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Today, I want to show you how we built our on newel post for our new staircase.


how to build a newel post

If you have followed my blog for long, you know that I love to add old house character and charm to our newer home.

old house character and charm

We have been building a two story addition to our  home over the past few years, and I knew that I wanted a thick, chunky newel post for our new staircase.

Like this one…

newel post

I would have loved to have scored an antique newel post, but I couldn’t find one in our budget.  So I showed some pictures of ones that I liked to my husband, Cy, and he built one for me!  Smile

how to build a newel post


Here are the steps he took to build it.

He started with a 4×4 post that we already had in our barn. {As you can see, he cut into the first step to build the newel post.  I would describe how to do that, but every set of steps is different, and you may or may not want your newel post coming out of your first step.}

how to build a newel post

He added a 2×4 to one side {although he said you wouldn’t have to do that.}

how to build a newel post


Next, he wrapped the 4×4 with 1×8 pieces of poplar board.  Make sure the pieces are level.


how to build a newel post

Here is what it looked like before he added the final 1×8 poplar board…


how to build a newel post




how to build a newel post


Next we added a lot of trim work to get the look we wanted.  You can take  a lot of liberty in how much trim you use, what type of trim you use, and where you use it.

It is a preference thing.

We trimmed the middle of the newel post with 1/4 inch by 2 inch poplar trim pieces.  Then we added a trim piece on top of that.  Next, we placed a square 1/2 inch piece of birch plywood to the top and trimmed it with round trim.


how to build a newel post

Cy always added wood glue to the trim pieces before he nailed them with a finish nailer.

how to build a newel post

For the top, we bought a fence post cap from Lowe’s.

how to build a newel post


We originally planned to use the whole cap, but it looked a little weird when we placed it on top of our newel post.  So Cy took the bottom of the fence post cap off {see above} and just used the top for our newel post.

I liked it much better that way.

how to build a newel post


The bottom of the newel post is made of 1×12 pine boards and some decorative trim.

Before painting, we made sure to fill all the nail holes with wood filler and sand them smooth.

We also filled any gaps between each wood piece with white paintable caulk.  This is a VERY important step to give it that finished look.

I noticed when looking at this next picture, that we added another piece of small trim underneath the square piece of wood.  As we were building it, we could tell something was missing.  That extra piece of trim really finished it off.

how to build a newel post


Here is a view of the top…

how to build a newel post

The bottom…

how to build a newel post


I love my new “old” newel post!  It’s exactly what I was wanting.

how to build a newel post

We still have a few other things to do to our steps before they are completely finished.  Just detail stuff.


how to build a newel post

I’ve always loved the look of a staircase in a home.  Won’t it be fun to decorate next Christmas?! Smile

If you like this project, I would love for you to share it.  Thanks!

how to build a newel post


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