I got a new job!



Well folks.  It is official.

I will be starting a full time job next Wednesday.  I will be a teacher assistant in a kindergarten class at Eli’s new school.


If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I have my Masters in Elementary Education, but I have been {mostly} a stay at home mom since Jonathan was born.

I had planned on getting back into teaching once my boys were all in full day school, but then this whole blog thing happened four years ago, and it has changed things.

Sometimes the Lord still tugs on my heart to go back to teaching.  Or maybe it is just a yearning to work with children in some way.  I do lead the Awana program at our church on Wednesday nights, and that definitely helps me get my “kid fix.”

We are at a stage right now, that it would really help my family out if I worked this school year.  You know Cy became self-employed in February, and as great as his business has been going, it has been a struggle to stay a float.

We are so blessed that Cy has been busy with jobs since he went out on his own.  However, with any start up business, there are a lot of start up costs.

So it would really help relieve a little stress from Cy if I could help out with health benefits.  Working for the school system will provide good benefits for our family.

Cy has worked so hard for 14 years to carry the financial burden of our family himself so I could stay home with the boys.  So I cannot hesitate to take this opportunity to help him out at this time.

I will be assisting in a room full of precious 5 and 6 year olds.  I cannot wait to love on them each day.  And I sure I will learn more from them than they will from me! Smile

Eli will be in the same building with me, so that will be awesome too.

It’s going to be an adjustment for me, but I know I can do it.  I appreciate your prayers for me and my family.

I am planning on keeping my blog up.  Right now, I usually post 5-6 days a week, but that might change to 4-5 days a week.  Well, see…

I love that I get to share this news with you.  It’s funny how when “big” things happen in my life, my first thought is, “I can’t wait to tell my readers!”

You guys are such a big part of  my life, and I love you to pieces!

Thank you for always encouraging me and for being such a HUGE blessing in my life!




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