Creating a Gallery Wall

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I have a wall right next to our stairs that I have always wanted to turn into a gallery wall.  But gallery walls intimate me.  

There’s no fool-proof, specific way to design one, so I usually just stand like a deer in the headlights staring at my blank wall.

So I have been looking around Pinterest for some inspiration, and I found out these things…


1.  I need to pick a color scheme for my gallery wall.

Do I want to have all black frames?  White?  Mix of colors?

Do I want my pictures to be all black and white, or color, or a mix of both?




Do I want to add items with pops of color to my gallery wall?





2.  Do I want to hang items symmetrical or asymmetrical?

Sometimes I like the look of symmetrical gallery walls. 

It’s so pretty and organized and neat. 



But let’s be honest.  Pretty and organized and neat are not words I use when describing my house full of boys. :)

So I think my favorite are the asymmetrical ones.  



I want my wall to be a hodge podge of special pictures and items that I love.   




3.  I need to decide how to hang them.

There are many ways to hang your items.  I like this way suggested by Kim from Sand and Sisal.   She cut wrapping paper the same size as the pictures she was hanging and then placed them on her wall. 

label (1024x683)[1]

Or, you can cut a piece of paper the same size as the wall space you are covering, lay the items on the paper and trace it, then hang it on the wall.  You can also mark where you need to nail in the wall.

You can see this tutorial at What’s Ur Home Story.


Well, that’s what I have come up with so far.  I am hoping to tackle our gallery wall next week.  

If you have a great gallery wall at your home that you would like to share,

please email it to me at [email protected] 

Or you can snap a pic on your phone and upload it to my facebook page HERE.

I would love to share your gallery walls in a future post, and of course, I would LOVE the extra inspiration!


Have a blessed day, friends! 

If you need some free printables to get your gallery wall started, click HERE to check these out.


Best Weekend EVER!

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Friends, I just spent the weekend camping out with Cy and these boys and had one of the most precious weekends of my life!


Y’all, there is NOTHING I love more in this world than my family!  And spending time with them is my favorite thing to do.

This past week, the boys were on Fall Break, but we were busy trying to finish their bathroom, and we didn’t have plans to go anywhere or do anything.  Plus, the funds were low. :)

But by Thursday, I started getting the itch to take the boys camping.  We’ve never been truly camping as a family, you know, sleeping in a tent and all.

I ran the idea by Cy, and by Thursday night, we were at Walmart buying supplies for our trip. 

It was one of those Carpe Diem moments.  The boys are growing up so quickly, and we need to “seize” this time with them.  

To say the boys were excited about this trip was an understatement.  They love anything that has to do with outdoors.  

So Friday afternoon, we packed up and headed to the Mammoth Cave National Park for a weekend of camping.  We are lucky because we live only a couple of hours away from this beautiful park.


It was very interesting trying to pack everything we needed for the trip, but we squeezed in our car like sardines and headed out.  


We immediately started setting up our tent. 

I was taken back with how old Jonathan looked near Cy.  Wow!  I can’t believe how much he has changed over the past year!



We got a 10 man tent because I wanted a lot of room inside.  I do not like feeling crowded in a space, and this tent was perfect!



Eli and the brothers LOVED it!




Once we got everything unpacked and our campsite set up, we headed out for a walk.

The boys love exploring in the woods.  Cy and I do too.  :)

The weather was absolutely perfect!  In the 60’s, crisp and cool. 



Mammoth Cave National Park has a ton of trails to hike, and we took one that headed toward the river.


Walking these trails was heaven on earth to me. 


Cy and I kept saying to each other, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”


It started getting dark before we made it to the river, so we headed back to our campsite.  We were all so excited to get our campfire started!


We roasted hot dogs and s’mores.  Perfection!

The best part was sitting around the fire for a couple of hours just telling stories and talking.   I hate to admit it, but I don’t remember the last time we did this without interruptions.  We didn’t have cell service where we were at, so we had no devices.  It was JUST US.  And it was more precious than anything I could ever hope for.  It was fun listening to the boys and hearing all of their different personalities.

Those moments will be etched in my heart forever.

As the fire started to wind down, so did we.  :)  We snuggled in the tent together, and “tried” to sleep.  It took a little while for the boys to get use to campground noises.

The next morning, Jonathan and Luke got up before dark and headed out to look for some fire wood to get the fire started.  Once they had the fire going, the rest of us got up for breakfast.  One the menu, bacon and eggs.  Yum!

We were scheduled for a tour of Mammoth Cave at 12:45, so we had some time in the morning to hike down to the river.

