sometimes when you are renovating your home, it has to get REALLY messy before it gets cleaned up, ya know?

But I am so happy with this mess {except that it is the week before Christmas}, because it means we are thisclose to getting the boys in their rooms and getting our house almost finished.

It’s a little humbling to show you this mess, but it is what it is.

bunk bed 043

I am happy to report, though, that as of today most of this stuff has made it way into it’s new home.


bunk bed 040

The mattresses and dressers are now upstairs, but nothing is decorated downstairs.

Oh well, we are getting there.

Hopefully, I will be able to have some decorating fun in 2013. Smile


The boys did not want to use their bunk beds in their new rooms, so I have two for sale.


If you are interested in either, and live in central Ky, just email me and let me know.

[email protected]}

This was Adam and Eli’s bunk bed.  It was in my mom’s house in the “grandchildren’s room.”  It is a twin over twin and has a trundle to go with it.  I think the trundle has a wheel that has come up.  We didn’t need it, so it is in storage.  I am asking $300 for it.

bunk bed 029


This is the dark walnut twin over full.  The safety guard rails on the top bunk are broken and need to be fixed, but other than that, it is in good shape.  I am asking $200 for it.

bunk bed 053


Also, the winner of the $20 Dollar General Gift Card Giveaway is….

Author: Catrina

We have a DG just down the road as well! I’ll have to check out there holiday decor! And yes, I’d love to win a gift card :)


Congrats, Catrina!

I will be contacting you soon!

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