Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal!



Whew!  We have finished our guest bathroom!



It feels so good to finally have two fully functioning bathrooms in our home now!

We’ve come a long way in this bathroom.

I tried to find pictures of this bathroom when we moved here a year and a half ago, but I don’t think I took any!  {bad, bad blogger}

I did find a video of the first day we moved in.  Here are some still shots of the video.

Check out our “leaf cushioned toilet seat.”  {Please do not pin these pictures from my site!}  Smile


Here are the mirrored shower doors…


And our gorgeous vanity…


Fabulous, I know.

The only change we made when we first moved in was to take down those hideous shower doors and use a shower curtain instead.  We left everything else the same because we didn’t have it in our budget for a bathroom renovation.

But MAN did I want to get my hands on this bathroom!

So let’s just say that it was a “blessing in disguise” when Luke decided to stand on the soap dish holder one night while taking a shower and caused the lower half of the tiled wall to come tumbling down!

bathroom makeover

It forced us to move up the bathroom renovation by like two years!

{And I am so glad it did.}

So the first thing we did was to rip down all the old tile.

bathroom makeover

The window in the shower had to be replaced.  Water was getting in behind the tile and causing it to mold.

So we chose to put a solid window in the shower that doesn’t open and close.

white subway tile

We also went with white subway tile from Lowe’s.

So much better already!

white subway tile

Cy installed bead board on the ceiling, and I painted it white.

He tore out the old linoleum flooring and installed white octagonal tile from Lowe’s.

white octagonal tile flooring


And as much as we hated to get rid of this beauty…

bathroom makeover



We decided to replace it with a custom made vanity that Cy built out of leftover butcher block from our kitchen renovation.

DIY vanity

As you can see, we added wood planks to the walls with some trim work on top.  We painted the wood Beige Shadow from Lowe’s.

wood plank walls

We took down the hideous medicine cabinet that split your face into three parts when you looked into it…

bathroom makeover

And replaced it with an oval mirror from Lowe’s.  We also took down the very dated light fixture and replaced it with a $16 outdoor light from Lowe’s as well.

cottage bathroom


I added the berry wreath during Christmas for a pop of color, but I think I am going to leave it up through the winter months.

cottage bathroom

I used some window treatments that I found at Marshall’s for $19.99 for my shower curtain.

bathroom makeover


They look real “see through” in these pictures, but do not look like that “in person.”  It’s because it is really hard to take pictures of a window, and I had to brighten my picture up a lot so the bathroom wouldn’t look too dark.  {These are the moments that I wish I was a professional photographer!}

I wanted to do a split shower curtain so it looked like I was decorating the window behind it with window treatments.

bathroom makeover

I also didn’t want to block the wonderful light from the window with a solid shower curtain.

I have a few other little things that I would like to do in this bathroom, but for the most part, it is finished.

One thing I am still trying to decide on is what type of privacy feature I want to add to the window.  I have a couple of ideas, but just can’t decide on one.  If this bathroom was on the second floor, I would totally leave it “as is.”  But since this is on the main level right next to our driveway, I am going to have to have something on the window to provide privacy.

The other thing I need to get is a hand towel holder for the side of the vanity.

bathroom makeover

There is not a good space for the hand towel to go on the wall, so I am going to install a chrome bar on the side below the vanity top for hand towels.  It will help hide the ugly pipes below and will also fit with the style of my bathroom.

I LOVE this bathroom!

It is fresh, and crisp, and clean, and has that cottage vibe that I love.

bathroom makeover

Right now, the boys are using this bathroom until we get theirs finished upstairs.  I am hoping and praying that they don’t destroy it before we do!  Smile


If you have any questions about our makeover, please feel free to ask me in the comments!

Have a blessed day!

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