Eli wore his back pack all day.  When I asked him what was in it, he said, “The first aid kit, water, and my bible.”  Sounds like he had everything covered! :)


The trail was absolutely gorgeous!  We were amazed at all of the beauty we saw!



We made it down to one of the natural springs.  It seriously looked like something out of a movie.  


And we saw the biggest birch trees I have ever seen in my life!  The bark was peeling off like wallpaper.


It was like a boy’s dream come true.


So grateful for this man.  There is none better. :)


Adam (who looks exactly like my dad) said “This is the best trip ever!”


I made the boys stop for a picture.  I wanted to capture this moment in time.


Do you see what is on Jonathan’s lap?  That’s Troop.  I don’t think I have mentioned that we got a new dog on my blog.  We have had him a few months.  He was a rescue dog and is a terrier mix.  He LOVED walking the trails too!

Eli collected leaves during the whole walk.  He kept saying, “Oh mom!  Look at this one!”  And I would ooh and aah.  


I know you don’t get to see it on my blog much, but my husband is one of the funniest people I know.  He always makes people laugh and is always acting silly.  If you have met him in person, you know what I am talking about. :)

Here he is pretending to hold up this rock…


My little buddy…

me and adam

The boys found a big stick that they wanted to take back to our campsite for our fire.  


Eli tried to hang on…


But fell off the end of the line…


He tries so hard to keep up with his brothers. :)

This picture cracks me up.  It completely goes against the saying “smoke follows beauty.”  Hee.Hee.


After lunch, we went on our tour of Mammoth Cave.  It started with a bus ride to the cave entrance.


There were about 80 of us on this tour.


My silly husband thought it would be funny to get a picture with one of the tour guides.  Say hi to Ranger Chris.


It’s not easy taking pictures in a dimly lit cave, but I tried to get a few.  


Bottom line is…it’s A.MA.ZING.  Something you have to see in person to fully appreciate.


The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever.  We agreed.


We walked 250 feet down below the earth to view these majestic formations.

We went up and down hundreds of stairs, but it was worth it. 


After the cave tour, we headed back to our campsite for some more marshmallows. 


The boys and I went to the local showers and cleaned up for dinner.  We drove into Bowling Green to watch the UK Football game at Buffalo Wild Wings.  That was a ton of fun too.  Even though we got beat really bad.  We drove home at half time, and it was time for bed when we got back to the campsite. 

We snuggled up and slept much more soundly the second night because we were all completely exhausted. 

Sunday Morning, we had a little devotional and prayer around the fire, packed up the site, and headed home.

We all agreed that this needs to become a family tradition, and Cy and I said that we will never forget this weekend as long as we live.  The boys agreed.

I cannot tell you how my heart was filled to overflowing to be able to spend time with my family in the middle of God’s beautiful creation.  It was like medicine to my soul.

I hope we get to do it again real soon!

Have you been camping lately?



Favorite Pins Friday!

October 17, 2014 AT 3:16 pm 6 Comments

Happy Friday, Friends!

I hope you have had a good week. :)

My and my boys are up to something fun and spur-of-the-moment this weekend.  I will be sure to share lots of pictures with you next week!  

For now, here are my favorite pins from Pinterest this week….


(Click on the link below each picture to view the source.)




























































Have a Blessed Weekend!





Thanksgiving (Fall) Tablescape

October 16, 2014 AT 8:51 am 1 Comment
Hello Friends!
I know that for some of you, especially those down south, fall is just starting to come into full swing. Being in the north, I feel like once the cooler temps hit, it’s not long before the snow is here. Growing up we would always have a running poll in school to guess when the first snow flurries would fall, and as crazy as it seemed to pick a day before Thanksgiving, more often than not those were the winning days. While I know most of you aren’t even thinking snow, it gets me thinking about Thanksgiving.
One of my favorite ways to decorate is creating a beautiful table scape, and today I’m going to share with you how I go about decorating my table for Thanksgiving.
I start by completely clearing off my table, to have a fresh look, and perspective to design.
Once my table is cleared I start by layering fabric on top. I still like to see my wooden table top, so I fold a simple white tablecloth in half and center it on my table so that the wood is still exposed on both ends. Then to add texture and depth, I add a 2nd layer. This year it’s burlap, last year I chose brown kraft paper that I could write on with chalk. 


Once my table cloths are in place, I begin in the center of my table. 
I believe the key to creating a good centerpiece is to have lots of texture, different heights, and plenty of layers to keep the eyes moving.
Cake stands are the best way to add height, and still leaving a surface big enough to decorate on. 
For this table I started by placing a boxwood wreath down first, and then placing a glass cake stand in the center of the wreath. I know most people associate orange with thanksgiving, but for this table scape I’m sticking with a cooler neutral color palette.
I love using pumpkins not only for fall, but for thanksgiving as well, so keeping my cooler color scheme in mind I added cinderella pumpkins next.


