Haven, Here I come!



Oh yeah, baby!

I am headed down to HOT-lanta this Wednesday to get things set up for the second annual Haven Conference!

I can’t wait to see my besties on the planning team!


haven 158

I love these girls so much!

We have worked long and hard to plan another fabulous conference, and let me just say that we took it up several notches from last year!  It’s going to be amazing!

I am so excited about the line up of speakers we have this year!

But we couldn’t have done it without this amazing lady!  Kristin is our event planner.  She’s not a blogger, but she can plan an event like nobody’s business.

Kristin Stockdale

I am also excited that I will get to see some of my blog friends that I usually only get to see once or twice a year in person.  We talk almost daily online, but there is nothing like hanging out in real life together.

Here we are last year…

haven 165

AND I will get to meet a ton of new people and make new friendships, which totally makes me happy!

Another thing I am excited about is that my sister, Cyndi, is going to Haven!  Haven is geared toward “home/diy” bloggers, and my sister is really a “fashion” blogger, but she knows a ton of bloggers in the “home” niche and will really enjoy it.


We also have a lot of sessions just on blogging tips that any blogger would enjoy.  Things like how to grow your blog and how to take better pictures.

I will be doing a lot of tweeting and facebooking and instagraming while I am at Haven.  I wish you all could be there in person, but at least you can “join” me via pictures, right?

You can click on the buttons in my header to follow me.

I will be back tomorrow to show you some of the Stitchfix outfits I will be wearing while at Haven.  Fun!  Smile

Talk to you soon!





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Bathroom Makeover Reveal



Hey Guys!

I get to show you another great makeover that my husband just finished at my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed’s home!

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

They live in a beautiful home, but they were wanting to update their master bathroom.

Here is what it looked like before…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Cy raised their old vanity to a higher height and painted it white.  He also added a new marble countertop, hardware, and faucets.

The previous tub and tile were definitely out dated…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Aunt Lois was wanting a free standing tub, so Cy installed this one…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

As you can tell, Cy installed beadboard paneling all around the bathroom.  And he installed the beautiful octagon tile on the floor.

Here is another look at the tub before…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And now the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I am in love with the blue paint on the wall.  It is so serene and spa-like in the bathroom now.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And after….

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

My Aunt Lois found this beautiful print at Kirklands, and I absolutely love it.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I found this light at Home Depot.  I wanted to add a little “bling” to the space.  Smile

2013-07-24 14.34.33

It looks so cool when it is all lit up.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal


It was super hard to take pictures of the shower, but if you look at the before, you can see that the old shower doors where trimmed in brass.  Not good.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Cy installed new tile in the shower and these beautiful glass doors to give it a much more up-to-date look.  The glass shower doors really open up the space too!


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Aunt Lois wanted a seat in the shower, so Cy created this corner seat and used some of the same marble that is on the vanity for the top of it.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

He also used a piece of the marble in the entry of the shower to tie it all together.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Here is a look at the vanity before…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And now the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Before…Bathroom Makeover Reveal

After…Bathroom Makeover Reveal


Bathroom Makeover Reveal



Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Bathroom Makeover Reveal


Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed are absolutely thrilled with their new bathroom.  I loved this makeover because I got to see my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed more than I usually do. So did my boys!  My boys LOVE going to see Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed!


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Thank you for letting me share this makeover with you!



Have a blessed day!

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Home Stories A2Z


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Changed {Song by Jonathan}



Hey Sweet Friends!

Jonathan sang a song at church this morning that I wanted to share with you.  It’s a song by Rascal Flatts that he sang at the Ky Opry a few months ago.

I absolutely love this song.  Mostly because of the words.

It is a song that talks about a person who has been changed by the love of God.

It makes think of this verse…



God’s love is powerful and true.  If we give our lives to Him, He can take us and change is into a new creation.  We don’t have to stay the way we’ve always been.

God can change us.

So many of us are scared of change.  But let me promise you, the change that Christ can make in your life is better than anything you could ever imagine.

Giving your heart to Christ does not mean your life will be problem-free, or that you’ll have more money, or that you’ll get all the things you want.

