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I have truly enjoyed reading your sweet comments on my post earlier today about my husband’s career change.  Just a few minutes ago, I told him to go read my post and all the kind comments that were left.  He came back in the room smiling ear to ear.  Thank you for lifting him up with encouragement and prayers.

You guys are the sweetest things ever!!!!

best of april

Well, January is officially over at midnight tonight, and we will be venturing into the month of love.  heart

Before we leave the first month of the new year, we need to celebrate what we accomplished the past 31 days!

The first half of the month, you may have been trying to recover from the madness of the holidays like I was.

But maybe we got some stuff done the second half of the month? Smile

Can you believe that I actually didn’t complete a DIY project in January?  Well, we finished our guest bathroom makeover the week before Christmas, and I have been sharing all of the steps of the makeover with you in January.  We did finish our stairs, but I haven’t shared those with you yet.  I’ll share them next week.

So I need you to inspire me with your projects!!!

Please remember to follow the party guidelines:

          • Your project MUST be about DIY home decor or home improvement.
          • Only ONE project per blogger, please.
          • Your project needs to be from the month of January, 2013.
          • Please enjoy visiting other great projects by other bloggers and leave some comment love. 
          • Please link back to the my party somewhere in your post. (Only those with a link back to the party will be considered to be featured on my blog.)

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HUGE Life Change for our Family



Well, I have been wanting to share this with you guys for about two months, but I had to wait until now.

There is a HUGE life change happening to our family in the next few days, and it has to do with my husband.

april 020


No, we are not getting a divorce.

And No, I am not pregnant.  Smile


As of tomorrow, my husband is leaving his banking job of 15 years and going into business for himself.

Big gulps.

Now, we will both be self-employed.

This is a huge change for us, but one we are very excited about.

Cy has always known that he wouldn’t retire from banking.  He has always been itching to have his own business.  He is not a “sit behind the desk” kind of guy, which I’m sure you can easily see on my blog.  My man is ALWAYS doing something.

guest bath 007

For several months now, he has very clearly and strongly felt God leading him in the direction of starting his own business.  It has been obvious to both of us that God was opening doors for us to walk through.  It has been amazing to watch God work in both of our hearts and guide us through it all.

So even though we are nervous and unsure about all the changes, we KNOW that God is in this and He will provide for us.  {Maybe not all of our “wants”, but definitely our “needs.”}  Smile


Cy will have his own spray foam insulation business called, CB3 Insulation.

He will also be doing home remodeling projects on the side.  Right now he is in the middle of a bathroom renovation and will be doing another bathroom/laundry room renovation in the coming month.  I’m going to try and show you as many of those as I can on my blog.



I have to be honest, it scares me a little for Cy to go out into business for himself.  The economy is not the most stable thing in the world right now, ya know?

Plus, I stay home and only bring in a little money from my blog.

And we are trying to raise four wonderful boys.

adam's  birthday 002

It’s a lot of responsibility, and some people may think Cy’s a little crazy to be leaving his bank job.

However, there is no doubt in my mind that my husband will make this work.  He will do whatever it takes to take care of our family.  He has never let me down in 15 years of marriage, and I know he won’t now either.  Cy has the hardest work ethic of anyone I know, and I am thrilled that he is getting to do something he loves so much.

He has faithfully worked at the bank {and on side jobs} so that I could have my dream come true of staying home with our children.

Now I am so happy that I get to see him chase a dream of his own!

It’s going to be exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time.  But we are a team, and I know it will work out just fine.

Here’s his large spray foam insulation trailer that now sits in our back yard!

truck 017

Sooooooo, if you live in central Kentucky, and you need your home or business insulated….Cy’s your guy!


He will also be for hire for renovation projects.  Smile  And I may be helping him in some of those projects too!


Exciting times, y’all!!


Thanks for letting me share this news with you!  I’ll keep you updated on all the changes!


Have a blessed day!

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