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November 29, 2013 AT 8:52 am 5 Comments

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

We had a unconventional one for us.

Usually, we always go to my Aunt Tassy’s house for Thanksgiving, but she got a bad ol’ stomach bug and wasn’t able to host the feast. Sad smile

So around noon, we headed to the Cracker Barrel to eat, but that place was packed!  I never knew that so many people ate out on Thanksgiving!  It was over an hour wait, so we got back in the car and drove across the street to Bob Evans.

Ol’ Bob hooked us up!  Some of us ate turkey, and some of us ate pancakes, but it was delicious!

After we ate, we went back home, and Cy and I took a long, cozy nap.  It was heavenly.

Around 6:00, we decided to go see some movies.  I took the younger two boys to see Frozen, and Cy took the older two to see Catching Fire.  The theatre is right by the mall, and since our movie got out about an hour sooner than Cy’s, me, Adam, and Eli walked over to the mall.  It was crowded, but not bad.  It was fun just walking around with my sweet boys.  I did buy a few items at Penny’s that were a great deal.  Smile

Then Cy came and picked us up when their movie was over.

Like I said, it wasn’t a “normal” Thanksgiving for us, but we soaked up a TON of family time which made it absolutely perfect!

I hope you found some time to rest and eat and enjoy those you love. Smile

This weekend, we are planning on putting our Christmas tree up, but I need to do some good cleaning around the house first.

Now, here are some of my favorite Pins from Pinterest this week.










GiftWrappingIdeasWoodSliceWreathSnowman thumb Gift Wrapping Ideas: Wood Slice Wreath & Snowman



Nordic Scandinavian Christmas



Cute teacher/friend gift. - Warm cozy socks and cute nail polish. Free printable!




no source


Foyer dressed for the Holidays









  1. Bonnie K (BornInaZoo) says:

    Going to movies on a holiday is a tradition for me. It started back only July 4, 1984 when my cousin & BFF Donna & I made up after not speaking to each other for 3 years. The 1st year I was divorced, the movie theater was awesome. I thought I’d be alone, but was not. Easter is always the holiday when my family has The Meal at a restaurant when we gather for brunch.

  2. Sounds like a bonding day for all of you. I was so tired, we had 9 people here and I think next year maybe we will take your day and make it ours. I was so tired. But it was nice to have family all together. We go to the movies on Christmas day. Of course I missed my daughter who now lives in SC. God Bless!

  3. I guarantee the boys will always remember this Thanksgiving as a very special one. Sounds like a fun day.

  4. Sounds like a great day!

    Re: your pins. Girl, I don’t have the body confidence to have a HUGE mirror next to my bathtub. Just sayin’.
    Claudia recently posted..Thanksgiving 2013

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