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Our Master Closet Makeover Begins! {with EasyClosets}



I am so thrilled that we are beginning to start our master closet renovation!


We have lived in this house for 22 months, and the first 6 of those months, our master bedroom was a small 11×11 room.

I tried to find pictures of our queen bed in this small room, but I couldn’t.  I know they are somewhere, but it would take me forever to find them!

But after we finally moved our bed out of this “closet” and into our new master bedroom,  our closet looked like this…

fireplace 024

It was a make-shift computer/piano/closet room.

Then we moved the computer to my new office room, and gave this space a fresh coat of paint.  It has been our closet/piano room since then.  {Remember the piano is “stuck” in this room.}

door 004

Those drawers and baskets along the wall hold Cy’s clothes.  And yes, that is a mic stand and amp in our closet for when Jonathan practices singing.  Smile


BUT FINALLY!!!!  We are ready to turn this space into our master closet!


And I am thrilled to be working with Easy Closets to get this accomplished!



easy closet

When I saw some of these pictures of beautifully organized closets on their site, I began salivating.


I really, really, really wanted a large, organized closet!

Doesn’t it just make you go, “Aaaaahhhh….”

Being organized makes me happy.  Which explains why I have been unhappy since we moved into this house. {I kid. I kid.} Smile


I haven’t been unhappy, but being unorganized definitely has added to my stress level.

That’s why I am so excited to create our master closet with Easy Closets.

They have designs to organize a reach-in closet…




And they also have designs to create amazing walk-in closets!…



I love how much storage space is created with their designs.  I definitely need more storage space!  Who doesn’t, right?




And they are now featuring closet designs in different colors.  Instead of just the traditional white, cherry, or light maple cabinets, their closets now come in more current colors like Driftwood, Chateau, Cocoa, and French Roast.



I am loving these new colors.




However, I chose to go with a traditional white closet for our master bedroom closet.

My closet supplies arrived today!



When I pulled in my driveway and saw all these boxes, I screamed, “Oh my word!”


We have carried all the boxes into our master bedroom, and we will be sharing with you soon the progress we are making in installing them.



Do you have an organized closet,

or are you dreaming of one like me?


*Disclosure:  Products for this post were provided by Easy Closets for me to review and share on my blog.  They did not tell me how or what to write about their products.  All of the opinions shared are 100% mine, and I promise they will be honest and unbiased.

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Top Ten Projects of 2013


This is one of my favorite posts of the year.

I LOVE looking back on the year and seeing all that I have gotten done around my home.

‘Cause sometimes I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not getting anything accomplished.

But man, am I wrong!  I looked back over my blog posts from January 2013 to now, and I am so excited about what I accomplished this year.

So I am going to share my top 10 projects of 2013 with you, just in case you missed one.  Smile


#1  We kicked of the first week of this past year with our guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal!


I still love this space!  It’s fairly easy to keep clean and that is saying a lot when four boys use it everyday.  SmileYou can see the full reveal HERE.  I also wrote several posts with the details of this makeover like, How to Install Wood Plank Walls, DIY Butcher Block Vanity, and How to Install Decorative Trim to Wood Plank Walls.


#2  My next favorite project was the newel post that Cy built on our staircase.  I LOVE my newel post, and it gives the new addition to our home an “older home” feel.

how to build a newel post

To see the tutorial of how Cy made it, click HERE.


#3  In March, I completed my craft closet makeover!  I luuuuurve it so much!

craft closet makeover

This has been such a fun space to use.  It has helped me to get more organized, even though I need to update it a little to help me be even MORE organized in 2014. You can see the tutorial of how we turned a regular bedroom closet into our craft closet HERE.


#4  My favorite family project that we completed together was our chicken coop.  The boys were so proud of their hard work.

chicks 076

Unfortunately, our chickens are not still with us {long story,} but we will be getting some new chicks this spring, and I will be sure to share them with you!


#5   A very practical and needed project we completed in our home this year was our master closet makeover.  We took one of the small bedrooms and turned it into our master closet in a partnership with EasyClosets.

master closet reveal

This is the first “genuine” closet we have ever had in any of our homes.  My closet has usually been in the hall coat closet.  Smile

We have truly enjoyed this space.  It was “Santa’s Wrapping Station” this past month, and it is even big enough to have a sleep over in!  hee.hee.

To view the complete makeover, click HERE.


#6  A small little project that I did, but got a lot of share is my window valance I made from a pillow sham.  I said pillow “case,” but I actually used a sham.  Smile  The good thing about shams is that they usually have a nice cording around the edges that will make your valance look more custom.


