Sock Cupcakes {The Sweetest *little* Gift Idea!}




Hey Friends!

I am so excited to share something crafty with you today!

sock cupcake

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, I thought this would be a fun “treat” to make for your friends or loved ones.  {I made these for my sons’ teachers.}

It’s a “sock cupcake!”

sock cupcake

Which makes it a “sweet treat for your feet!”

To make this gift, I bought some colorful, cozy socks from Walmart.  They were two for $2.50.


sock cupcake

I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the cupcake liners.  {You could probably find some extra large cupcake liners at a craft store, but I have been wanting to find something I could make on my new Cameo, so I used Silhouette’s online store to buy my template.}


silhouette cameo craft

The paper I used is called “Uptown Flair” and is  from Hobby Lobby.  {I used my 40% coupon to make it affordable.}


cupcake-vanity 011


The paper in this pack is sooo cute!  It’s a heavy cardstock and some of the pages have glitter on them.  Lurve it!


silhouette cameo

I enlarged the cupcake liners a little bit because the socks were so thick.


sock cupcake

Once the cupcake liner was cut, I folded and taped it up.


sock cupcake

Then I rolled a pair of socks up to look like a cupcake.


sock cupcake


I wrapped the sock in tissue paper to hold the sock inside the liner since it didn’t have a bottom.


sock cupcake


After trimming the tissue paper, I created some tags on my Cameo as well.


sock cupcake

I wrote “A Sweet Treat for your Feet” on the tags.  Then I wrapped each “cupcake” with some ribbons that I had in my craft closet.  To hold the tag to the cupcake, I used a yellow tipped sewing pin that I found with my sewing supplies, stuck it through a pom pom, through the tag, and into the sock.  Worked like a charm!


sock cupcake


You may come up with a better way to hold it all together, but this worked for me.  I wanted the cute little pom pom on top of the cupcake, but didn’t want to glue it on the sock, so the sewing pin worked for me.


sock cupcakes


I love the way they turned out, and the boys are excited to give them to their teachers on Valentine’s Day. Smile


If I wanted to make these sock cupcakes for my boys, I would just used some boyish colors for the cupcake liners and socks. Smile


Funny story:  I thought I was being all creative and coming up with the idea of a “sock cupcake” all by myself.  I thought, “My readers are going to love this!  I’ve never seen anything like this!”  Then I made the mistake of searching for “sock cupcake” on Pinterest just to prove that my idea was an original.  Bad idea.  Then I googled it.  Worse idea.  People have been making sock cupcakes for years!

Dagnabit!  My “original” idea went out the window.

Oh well!  I still love it and think it is cute.  And hey,  it’s NEW to me! Smile


I hope you like it.  I had fun making them and taking pictures of them.


sock cupcake

Have a blessed day!

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