Now if I were stopping here, I would stick with the layout in the photo above, with my candlesticks centered on either side of the center pumpkin. This is perfect if you are limited for space, or prefer a more simpler centerpiece. However, I did say in the beginning of this post that one of my favorite things to create was a beautiful table scape! Since you know I’m not stopping here, I stagger my candle sticks (shown below).


On the opposite sides I place to different cabbage heads, both purchased from Lowes for less than $4 ea. I left them in their original black plastic container but then wrapped them with burlap.


Next, I add my favorite piece, because after all it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey!


To top the table off, I finish it with a few squash, and mercury glass votives for added sparkle!





For more Thanksgiving Table inspiration I will be kicking off a week of Thanksgiving tables,
a different table each day for the entire week November 3-7.
I have some fantastic friends joining me that Friday to show off their Thanksgiving tables as well. Mark your calendars you won’t want to miss it!


cropped profile


Our New Furry Neighbors

October 15, 2014 AT 7:20 am 56 Comments

About a month ago, I was in the kitchen when I saw something by our back door. 

It was a stray cat, which totally surprised me since I haven’t seen a cat on our property the four years we have lived here.

Plus, I am not a cat person.  I am a dog person.  (I’m sorry cat lovers, but it is true.)

I don’t like being around cats.  They scare me.

My husband, on the other hand, loves all animals.  He went out to check on the cat and noticed that she was pregnant.  She kept hanging outside our back door for several days until finally my husband fed her some food.  (Not my idea.)  He was worried because she seemed so hungry and was pregnant.  He’s a softie.  :)

Well, Cy and the boys fell in love with this cat, and they call her Sassy. 


One day a couple of weeks ago, Cy noticed that Sassy’s belly was thin again, and we knew she had had the kittens. 

But we didn’t know where they were.  For days, Cy tried to figure out were the kittens were, but we could never find them. 

The weather here in Kentucky was getting extremely cold for a couple of days, and Cy started to worry it would be too cold for the kittens.  He researched online if kittens could survive in that cold of weather, and it said they would be at risk of dying.  (At least that is what he told me.  He may have just reeeeeally wanted to keep the kittens.)  :)

Cy kept trying to find the kittens, and finally Sassy led him to her little burrow where she had her litter.  

Oh my goodness, those kittens were so cute!!!  Okay, I am NOT a cat person, but I LOVE kittens.  I just wish they would stay kittens and not turn into cats.

Once we found the kittens, we were able to move them into our shed where they would be safe and warm.  Sassy and her kittens LOVE their new home.  And we are loving watching them grow.

I have been dying to show you pictures of the kittens.  Sassy had five kittens, 3 boys, 2 girls.


The cool thing is they are all completely different!

One black one… (my sister-in-law has already called dibs on this one) :)


One orange one….



One black and white one….


One tan one….


And one gray one…


I know!  Aren’t they adorable?!!!


They are so fun to watch!


They love to cuddle up with each other.  And they have opened their eyes now and are getting a lot more active.


And they sound so cute when they meow. 


Can you believe it?!  I would have never thought we would be raising baby kittens!  We have bought some cat food for Sassy because she is always hungry and needs plenty of nourishment to nurse her babies.  I think Sassy is going to be a permanent fixture at our house.   I’m trying to warm up to her, but it is going to take me awhile.

Cy wants to keep the black and white kitten, and I am kind of partial to the tan and gray ones.  But they are all so dang cute!  I’m not sure how many we will keep.

What would you do?



Coffee Table Makeover

October 13, 2014 AT 3:07 pm 58 Comments


Hey friends!

I wanted to share with you a quick coffee table makeover that I recently completed.

I actually bought this coffee table at the Habitat ReStore last fall for $65.



It was a very solid, well made piece of furniture, and although I didn’t like the orangey color, I knew I could make it into something I loved.



When I saw all of the drawers on the sides of the table, I knew they would look great with library card pulls on the fronts.




Now, if I were a blogger extraordinaire, I would have a very detailed tutorial of this makeover.

However, I do not.  Sad smile

Sometimes life just doesn’t allow for detailed tutorials, you know what I mean?

But here is basically what I did.

1.  Sanded it with a sanding sponge.

2.  Painted it white.

3.  Sealed it with wipe-on poly.



Once I finished painting it, I added some pulls from D. Lawless Hardware.

These pulls are only  . 53 cents a piece.  You can find them HERE.   They come in different sizes and colors too.



