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Today, I wanted to share some information about the wood planked walls in our master bathroom makeover.

how to install a wood plank wall

First of all, we used 1×5 inch tongue and groove New England White Pine from Lumber Liquidators.  It ran about $1.09 sq ft.

how to install a wood plank wall

You could really use whatever type of wood planks you wanted depending on the look you wanted.

Some of you asked if we installed the wood planks right on top of the drywall.  Yep, we did! Smile


When installing the wood planks, you need to locate where the studs are in the wall so you will be able to nail in to them.

how to install a wood plank wall

When you find where the studs are, you can use your level to draw a line up the wall.  This will help you to be able to easily locate the studs when nailing the wood planks on the wall.

how to install a wood plank wall

Be sure to start on the bottom of the floor with your first plank and then move  up the wall. Use a level to make sure your first plank is level, then nail it into the studs.  Do NOT lay the plank on the floor and nail it to the wall without checking first to make sure it is level because your floor may  not be perfectly level. Make sense?


how to install a wood plank wall


If there is a small gap between the first plank and the floor after you have leveled it, don’t worry.  You will be able to cover any gaps with your base board.

The rest of the wall is pretty simple. You just cut the wood planks to the desired length and nail them to the wall.  If  you want a gap between your planks, just use a nickel to create that space while nailing the planks to the wall.


how to install a wood plank wall


You also want to make sure you cut around any outlets or plumbing when installing the planks.


how to install a wood plank wall

Before painting the wood plank wall, be sure to caulk the corners with a paintable caulk.  This will give the wall a beautiful finished look.


guest bath 014

It is your choice whether you plank your wall all the way up to the ceiling or stop 1/2 or 3/4 of the way up.  We decided to stop about 3/4 of the way up the wall and add a small shelf detail.

guest bath 006

We also added a white base board after painting our wood plank wall.


Tomorrow, I will show you which trim pieces we used to make the shelf at the top of our plank wall.

If you have any questions about this post, just let me know in the comments.


how to install a wood plank wall

Have a blessed day!

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