Click HERE to see the 5 minute video of how I made it.


#7  As I continued to work on my new office space, I built a burlap memo board for above my custom desk.  It was so easy to make, and it is so functional.

burlap memo board

If you were to see a picture of it right now, you would see that it is covered with a lot more papers.  I use that board ALL the time to help me keep track of important things.

You can see how I made it HERE.


#8  An outdoor project that I had fun on was our Shed Makeover.

I used to hate that little shed, but now I love it!  It was so much fun to see the pretty flowers growing in the flower basket all summer long.

shed makeover

Just a little paint {and a new window}} helped me turn an eye soar in our yard into something really pretty to look at. SmileYou can see how I did it HERE.



#9  Now back to the office.  Before school started, I created this Giant Command Center to help me stay organized.  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  We use this all the time, and it really has helped me stay more organized!

giant wall command center

Click HERE to read about how I made it.

#10  Okay, we are still in the office. Smile

I just have to include my no sew window seat cushion.  I still can’t believe it how easy it was to make these!

diy window seat cushion

And those little cushions add a lot of color to my office space. Yay!

Click HERE to see how you can make one of these in less than 5 minutes too!



Bonus Project!

Okay, so I need to share one more project ‘cause I am super proud of this one.  I came up with the idea all by myself and built it all by myself.  Usually, I have a little assistance from Cy when I need it.  But this project was different.  This was all mama power!

closet makeover

I created these cottage style doors by using two plain old hollow core doors and adding some wood trim to them.

Check it out HERE.


Okay…last one!  {I promise.}

Ack!  I can’t forget probably my very favorite project of the whole year! Smile

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

I really love, love, love my new aged zinc top table!  It is so big and so perfect for our family of boys!

See how we turned our old kitchen table into this zinc top table HERE.

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Master Closet Reveal!



I am so excited to share my new master closet with you!

I cannot believe that I actually have a closet this big!  Especially because for the last 8 years, I’ve always had to keep my clothes in a hall closet.  The fact that I actually have a closet “in” my room makes me beyond happy!

master closet 043


I wanted this space to not only hold our clothes, but I also wanted it to have a makeup vanity just for me!

master closet reveal

So Cy built me this corner vanity!  I will share the tutorial of how he built it with you next week.

Do you remember what this room looked like before?

fireplace 024

Now, let’s take a tour of our new master closet from EasyClosets!

We are going to tour the room to the right so you can kind of see how it is laid out.

To the right of the window is the shoe store unit for Cy.  It also holds some of his shorts and pants.

master closet reveal

To the right of that is the “built in” closet that was actually the original closet in this room.  This space holds all of Cy’s clothes.

master closet 067

If you keep moving to the right, you will see my clothes.  Smile

I love how much more room I have for my clothes with EasyClosets.

master closet reveal

In the very corner of this room, there is a tall clothes rod that holds my dresses, and a shelf where I store my purses.

Then we have a drawer unit that holds my clothes on top, and Cy and share the drawers on the bottom.


master closet makeover

One of my very favorite parts of the room is my shoe shelves!  Seriously y’all!  My shoes have been in piles at the bottom of my closets every since I was a child.

master closet 060

It is so awesome to be able to actually “see” my shoes.  I do not have a ton of shoes.  Most women would put me to shame, like my sister, so this is the perfect about of shelving for my shoes.

Well, that’s the tour of my new master closet!

I absolutely love it!

My master closet makeover was sponsored by EasyClosets.

easy closet

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.  I would honestly recommend working with this company to anyone I know.

If you are looking to organize a closet in your home, consider using EasyClosets.

If you have any questions about their products, feel free to ask in the comments.


BTW, Would you like to win a chance to

organize your garage space?


ON MONDAY, visit EasyClosets facebook page

to enter their Father’s Day Family Garage Giveaway!




This post was sponsored by EasyClosets.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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Progress we’ve made on our Master Closet



Hello Darlings!

I wanted to share with  you something that we did in our master closet.

I showed you a couple of weeks ago how we started installing our EasyClosets.

chicks 048


On the other side of the closest is the original small closet that was built in this room.

chicks 011

We wanted to remove the header to make it look not so much like a “closet within a closet.”  Since this room is part of our original ranch house, this is not a load bearing header.

chicks 052

Cy used a hand saw to cut through the 2×4’s and removed the header.


chicks 055


Then I painted the inside of the closet to match the rest of the room  and then began installing my EasyCloset.


closet 003

It took me less than 10 minutes to install this part of the closet.  Maybe less than 5 minutes!  I loved how easy it was.

