Headaches Be Gone! {with peppermint oil}


Hey friends!

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was going to start sharing some of my favorite Young Loving Essential Oils with you.

I shared my favorite oil, Peace and Calming, with you then, and today, I want to share with you Peppermint Oil!




Soooo, I told you that I am still learning about these oils.  SmileThat is the truth!

I am fascinated by them, and inspired by all the stories I hear about how they benefit our bodies naturally.

It would be such a blessing not to have to rely on medicines that are not good for me, and be able to naturally take care of my health issues.

I had heard that Peppermint oil helps with headaches, but seriously y’all, doesn’t that sound crazy?!!  Rub oil on your forehead and your headache will be gone?!


I’ve had my peppermint oil for months before I finally decided to try it on my headache one night.

It was during March Madness, and we were watching the Kentucky Wildcats whoop up on some other team. Smile  My head started hurting really bad, so I got up to take some advil or alieve.  On the way to the kitchen I thought, “Hey!  I’ll try some of that peppermint oil because my head is killing me, and I will certainly be able to tell if it really helps!”

So I got some peppermint oil, rubbed it on my forehead, sat back down on the couch and watched the game as I worked on my computer.

Within five minutes, my headache was gone!  Kid. You. Not.

I said, “Cy, I think that peppermint oil really helped my headache?”  {Still in disbelief.}  He kind of laughed because he thinks it is funny when I talk about my oils.

But my headache was gone!  And I didn’t use any medicine for relief.

About an hour later, my head started to ache just a little bit, and I applied some more peppermint, and it went away.

My head didn’t hurt anymore that night, and I went to sleep easily.

I was so excited that it worked so well!  It serious felt like magic.  I have always thought the only way to get relief from headaches or other body aches was through medicine.  That is totally wrong.  These oils truly work.  I have used the peppermint oil for headaches several times since that night, and it has worked every time!

peppermint oil

How to get rid of your headaches naturally with young living peppermint oil

I have also used peppermint oil on both Luke and Jonathan for headaches, and they both said that it took the headache away.


I put some under Jonathan’s nose for stuffiness, and it cleared it right up.  Usually, I would have used a nasal spray or a decongestant, but that stuff just isn’t good for our bodies.  I’m so glad I have another option.

{Although, let me make it clear that if I or my children were in serious medical need, I would definitely consult a doctor and rely on their knowledge of medicines to help me if needed.  I believe God has used modern medicine in many ways to save many lives.  But I also believe God has given us what we need to heal our bodies naturally from His own creation too.  So I am trying to learn all I can about how to help me and my children naturally.}

I’m telling y’all that I am a skeptic when it comes to these oils, but the more I use them, the more I am falling in love with them.  And I LOVE that they are all natural.  It’s great to know that I am not putting anything harmful on or in my body.

Peppermint Oil is also known to help these symptoms too:

young living peppermint oil

young living peppermint oil

Have you ever tried essential oils?

Do you have a favorite?

{DISCLAIMER:  I ONLY use Young Living Essential Oils.  I am not recommending essential oils that you can purchase in stores.}

If you would like to try essential oils, or would like more information on them, you can read THIS POST, or click on the picture below.



You can also email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Have a blessed day!!!!

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  1. Kristina A says:

    I wish I could say this was true for me but unfortunately not. The cooling tingling feeling of the oil on my forehead distracts from the headache for a while but doesn’t make it go away. Glad you had good luck with it.

  2. We love Young Living essential oils! I haven’t had any luck with the peppermint getting rid of headaches. I actually had one yesterday I couldn’t diminish with any oils I tried. Peppermint has helped with one of my children’s coughs, though.

  3. Angie W says:

    Tell me more about its use for apetite suppresent. Do you ingest it?

    I’ve had mild success with it for my headaches. But mine are typically migraines and quite the doozies!!

  4. Love this blog but really dislike YL.

  5. It’s young living

  6. Marsha Stevens says:

    How much would it cost just to get the peppermint oil. Thanks!! I love your blog so much.

  7. Karen E says:

    I use the Peppermint oil to ward off tiny ants that come once or twice a year to my kitchen. They are teeny ants and they come between my backsplash and counter. I DO NOT want to spray a chemical there. I put a small amount of oil along the edge and the ants stay away. I repeat every other day or until they are gone. My kitchen smells minty and it works.

  8. Jennie says:

    Excited to read your story. I just purchased via a friend who has been using oils for awhile.

  9. Janice says:

    How do you like Young Living compared to doTERRA? I know Cyndi uses doTERRA oils. Wondering why you all chose different brands. Trying to decide which is better. Thanks!!