What it means is that He will fill your heart with the things you need the most:  Peace, Love, Faith, Hope, Joy.

Those are things the world cannot take away.

I’m praising God for the changes he continues to do in my life.  And I pray that you would give your life to Him as well so you can experience the change of Our Father’s love.


(Gary LeVox, Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher)

I came up out of the water
Raised my hands up the the father
Gave it all to him that day
Felt a new wind kiss my face

Walked away eyes wide open
Could finally see where I was going
It didn’t matter where I’d been
I’m not the same man I was then

I got off track I made mistakes
Back slid my way into that place
Where souls get lost lines get crossed
And the pain won’t go away
I hit my knees now here I stand
There I was now here I am here I am

I got a lot of hey I’m sorry’s
The things I’ve done man that was not me
I wish that I could take it all back
I just want to tell ’em that, tell ’em that

I got off track I made mistakes
Back slid my way into that place
Where souls get lost lines get crossed
And the pain won’t go away
I hit my knees now here I stand
There I was now here I am here I am

I’ve changed for the better
More smile less bitter
I’m even starting to forgive myself
Yes I am

I hit my knees now here I stand
There I was now here I am here I am here I am
I’m changed
Yes, I am
Here I am
I’m changed for the better
Here I am changed
Thank God I’m changed

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hello from my bathroom to yours!


This article is sponsored by hello™.  All opinions are 100% mine.



I’m kind of on a “natural” kick.  Not fully, but kind of.

I used to never worry about what I ate or drank, or what I washed my clothes with or cleaned my house with.

But I’ve started learning a lot of information that has made me more conscience of what I expose me or my family to.

I’m trying to eat more “clean.”

And I have found some good “natural” cleaning products.

So I was thrilled when I got the chance to try a new healthy option for toothpaste and mouthwash.

Please say hello to hello!

2013-07-26 17.44.01

hello’s the first line of seriously friendly oral care.

The products debuted in March 2013, so they’re still brand new, and the brand promises a friendly mouth – healthy, white teeth, fresh breath and a clean, moisturized mouth – without artificial sweeteners, dyes or alcohol.

How cool is that?



Here is what I like about hello…

1.  They are pretty.  {Who doesn’t like pretty things sitting by their bathroom sink?!}

2013-07-26 17.41.40

2.  The mouthwash doesn’t burn.  I HATE a mouthwash that burns, which is why I have never used mouthwash.  But hello mouthwash is different.  It doesn’t burn, and it comes in great flavors, like pink grapefruit mint.

3.  The toothpaste REALLY makes my mouth feel fresh.  It is super minty!

4.  The little breath sprays are stinkin’ adorable.  I just keep them in my purse, and when I want to look all cute and stuff, I pull it out and give it a squirt.  Again, no burn.  Just freshness.

5.  hello products come in great flavors like supermint, pink grapefruit mint, mojito mint, and sweet cinnamint.


2013-07-26 17.41.15


6.  hello products are 99% natural.  I love knowing that I am not putting harmful chemicals in my mouth.


So where can you get hello?

Currently you can purchase hello at Walgreens, Duane Reade (NYC), and in select Targets. More retailers are coming soon! Are you an online shopper?  Get your friendly at  soap.com, vine.com or drugstore.com.


Wanna coupon to try it?

Take $1.00 off any hello toothpaste, mouthwash or breath spray.

To access the coupon, “like” hello on Facebook and then click on the “coupons” box under the “like” button. Coupons are limited to one per person.



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Favorite “PINS” Friday!



Today I am celebrating 16 wonderful years with this man right here!

ornament 007

We’ve come a LONG way, baby!  Four boys later…

opry 036

We are still lovin’ and laughin’ and hangin’ in there!  Smile

How could I ever ask for more?

If you want to read our love story, click on the picture below.



Now for my favorite pins from Pinterest this week!



Architectural Look








Mirror, Mirror



In Good Taste







pool house makeover




Have a blessed day!!