This is Cy’s part of the closet, and you can see on the left of the picture below that we installed a shoe rack for him as well.

closet 006

Now we need to trim out this part of the closet, and we are almost done!



We’ve really been enjoying this new space!

I will show you the final pictures of our closet makeover next week.


If you’d like to create your own custom closet, just click on the button below.

easy closet

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by EasyClosets.  I was given product to review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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How “easy” was it to install my EasyCloset?



Well, you know that I am in the middle of installing my new master bedroom closet with EasyClosets.

I’ve had many of you ask me how “easy” it is.

Well, when these boxes arrived on our back porch a couple of weeks ago, my husband said jokingly, “I hope they stand up to their name!”

eli baseball 001


I have to be honest that the pile of boxes was quite intimidating.

eli baseball 007

Cy and I moved all of the boxes into our master bedroom.

Then we had to move the piano out of our closet.  You know, the one that was “stuck” in our closet?  Well, we didn’t have to bust it up to get it out.  Cy and I turned it on its side and slide it through the bathroom into our bedroom.

mailbox-henhouse 012

The piano slid right up against the wall near the boxes. Smile  {This is how the boys practiced their piano for a few days.}

chicks 032


When it was time to finally start putting the closet together, I made sure to open this box first…

chicks 016

Inside this box, I found all of my hardware for the closet, plus the directions on how to put my new closet together.

chicks 027


These directions were my best friends while installing my closets.  I read and re-read the directions throughout the whole installation.  They were so helpful!

chicks 028


After opening all the other boxes, I did what the directions told me to do, and I organized all my boards by size and laid out my hardware.

chicks 042

(The boys helped me out by carrying all of the empty cardboard boxes up to our burn pile in the backyard!)

Then I started on the first wall by installing the steel track.

chicks 044


Next, I hung the vertical panels, of course, following the diagram in my directions manual.

chicks 046


Lastly, for this wall unit, I installed the cam shelves and chrome rods.

chicks 047


My next wall had drawers and shoe shelves to install.  I read the directions thoroughly, and then started putting it together.  After I figured out how to put together the first drawer, the rest were a breeze.  Same thing for the shoe shelves.


chicks 048


I still had two more units to put together, and I will share that with you next week.


So are EasyClosets really “easy?”

I’m gonna have to say “yes!”


There is a learning curve, for sure.  The first unit is the hardest because you are getting familiar with the directions, diagrams, and hardware that you use.  It sometimes gets a little confusing as to what pieces you are supposed to be using, but you can always look back at the directions to help you figure it out.


After I got through the first wall unit and figured out how it all works, the rest of the closet was “easy.”

I was flying through it by the end.

And I did the whole closet by myself!

I’m quite proud of myself. Smile


So, do you think putting this closet together looks “easy,”


or like something you could do?


*This post is sponsored by EasyClosets.   All opinions are 100% mine.

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My New Master Closet Design



Hey Friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far!

Last week, I shared with you how I am getting a new master closet makeover with EasyClosets.

Well, I wanted to show you what my new closet will look like.

I emailed the dimensions of my closet to the designer, Scott, at EasyClosets using some grid paper that I printed off my computer.

closet dimensions 001

Then he sent me a proposal for what my closet could look like.


On the left, you can see the overhead view, and on the right are the front views of the different pieces.

I had originally thought about doing window seats under the windows, but decided not to.  The corner between the two windows will have a dressing table there for me to use to fix my hair and makeup. I’m not sure if I am going to buy a dressing table or build one, so I’m going to leave that space empty for now.

The cool thing is that they have a tool that allows you to see your closet in 3D.



You can move your cursor around to view your design from all different angles!  It really helped me to visualize the whole space.



You can also view each wall unit individually, and modify the design with any changes you would like to make.



It was super easy for me to take out the window seats from my plan and update my design.

I also asked to have the slanted shoe racks instead of the straight ones.  I think it is easier to see your shoes with the slanted racks.  I am SUPER excited about my shoe racks.  I have never had them before. Smile

shoe rack

I contacted Scott to let him know that I loved my closet design, and he put the order in.  I received my boxes two days later!  Not kidding!


phone 001

Now it is time to unpack all of these boxes and get to building my new master closet!


Can’t wait!!

This post is sponsored by Easy Closets.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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