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I am desperately trying to come up with inexpensive ways to decorate my home.  Little by little, we are finally getting most of the major construction finished in our home.  We still have to finish the boys’ bathroom and a couple walls upstairs, but other than that, most of the house is complete.

Now I get to decorate, which is awesome, but a little daunting.

I feel like I am starting from scratch since we moved from our last home, because most of our furniture from our previous home doesn’t really go with this home. 

One piece of furniture that we do have from our previous home is our king four poster bed.

Here is the bed in our former master bedroom…

black kind four poster bed

If you missed the before and after pictures of this room, you have got to check it out.  I completed the entire makeover with a $700 budget.  Click HERE to view.

Because of the layout of the room, I decided that our bed looked best in front of our window.  Because there was a window behind our headboard, we didn’t have to worry about how to decorate above it.

But now, our headboard sits up against a blank wood plank wall.

I had a beautiful red poinsettia wreath above our headboard for Christmas…

bedroom 011


But now the wall is bare, which got me to thinking, “What in the world do I put there?”

I started searching online for some inspiration, and I wanted to share what I found with you.


It seems the most popular choice of décor for above the headboard is framed prints or pictures.



Cream and white bedroom, calm and serene. by dianne





Coastal-Style Bedrooms from HGTV --> http://www.hgtv.com/bedrooms/coastal-inspired-bedrooms/pictures/page-10.html?soc=pinterest



















Mirrors also look good above headboards…







Love the mirrors over the bed by dianne






Love mirrors over bed. by dianne






master bedroom by dianne





Some people fill up the space on the wall with an extra large headboard!



Bridge the Gap










Deeply Tufted













Plates can also be a pretty addition above the headboard.  Here are some plates mixed in with prints.


Nailed It





Bedrooms Designs , Inspiring Headboard Ideas for your Bedroom : Plates Via Nesting Place Headboard






Tone on tone accents above headboard keep focus on the bed but fills wall space nicely. #bedroom











Or what about something a little unusual, quirky, or unique?











Pinned Image











Textural Neutrals






contemporary bedroom by Cristi Holcombe


Sometimes it looks best just to leave the space above your headboard blank, especially if you have a beautiful chandelier above your bed that steals the show.


Enhance Your Bedside Manner




antique bed + white walls and linens




That’s some pretty great inspiration, huh?!


Now, what do you think I should

put above my headboard?

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  1. I have a non-window behind and above my headboard. That is, a short, squatty window, positioned high on the wall before the former owners built on a new garage and rendered the window useless. They also covered it with insulation on the garage side, so it is quite literally the ugliest, most pointless window ever in existence.

    Short of buying a piece of artwork large enough to cover it, I have no idea how to hide it. So, I’m embracing it!!! It’s covered with a shade and I plan to hang some long, dramatic drapes on either size to frame it and my bed.
    Andi @ Estella’s Revenge recently posted..Reading Slumps and Life Changes

  2. Traci, Whatever you decide to do will be beautiful! You have a great decorating touch. God bless you and may you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I am ready for SPRING! God bless,
    deanna recently posted..LOVE

  3. jamie lynn says:

    I don’t have a headboard so I’d gotten inspiration from (where else??) pinterest and put curtains up above the bed, as well as two panels hanging from the ceiling on either side of the bed. I LOVE the way it looks and it makes the bed feel so grand when I lay down. I’ve even seen that done with a headboard in the mix as well. I can’t wait to see what you decide on, I love love love your style!!

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day. Thanks for researching it for me, so I don’t have to!

  5. There is only one thing I would put there and that’s a mirror! I was looking at IKEA for one that I have in my daughter’s room, but it looks to be discontinued. EKNE is one that caught my eye for your room. It is fairly large for fifteen dollars or quite large for forty dollars. I like the idea of a round mirror above your bed. You can hang things seasonally on I too. I also like the sunburst one from Ballard’s, but it is much more pricey.