  10. Jeanine says:

    I have used the YL peppermint oil on my headaches recently with great success. They were gone in less than fifteen minutes each time. Mine were sinus headaches and I used it on my temples and forehead. I was so happy that I did not need any pain meds to treat the headaches.

  11. Anna Long-Olson says:

    I started using Essential Oils seriously about 6 months ago. I’m Hooked. They really do work! As far as which oil to use, there is a war on. There are lots of oils out there and lots of claims about which is better. I happen to use several different companies depending on what I am using the oil for. Three of the companies are MLM’s, one of which I am a member and the only company to receive a Certified Organic Label on their oils. However they only make 7 different ones so, I did some research until I found an independent case study. I would suggest you do the same. Don’t get caught up in the war! There are several good brands and there is no reason you can’t use more than one!

  12. Peppermint is one of my favorite oils – headaches (I rub it on my temples), under nose for stuffiness, a drop on the tongue to wake me up in the afternoon (I can’t use it at night), rub on tummy for tummyaches, etc. I use either Young Living or Aromatherapeutix.

    I also love Birch for aches & pains.

    Marjoram works best on my husband’s muscle tightness.

  13. Lisa E says:

    Good for you! That’s wonderful. I am glad you are being won over and are no longer being a skeptic. Medicine has it’s place but we as a society are so overly medicated when there are many things we can do ourselves to avoid sickeness and even disease. Our diet alone. For instance, if I have too much dairy, I get headaches. Dairy also causes inflammation and when a friend finally took it out of her diet, she felt so much better and was in less pain due to her arthritis. She started eating/drinking it again and started to be in pain. Just too small examples.

  14. That’s amazing that it worked! I’ll definitely be giving that a try. I get headaches a lot and have tried a lot of things. One thing that does help is a lotion bar that a friend makes (she sells them on Etsy too). She’s had lots of people tell her it helps with headaches and stuffiness. She puts lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils in it. I rub it on my hands before I go to bed and the scent is so soothing for a headache. And, it just plain smells good! I’m definitely going to pick up some peppermint oil and give it a try next time. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Cheryl recently posted..Wildflower Friday

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this! I had such a terrible headache yesterday so I’m going out to buy my own peppermint oil first thing tomorrow morning! I’ll be ready next time. :)
    Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds recently posted..DIY White Washed Faux Wood Lamp Base

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this! I get a lot of headaches (and know a lot of people who do), so I’m definitely going to try this!
    Chrissy @ Adventures in DIY recently posted..Studio Reveal! The Plan

  17. I read your post and went out and got some peppermint essential oil from a health food store. When I got home I read on the bottle it says do not apply directly to skin. Suggested use: 2-4 drops in a diffuser. It is 100% pure essential oil. Did I buy the wrong one? Any ideas? (the store did not have the brand you are promoting)

    • Hi Robin!
      From what I have been learning, when an oil says “for aromatic use only” or “not for topical use” it is a red flag that the oil is adulterated. Even if the bottle says 100% pure the FDA regulations only require 5% of the actual essential oil to be in the bottle to call it 100% pure. So it is pure something…but not 100% pure peppermint. You have to purchase Young Living essential oils from the company. They aren’t usually found in stores. Like a lot of things, you get what you pay for when it comes to essential oils. Unfortunately you can have a bad reaction to oils with added synthetics and chemicals. I would advise to be very careful and maybe look into purchasing therapeutic grade essential oils! Hope that helps.

  18. heather lopez says:

    If you dab a little bit on the back of your neck, it will help cool you down. I love it!

  19. YES, peppermint oil is great for headaches and particularly this brand is exceptional!! So, not only do you help us with home design and crafts, you are helping us with our bodies! You are so COOL. Thanks!!

  20. Lisa Crim says:

    Hey girl! Mom has had migraines for years and hasn’t had anything that would help, but she started using peppermint oil (not sure the brand) and she says that it has helped! Glad to know it has helped you too! XOXO

  21. I’m curious as to the difference between this brand of oils and the Doterra oils? And why you and your sister are using different brands? Is there a difference? I keep seeing this one all over my facebook feed but in the past all I saw was the other brand. I don’t know much about this stuff, but I’m intrigued.
    abby recently posted..The Great Cake Race 5K

  22. I am new to essential oils, and got the starter kit from Young Living. They are amazing. We diffuse the peace and calming blend every night when we go to bed, my very light sleeping husband has slept soundly since! And, I got a horrible sun burn last week and I used a couple oils to help. I took a cool bath with apple cider vinegar and several drops of lavender oil, that helped SO MUCH!!! It took all the heat right out of my skin. Then i applied frankincense to the burned skin to soothe it, it relieved the pain immediately so i could sleep. I am so excited to be on this journey. I need to try the peppermint soon!

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