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Shed Makeover {with 3M}



I am so excited to share my shed makeover with you!

shed makeover

I have been wanting to do a makeover on our shed from the first day we moved into our home two years ago.  Mainly because the previous owners decided to buy a gallon of paint the color of vomit to paint the shed.

shed makeover with 3M


It was uh-gly!  Ugly enough to tear down, if it weren’t for the fact that we needed the storage space so badly.

And since we have been doing so much work on the inside of our home for the past two years, this little shed has had to wait.  But I was dreaming about it last year and posted about it HERE.

Well, I finally got the motivation to do a little makeover on this shed this past week.


Here are the supplies I used:


1. 3M Wood Filler

2. 3M™ Sandblaster sanding sponge {3M Advanced Abrasives}

3. ScotchBlue™™ Painter’s Tape

2013-07-25 13.22.01

4. Exterior Paint

5. Paint Sprayer and Paint brush

6. Power washer


The first thing I wanted to do was replace the little window in the shed with a larger one.

So I enlisted my hubby to help me with this part.

He installed a larger window and trimmed it out with 1×3’s.

When he was finished with that, I started giving the shed a good ol’ power washing.  Just look how dirty the wood entry was…

shed makeover with 3M


I power washed that entire shed!

Then it was time to fill up all the cracks in the wood.

shed makeover with 3M


I used 3M Wood Filler over all the cracks and screw holes.

shed makeover with 3M

Then I used my 3M Sandblaster Sanding pad to sand all of the wood filler smooth.

2013-07-25 13.23.22

My sanding sponge is just one of the many wonderful 3M Advanced Abrasives.

Now all of my surfaces were ready to paint!  So I covered up the window with my ScotchBlue™™ Painter’s Tape .

shed makeover with 3M

This stuff was the bomb-diggity!  Even my husband was impressed with this exterior ScotchBlue tape!

Once the window was covered, it was time to paint!

So I got out my paint sprayer and went to town.

shed makeover with 3M

We painted the shed the same color that we used to paint our home’s exterior, White Dove by Sherwin Williams.

shed makeover with 3M

I had the shed painted in no time and began to move on to the trim.

Using my ScotchBlue tape again, I painted the trim around the window.

shed makeover with 3M

We used the same color that we used on our home’s shutters, Ebony Fields by Valspar.

shed makeover

Once the trim was finished getting painted, I decided to add a little bit of landscaping and a window box to match the ones I just added to our barn.

shed makeover

I LOVE our little shed now!  It’s so bright and cheerful to look at now.  Smile


shed makeover

Now I need to work on the inside of the shed!  {hee.hee.}

2013-07-24 19.53.34

I am so happy that after living in our home for two years, I finally have a cute little shed to look at.  And I am so glad that I had some great products from 3MDIY.com to help me get it done!

For more 3M DIY goodness, click on the links below!

3M DIY Twitter Page

3M DIY Facebook Page

3M DIY YouTube Page

This post is a collaboration with 3M DIY. To keep up-to-date on projects, products and sampling visit 3MDIY.com.

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My Daddy’s Garden



Friends, there is nothing more precious that this man right here.


I love my dad so much I can hardly stand it.

I’ve been wanting to share his garden with you for a long time.  Growing up, I do not ever remember having a garden.  I remember mom trying to plant strawberries, but us kids would eat them as soon as they turned slightly red.  She thought the plants weren’t producing fruit, but we were just eating it before she knew it.  Smile

But the last couple of years, my dad has had a garden to rival all gardens.


laundry&dad's 004


You better believe that every time we visit his house, we all get a tour of his garden.


laundry&dad's 005


As we walked around the garden, he reminds us again of what he planted in each row.

laundry&dad's 006

The boys have been amazed to watch PaPa’s garden grow.  I love how they see how hard work pays off.


laundry&dad's 007

I love how my daddy’s garden shows how the Lord has created this earth to produce food for us to eat because HE loves us.


laundry&dad's 008

Once Dad has given us an update on the garden, he then shows us the new fruit trees he planted back behind the garden.

laundry&dad's 009

He built an arbor in his back yard, and planted some grape vines beside it.

laundry&dad's 012

His garden is beautiful and amazing, but the thing I love about it is how stinkin’ my cute my dad is when he talks about his garden.

