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It is hard for me to believe that I have been blogging for almost 6 years!

I went to my very first blog conference, Blissdom, in February 2010.  My sister went with me, and I was purely there to star-gaze.  Yep.  I was a bonified blog stalker.

I seriously remember peeking around corners trying to find my favorite bloggers and saying, “Is that _____?!!!!” in disbelief!

Cyndi didn’t attend the conference, but hung out in the Opryland Hotel with me.  I would go back to our room and excitedly tell her all of the bloggers that I spotted, and some I even talked to!

One of those bloggers was Nester from The Nesting Place.  She was the coolest blogger of them all because she didn’t even use her real name!  We all called her Nester.   It doesn’t get any cooler or mysterious than that, right?!  I was wishing I could come up with some other name for me, but the “Beneather” just didn’t have the same ring to it.  (insert sad face)


Here I am with Melissa from The Inspired Room (another one of my favorite bloggers) and Nester from The Nesting Place

Nester has recently shared her real name, Myquillyn, on her blog, but I still like to call her Nester.  :)  And I know why she and her blog are loved by so many….it’s because it is real and relatable. 

Nester is known for this quote, which is probably one of my most favorite….



The Nesting Place book giveaway at

I cannot tell you how many times I have said that!  Especially when decorating my house.  

Nester is great at seeing beauty in all things, even the messy, imperfect parts of our lives.  Truthfully, she celebrates it!  As we all should.  

It is something we need to be reminded of daily.  Thankfully, Nester recently published a book about it for all of us to enjoy.  Not only is it full of great stories and inspiration, but it also looks A. MA. ZING. on a coffee table.  




The Nesting Place Book Giveaway at

I have LOVED this book, and I know you will too!

Today, I am giving away TWO of these books to

TWO lucky Beneath My Heart readers!  YAY!!

All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below.

This giveaway will end in one week.  Good Luck!

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  1. I love my room I use a studio for creative endeavors. Usually messy, but always available when creativity comes calling….

  2. Anne Marie says:

    My kitchen!

  3. I am really beginning to love my extra upstairs bedroom. After first moving in, it was really a place to throw all the stuff I had no idea where to put. But, it is slowly evolving into a guest room/office for my new business. It’s most definitely imperfect, but it is so beautiful with all of its potential.

  4. My Family room!

  5. Living room!

  6. The room I love he most is my baby’s nursery. It’s not big, but it was decorated with love and features lots of gifts and art from loved ones.

  7. Love my sewing room/quilting room. A great space to create handmade things for family . Friends and my home.

  8. Master bedroom

  9. I love my kitchen because that’s where family gathers and memories are made.

  10. I love my living room, known around here as the “mom cave”. When we moved to our new home, I thought I would repaint it, since the spring green walls were so different from the safe beige I was more comfortable with. But I found myself drawn to the room all winter (not my favorite season) and decided to keep the green. It’s a little quirky — but aren’t we all?

  11. My kitchen!

  12. Our great room-we’re actually starting to plan it’s makeover….but I love it even in its current state. Thanks for this giveaway!

  13. Stephanie Donelson says:

    What do I find imperfect in my home? EVERYTHING! It’s a rental and nothing about it is my style & I’m limited in what I can do! I’m such a perfectionist, and seriously limited by funds…..what’s beautiful? The things happening inside,specifically the restoration of my marriage.

  14. my kitchen — very small but functional and quaint.

  15. Our TV room–needs help–but my favorite…

  16. Brandi Davis Bryant says:

    I find the little things that are beautiful, but are certainly not perfect. A drawing or painting that the kids did or a picture. I even find the rooms filled with odd things that mean so much to us are still imperfectly beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  17. The size of my kitchen stinks, but its painted lovely and decorated cute, so I love it :D It’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful.

  18. My living room

  19. Eleanor Hill says:

    I love our small dining room because it has my big farm table in it. I do all of my crafting there on that table, I just wish the room was bigger as you have to scoot by the ends of the table because the room is so small, but, I still love it so much.

  20. I just updated my bedroom and i LOVE it. I had had the same comforter set and curtains for 10 years. I painted the walls BM Revere Pewter, bought a new quilt (not your grandma’s) and curtains… love! Bought a gorgeous mahogany 3 legged table from the FB online yardsale for $30. Also, added a beautiful writing desk to my room that bought on the FB yardsale ($30) and finally painted my dresser. It is my sanctuary ~ :)

  21. My kitchen…constantly in use but the heart of what makes our house a home

  22. Being military we move all the time and there’s always something that’s wonky – in this particular house it’s that I have no light in the working part of the kitchen so I put up Christmas lights!

