Favorite “PINS” Friday!



Hey, Y’all!

I hope you have had a GREAT week!

My husband is celebrating his 40th birthday on Saturday!  {Yes, I married a younger man.} Smile

I’m super grateful for my amazing man!

april 025

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!



Now, here are my favorite pins from Pinterest this week.




all white country living, pitched ceiling




Neutral - focus on Art work.  Via Mix and Chic








five mile river - Nightingale Design  sweet bar stools



beautiful & airy dining room, love the colors, love that light fixture, love the french doors!



A metal funnel makes a cool industrial lampshade in this bathroom. #decorating



Five Ways to add Interest to your Walls | Wainscot Solutions



The Many Places for Woven Shades



bringing the indoors out



simple palette // Kim Macumber



I'm a huge fan of using baskets all over the house. A basket is a great way to minimize the look of every day clutter in a home!



painted brick with clapboard and a mix of the metal roof.  LOVE everything about this!



built in bench in nook



reading nook built-in with ikat cushion // Nightingale Design



Have a blessed weekend!

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Lizards, and Turtles, and Bugs, OH MY!



Oh, the things we won’t do for our children.


phone 083


Yep, that’s me holding a snake, y’all.

A real, live, moving snake.  A pied boa, to be exact.

And here is the picture Jonathan took when the snake started making it’s way up my arm.

phone 086

Not good.

Last Saturday, I took my boys to the Reptile Expo in Lexington.  We met my sweet sister-in-law and her two boys there.

Oh the joys of being a boy-mom.  Smile

I could of thought of a thousand others ways to spend my Saturday, buy my boys love this stuff, so what’s a mom supposed to do?

I take one for the team.

We mostly went because of this boy right here.


(I think that is a giant leopard gecko he’s holding?}

Luke is a reptile-lovin’-fool.  He could talk about these creatures 24/7 {and usually does.}

He was in reptile heaven as we looked at turtles, geckos, skinks, newts, snakes, spiders, beetles and more. 

Eli wasn’t to keen on holding a snake, but finally decided to give it a try.


After exploring the expo for a while, we washed our hands REAL good, and headed to the food court for lunch.

The boys love spending time with their cousins, Drew and Ryan.




Okay, so here’s a cool picture I wanted to show to you. 

That snake I held….

Well, he’s a HUGE fan of Beneath My Heart!

Seriously, look!

He’s got a HEART tattoo!

phone 085


{I didn’t actually see the heart on the snake that day, but I did when I was editing my photos.  But how cool is that?}  Smile


So, what have you done lately

{that you never thought you would do}

for your kids?

I’d love to know! Winking smile

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