  6. Everyone seems to be in Master Bedroom re-do mode right now, including myself, so I LOVED all of this inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley @ Dirt Stains & Paint recently posted..Grain Sack Bench

  7. The mirror I was looking for is the IKEA Tranby. There are tons of knockoffs out there for this mirror on Pinterest, although they do not sell it at American IKEA stores only overseas stores now.

  8. I love the old tobacco basket, personally. But, since I am into the primitive style, that would definitely be a no brainer for me. Something old and chippy or rusty is always my favorite! :)

  9. I’m partial to artwork above a headboard! Surprise, surprise! A nice gallery-wrapped painting on canvas feels less heavy than framed work under glass. Or perhaps a gallery wall of smaller canvases. Thanks for a great post!

  10. Truly ironic timing! At this very moment, my husband is hanging a big sunburst mirror above our bed! I have the same poster bed as you. Just came to check my email while he is hammering, and your blog was in my inbox. Mine came from Gabriel Brothers (discounter/closeout store). It said retail $149 (who knows if that is right), but they were selling it for $49.99. After several clearace markdowns, I paid a whopping $9 for mine! It is big and I love that this one perfectly & fully fills the space above the headboard. I am also a lover of plates on the wall, so you couldn’t go wrong w/those either!

  11. I’ve seen too many plates fall off the wall to have them above by head. I like nice framed pictures. Funny, I just started putting them up in my bedroom today.
    Jodi recently posted..Panel, Panel On the Wall-Please Go Away

  12. Was blessed to find a ‘Robert Duncan’ poster sized print and Michael’s had their poster frames on sale. The man in framing was kind enough to put it in the frame for me! Can you beat that? Anyway, it’s perfect for above my bed, but I didn’t fined it for awhile – and it was $2 at a garage sale – PTL!

  13. she had *given* to me……English not very good today neither can I hit the correct key…..sorry

  14. You know what’s weird? I’m looking at your Christmas photo and saying Why does that look so good??? Plates? Not with your current room. It seems like every photo looked good with THAT bed, just like your curtains looked good at your other house, but I love the simplicity of something round and is that feathery? Am I the only one?!! It’s just that pictures with your bed and the boards seem fussy, your tall four posts are like artwork against the white wall and so I feel like a bunch of plates or photos would cover up this really unique contrast of the stark white and black. Pleeeeez do not change your bed!!! It’s so gorgeous and not common and boring. I’m not much help am I? I just know that why I liked that first photo was an accent that was simple yet a focal point. So just my opinion!!! Ill bet you have your idea up your sleeve and we will say Ahhhhhh… Gorgeous!! Ps. 12 years ago before anyone even on HGTV had done it, I got a branch from my friend’s pruned peach tree to hang over my bed. I still love it. But no, I don’t think that works for you this time!! Lol

  15. i’ve seen shelves, or old mantles above the bed too. we are in the same boat, however due to some major anchor hooks holding up one large mirror over our bed (not centered either) we decided to go with different sizes of antique mirrors. this however is taking some time, finding them in good condition and affordable prices. but the process of finding all of them is fun!
    can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    Cindi @ Rustique Art recently posted..a rustic Valentine message for you & my excuse to decorate

  16. Your bed and chandelier are so pretty that it may look nice with nothing on the wall. I’m kind of funny about hanging things above my head while I’m sleeping. I fear that whatever is there will fall and hit my husband and I while we are sound asleep. I’m sure whatever you decide will look amazing.

  17. Personally, I love the mirrors or the tobacco basket. Just my humble opinion. Of course, I know whatever your choose Traci will be amazing because you rock! Can’t wait to see…and hey even a wreath is pretty awesome.!

  18. depends where you live. In California (earthquake country) I would never in a million years but anything mirror, glass or heavy above my bed, ever!

    something acceptable would be a painted canvas, no glass.

  19. I’m in agreement with Gwen’s comments. Round and not too splashy/prissy is my vote! Could be a mirror or seasonal wreaths!