My boys think PaPa’s cute too.

laundry&dad's 010

He just lights up when he shows off his garden!

This man LOVES his garden!

2013-07-19 10.20.20


He sits right there in that chair every day and literally watches it grow.


2013-07-19 10.15.41

He works every single day on his garden.


2013-07-19 10.17.47

And it has produced some beautiful vegetables for all of us to enjoy.

2013-07-19 10.18.19

There is nothing better than fresh home grown vegetables!  Just look at those banana peppers!


2013-07-19 10.19.34


We are all so grateful for all of Dad’s hard work.  And how he loves to share the “fruits of his labor” with everyone around him.  I told him he could sell his vegetables and make some money, but he said it’s a lot more fun to give it away. Smile


2013-07-18 11.15.07

I know that my dad loves his garden, but you better believe it doesn’t hold a candle to how much I love him!

Thank you, Daddy, for everything you have taught me and continue to teach me each day.  You are the best!!!


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Kitchen Makeover Reveal



Remember back in March, how I told you that one of Cy’s first jobs in his new business was remodeling my brother and SIL’s kitchen in their new home?

Well, he finished it a couple of months ago, but I just now got over to their house to take some “after” pictures!

Sorry for the delay. Smile


But I am so excited to show you Cy’s fabulous work!

Let’s remember what it looked like before….


painting oak cabinets


And the after!….

painting oak cabinets


My brother, Blake,  and sister-in-law, Ande, are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!

It is amazing how much of a difference was made by painting the kitchen cabinets white!


painting oak cabinets

He used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove on the cabinets.

painting oak cabinets white


The oak cabinets completely dated the kitchen…

painting oak cabinets white


But now the cabinets look fresh and current…

painting oak cabinets white


To paint the cabinets, Cy used the Homeright Finish Max Sprayer.

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer


You can read about how he painted the cabinets HERE.

painting kitchen cabinets white


Ande chose to paint the island herself, and Cy installed a new granite counter top on it.

painting oak cabinets white


Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I believe Ande got those stools at IKEA.


painting oak cabinets white



Cy also installed IKEA butcher block counter tops just like the ones in our kitchen.


IKEA butcher block counter tops


I cannot get enough of butcher block counter tops!


painting oak cabinets white


Ande picked out a beautiful stainless steel farmhouse sink for her kitchen.  Cy had to rebuild the cabinet below to make it fit, and it looks great!


IKEA butcher block countertops


Blake and Ande also had the floor refinished, which added even more beauty to this space!

kitchen makeover reveal


So there you have it!  What do you think?

Did Cy do a good job?  Smile


kitchen makeover

Next week, I am going to show you the makeover he completed on my Aunt and Uncle’s master bathroom.  You won’t believe it!


If you have any questions about the kitchen makeover, feel free to leave it in the comments below.  Thanks!

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“Beach Love” {Canvas Art}



My sweet blog friend, Leen, from Leen the Graphics Queen has created a new beautiful collection of “beach love” canvas art prints!

I am so thrilled to share them with you!!!


This collection features SEVEN different sayings,

each one available in NINE different colors.

Receive 10% off all of her CANVAS ART

with coupon code canvas10!

Now through Monday July 22nd.

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Favorite “PINS” Friday!

1 Comment


Hey Guys!

Have you had a good week?

Jonathan has been at church camp this week, so I have only had 3 boys with me.  They’ve kept me busy, though!  Today we are headed to my sister’s house to hang out with her for a bit, and I cannot wait!  Smile

I’ve been busy on several projects for my office/craft room this week, but they are not finished yet.  I might try and give you a sneak peak this weekend!


But until then, here are my favorite pins from Pinterest this week!



Creative and Colorful



kids art work, gorgeous chandelier, pretty colors...I love this!



Charming Storage



Cabinet door design..





Coastal Bedroom Decor



pretty girls attic space






Use lanterns, burlap and bows to make a centerpiece that can easily go from summer into fall. How-to included.





The Laundry Room | Tile is a pretty and practical choice for the light-filled laundry room. | #SLIdeaHouse | SouthernLiving.com





Have a blessed weekend!

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