  23. It’s my childhood home, filled with lots of linoleum and 1970s appliances. But I am loving making it our comfy place of respite. Thank you!

  24. Elaine Hankins says:

    Our Office

  25. Oops I’ve left a comment and pinned on Pinterest but both times I tried to use the rafflecopter is says ‘Aw Shucks we didn’t get your entry’ ???
    BeckyB recently posted..Welcome Fall!

  26. Everything, but the kitchen needs a lot of help!

  27. Great giveaway…I’ve been wanting to read this book
    Kirstin recently posted..Family Recipe: Sour Cream Coffee Cake

  28. My stairway!!!
    I wasn’t planning on painting them all black
    It was actually a happy mistake!!!

  29. Candy Thayer says:

    Love the old pieces with family history…..not perfect, but totally dear.

  30. Lynne Tretow says:

    My den.

  31. Marites Ong says:

    I love my bedroom.

  32. Our wrought iron fence is rusty but still beautiful.

  33. My kitchen – we recently moved to Germany; so it is tiny and closed off, but a lot of food love happens in that room! :)

  34. A huge cabinet I found by the side of the road!
    anna whiston-donaldson recently posted..Goings-on, Musings, and How to Help Launch Rare Bird

  35. Amber Taylor says:

    My office! The decor is wonderful, however, the clutter of papers from running several businesses can be overwhelming and takes away the relaxing feel of my office.

  36. Maggie Van Vlie says:

    living room

  37. Wendy Bonner says:

    My craft Shop. I love it but it’s not the prettiest room!

  38. I like to say my sons room, but since he moved into his own place it has been a giant storage room, so I can’t say it’s beautiful

  39. Great quote! I’d love to have this book!

  40. Oops, I missed the question in the box. Right now, it’s all imperfect because we’re in the process of figuring out how we want to decorate the whole thing. But it’s all beautiful because it’s where we create family memories!

  41. Forgot to answer the question. :). My master bedroom. The rest of my house is pretty out together, my room needs some help though!

  42. My kitchen. It’s not fancy or big, but I spend a lot of time there.

  43. Our living room has lots of natural light because of the vaulted ceiling and all the windows. It is beautiful except for the cobwebs that are impossible to reach :)

  44. I find our guest bedroom imperfect but still love it. After painting the walls finally, it looks so much better I haven’t touched the rest of the room, lol

  45. Our kitchen is imperfect but a favorite place to hang out.

  46. The back deck!

  47. Tracie O'Brien says:

    My bedroom – it is still “a work in progress” after 5 years, but it’s all mine and is going in the direction I like. But also, my whole house is perfect. I just thought that the other day. I was doing something in my sewing studio (a real ‘work in progress’-hah!) but said, “I love my house” and I do :) Thanks for the give away. Can’t wait to get it ;)

  48. Our whole house! I am learning to embrace the imperfections and it feels marvelous!

  49. The room I use for running my etsy store. It’s a mish mash of stuff but it seems to work!

  50. Our kitchen. It’s where I get to hang out with my kiddos and make memories.

  51. My kitchen. It’s not what I originally planned and it’s a bit small for my table, but I’ve grown to love it. People who see it always offer unsolicitated compliments and that has helped me see it as it is…beautiful.

  52. My home in general. I hit or miss with the vision I have for decor, sometimes changing my mind too often, but it’s still pretty to me, it’s home and I love it.

  53. My pink chairs – not my favorite but they add character!

  54. My garden

  55. Laurie Spoerke says:

    My whole house is imperfect but beautiful/imperfect people live in it and for that I am blessed.

  56. My kitchen…

  57. Just about every room in my house is imperfect, but I still love my rooms and my house. No one and nothing is perfect! Thanks!

  58. Christelle Steiner says:

    My kitchen!

  59. I find the house to be outdated but I still love it since that’s where my husband is :)
    Lauren recently posted..Free Fonts for Fall

  60. The thing I find beautiful about my home is that it feels like a home. It’s little and old – but it’s cozy and has a lot of character and charm. I think it’s warm and inviting and people will comment on how much they like our home. It’s very tiny and not fancy by any means – all DIY things I have done to make it comfortable. It’s the home God has given us.

