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Whew!  We are in the dog days of summer, and the heat is gaining strength!

I don’t know about you, but I like to stay cool in the summer.  I love being outside in the sun, but there is nothing better than coming into a cool house for some relief.

Since we moved into our new home, we have done very little with window coverings.  Most of our windows are uncovered which allows the summer sun to come shining in, and with it comes extra warmth in our house.

To help keep our house cool and be more energy efficient, I decided to add some blinds and curtains to our windows.


For example, here is a window in the hallway leading into our master bedroom.  When the sun is shining on this side of our house, you can feel the heat as you walk into our bedroom.

closet 021-2

So I measured the width of our window and went to Lowe’s to buy a Natural Woven Roman Shade in Pecan.

closet 029-2

The installation is so easy.  If you have never hung a shade before, the directions are very easy to follow.

First you have to install the metal bracket to the window frame.

Since our home is older, the windows are made a little weird, and I had to screw a piece of wood into the top of the window so I could screw the metal bracket to it.

You probably won’t have to do this. Smile


closet 038-2


Once I installed a wood piece on each side of the window, I screwed the metal brackets into the wood.


closet 041-2


Next, I just slipped the woven shade up into each metal bracket and screwed it on tight with the lock nut provided.



closet 047-2

That’s it!  Soooo easy!

To dress up the window even more, and provide even more shelter from the sun, I added drapes to my windows.

closet 056-2

You know what those drapes are made of, right?  Those are drop cloths!  Yep, you can get drop cloths from Lowe’s and make curtains from them!  I bought the 6×9 drop cloths and just hemmed them a little at the bottom.

Now my window is ready for the summer heat.  On those blistering days, I can lower my shad, close the drapes, and reduce the heat in my home.

closet 064-2


I love how shades and drapes are both functional and beautiful!


What is your favorite way to reduce the heat

from your windows during the summer?

Want some more DIY inspiration? Check out Lowe’s Creative Ideas for free ideas and plans:


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