  20. Linda S. in NE says:

    How about a very large ripoff antique French Country clock? They are abundant in Hobby Lobby stores and are often reduced by 50%. I bought a non-working one at an estate sale, and kind of like the idea that I can set the hands to whatever time I want. The last thing I want to know when I’m in my bedroom is, what time it is. Time to re-decorate?…..no problem…..just whip those hands around to a brand new time of day!! Besides, my bedside digital telephone keeps me well informed when I do need to know the correct time. Thanks for all the wonderful examples we can explore.

  21. I suggest an wedding day photo of you and your husband – printed in black and white on an over-sized canvas – no frame. Or just use nothing at all. Your wall is beautiful and the dimension of the panels makes a nice backdrop and the light fixture is great so unless it is meaningful, I don’t think you need anything.

  22. I don’t think I would like plates over my bed- I would always be worried about getting a concussion. ;) I like the more unusual choices you featured, rather than the usual pictures or mirrors. I found an old wooden thingy that I painted and hung over our bed- not sure what it was originally, but I love it.
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles recently posted..Painted French Country End Table with Postcard Graphics

  23. How about a different wreath for each season? That way you don’t get tired of the same old thing and you have a focal point with texture.

    • livestrong3c says:

      My thoughts exactly! I loved that Christmas wreath in her photo. I am thinking of a large wreath over my headboard as well. I think this is the BEST idea! :)

  24. I loved them all!

  25. Great ideas, Traci! I think my favorite is that old tobacco basket — the texture would be awesome against your plank wall! I’m sure whatever you decide to do will be beautiful!
    xo Heidi
    Heidi @ Decor & More recently posted..Easy Valentine Treat

  26. I think I would not hang anything there due to the fact that your chandelier hangs directly over your bed. Less is more in this case. If you HAVE to have something I’d go with a mirror in an antique frame.
    I can’t abide plates hung on a bedroom wall…but that’s just me. I like tobacco baskets but I think that the style of your bed is a little formal for that. Good luck!

    p.s. Do you have canopy rails for your bed? If so, maybe you’d want to hang fabric just across the back and a short bit of the sides? Does that make sense? Hard to describe.

  27. Hi Traci,
    I clicked over to your former master bedroom (beautiful!) and I absolutely love the picture of your boys walking together! Maybe with a different frame to go with your planked wall? Just a thought! I also love the tobacco basket too! I always enjoy reading your blog!
    Charlotte T

  28. I like most of these suggestions – my favorite is probably the 3 same size prints/photos over the bed and the group of starburst mirrors. The only thing I don’t like is the plates above the bed. I’ve seen this done in magazines, but I just don’t get it…….why would you have plates in your bedroom?? They would be much better displayed in a dining room or kitchen, imo.

  29. With the plank walls, I’d probably go with a map or a piece of framed fabric (or a small quilt). I’m in earthquake country so I’d never put anything heavy or breakable above the bed. To me, plates seem out of place in a bedroom – they make me think kitchen or dining room or “what’s for dinner?” The exception I’d make is metal platters. I have quite of few very large platters painted with folk art that I’d never use for food, but use for decoration.

  30. Christina Boswell says:

    How about a paper wreath. They can be as elaborate or simple as you want to make them. I always do a pinterest search to find different examples to make.
    Your bed is so beautiful. I love your blog.

  31. I think the plank walls are so pretty and organic – you should highlight them with whatever you choose. Maybe a huge empty frame with a smaller sculpture type thingy inside or a simple beveled mirror – this way the planks show through.

  32. We have an old pallet (ABOUT 3 X 4 FT) stained it walnut and on the slats in a small lowercase script wrote “you have my whole heart for my whole life” using a white paint pen. Have had oodles of complements and I love looking at it and knowing I do love him with my whole being!

  33. Wonderful ideas. My favourite idea for above the headboard are lots of pictures or a colorful painting.

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