  61. Legos!

  62. I have my grandmother’s courting trunk and I think it is beautiful, although it is very simply designed

  63. I’m still holding out for a hard copy of this book. Great giveaway!
    Kristin S recently posted..faves of late

  64. Probably my whole house.! Lol! There is so much updating that needs to be done, but we are slowly and surely getting it done. We have been blessed with inheriting my husbands childhood home. Just enjoying the journey!!!

  65. My basement… no living down there…..yet anyway. :)

  66. Sandi Allen says:

    My living room

  67. My den!

  68. My living room.
    [email protected] the recently posted..A Brunch Baby Shower Themed “Showers of Love”

  69. Ashleigh hall says:

    Lots of unmade beds! I find them beautiful because of the small people that sleep in them! So blessed! :)

  70. Debbi Saunders says:

    My Son’s room since He moved out :(. But I truly love <3 my Little Home! :)of 33 years!

  71. My kitchen but I still love it. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book

  72. I think that would be my entry. Always changing the decor with the seasons or taste, but it is what you see when you enter our home. You feel “welcome and we are glad you are here”.

  73. Mary Stewart says:

    I have a cheery wood dining room table with 6 chairs. I love the style of it but have grown wary of the cherry! I’d love to repaint it in a silvery gray color!

  74. The very first thing that came to mind was ME! :) For a object..that would be my parents 50 year old is not fancy..even has a cigarette burn on it..but, I love it so..we had so many meals at that table..holidays..funerals..birthdays..homework..laughs..playing weekly game night and cards..even an argument now and then..I just lost them both within two years of each other..this is one item that I kept..even though it is slightly broken down, sad looking..not so pretty..but, priceless and precious to many, many memories.

  75. My bedroom set is dark wood and bought in the early 1980s but I still like it.

  76. Jennifer M. says:

    My entryway!

  77. Stacy Grogan says:

    Would love a hard copy!

  78. Stacy Gray says:

    My house is full of all boys….im the only girl and a girlie home book would be great!

  79. My office – small room with a large desk – but I love the old desk too much to change it out! thanks!

  80. my house is a little outdated but I am working on it little by little and am loving it!!! Any home is great when filled with family no matter how it looks.

  81. My craft room. It is always a work in progress but I have spent so many wonderful days in there creating with my daughter. It holds such precious memories!!

  82. Love my kitchen. Oak cabinets, sage green walls..may not be in style but it’s cozy and home to us.

  83. I inherited my parent’s mid century modern dining table and hutch. They look great in the loft we bought when we downsized. I love having them there because they remind me of my childhood.

  84. The uneven thresholds…but they remind me that my house was put together over time with more love than skill…it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful indeed!

  85. Entry!

  86. My mismatching furniture. We’ve lived all over the world and I bought furniture in every country we’ve lived in.

  87. I need to turn my home into a nest for my husband and I now that the kids are raised. I love my bedroom but living room needs help.

  88. Kathy Banff says:

    My living room needs LOTS of help. No color, feeling. Maybe this book will set me straight.

  89. We painted over dated wallpaper and covered it with a lovely cream color. I love this color! It looks light and airy in sunlight, and takes on a soft glow in lamplight.

  90. Heather B. says:

    My kitchen but I’m learning to embrace it

  91. I have a secretary desk from the 1930’s that I have in my living room. It is mahogany and I think it is beautiful even though the drawer will fall off if you try and open it. ha!
    kathy recently posted..Hobby Lobby Finds with Fixer Upper Style

  92. What a nice giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity

  93. Our master bedroom……I love it, but there’s still something missing. I think it will require a paintbrush and new hardware.

  94. I like most of my things but I am not very good at putting it all together and making everything look cozy and finished.

  95. Our backyard! It’s a work in progress but a place where I love hanging out with my hubs!

  96. our bedroom! still has a crib in there, and baseboard isn’t done, but I still have a peaceful feeling every time I walk in :-)

  97. Looks like a great book!

  98. My kitchen needs help!

  99. My kitchen isn’t perfect–no high end finishes, etc., but I think it is beautiful, because of the freshly painted white cabinets, the big island, and lots of natural light from large windows.

  100. My gallery wall.

  101. Ananya Gupta says:

    Canvas art with gold leaf.

  102. Benny Sequeira says:

    My craft room, it never seems to be done, but yet its perfect though unfinished.

  103. My livingroom

  104. I have an old “telephone” table that I use in my living room for a side table. It was my grandmother’s table. It has been painted, stripped and has paint chips remaining on it, but I love it. It’s old and it was Mammaw’s table. My grandmother is my Wanda.

  105. Our coffee tables; they show the “love” and wear-and-tear of an active family.

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