The pulls do not come with screws, so I found the perfect size at Lowe’s.  You can see them in the picture above.  I took a picture of the package in case you need the same size.

The last step was to attach the pulls to the drawer fronts, and voila! 


I love my new coffee table!!!


It’s just my style, and it is perfect for this space.




I think I will have fun decorating my coffee table for each of the seasons.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a blessed day!!


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Sunday Encouragement

October 12, 2014 AT 8:42 am 4 Comments


when I don't understand why


I have been wanting to share this story on my blog for a while.  I shared a little on my facebook page, but nothing here.


A couple of months ago, a dear friend of mine, Shawn, was stricken with an infection that left her fighting for her life.  Shawn and I used to teach together, and I roomed with her younger sister when I was in college.


The doctors didn’t think Shawn would live, but she miraculously did.  Unfortunately, there was severe damage to her hands and feet, and they had to be amputated.



You can read more about her story HERE.


Shawn is an amazing person and amazing teacher. She was teacher of the year and the district’s top elementary-school teacher in 2012. Last year, she was a finalist for the statewide teacher of the year award.


But more than that, Shawn is an amazing Christian and the wonderful wife and mother to three beautiful daughters.


I love this picture of Shawn with two of her daughters.




I think what astounded me the most during this difficult time was watching the faith of her family.  Especially her daughters.


Her daughter, Delaney, (in the green dress above) is only 20 years old and sophomore in college.  She would write updates on her facebook page that left me in tears and strengthened my faith.


Here is one that I wanted to share with you that she wrote after mom’s hands and feet were removed.  Delaney is taking the semester off to help care for her mom.


Maybe you are going through a difficult time that you just can’t understand WHY.  May you find strength and comfort in Delaney’s words.




Yesterday my dad asked me if I felt like I was missing out on Nashville, being home for the semester. I felt guilty but my answer was yes. I have a wonderful school and incredible friends there and that world doesn’t stop turning just because I’m not around.

And being home can be hard.

It’s hard to see my mom go through this. It’s hard not knowing how to help. It’s hard not to curl up and hide away and cry and throw fits and ask Jesus why this happened to her, why this couldn’t just be another normal year, why, why, why.

I have felt and seen sacrifice and loss this semester in ways that I have never faced before. Kelsey, my oldest sister, has flown back and forth from California three times so far. She is working eighty hours a week to make money to help the family and to be able to afford the trips back and forth. Lindsey is working two jobs, one in Cincinnati, one in Lexington, and taking notes from nurses at the hospital whenever she’s not busy (we all want her to go to nursing school. She’s a natural!)

My dad spends every single afternoon and evening being my mom’s hands and feet, bringing her favorite foods, washing her hair, helping her get in and out of bed, brushing her teeth, surfing the channels to find her favorite shows. He stays there until he’s sure she’s asleep, no matter how late that is.

And then there’s my mom, a warrior like I’ve never seen before. She is legitimately unbelievable. She has now lost both legs below the knee, her right hand, and her left fingers, yet she has the best attitude of anyone I know-healthy or sick. She is cracking jokes and keeping things light while simultaneously working herself to exhaustion to gain strength and skills back. She has made so much progress so quickly.

She is an inspiration to anyone who walks into her room, or reads her story or even sees her picture. Her eyes sparkle and she glows. Like, not even metaphorically. It’s the best example I’ve seen of Jesus shining straight through someone.

I will admit though that there has been this unspoken sense of loss, for her hands and feet obviously, but also for a stage of life that has passed away. We are all aware that things will never be the way that they were. This will be a long road, one that’s really hard for everyone in one way or another.

Throughout this season, there have been so many things that were hard to comprehend, hard to stomach even.

The day my mom had her last surgery, I prayed and told Jesus I didn’t understand. It didn’t make sense.

Since then he’s been asking me if I really thought about what I was saying when I told people I had given my life to Christ. Given my LIFE to him.

He’s asked me if I’m going to count the cost of following him and follow him anyways.

People don’t like to tell you that following Jesus is expensive, which is funny because Jesus wasn’t shy about telling people.

When Jesus called followers in the bible, it says they left EVERYTHING and followed him. Everything. When a man asked if he could wait until he buried his father, Jesus said no! Jesus wanted us to understand this.

Following him means leaving everything behind-our possessions, our understandings, our preferences, our expectations of how life should be.

A life with Jesus is a life of risk. A life with Jesus is a life of trusting beyond our understanding, trusting so much that we look foolish to someone who still leans on their own worldly understanding, trusting him with our future, our family, our hands, our feet.

A life with Jesus is a life of sacrifice. A life of constantly laying down everything we have. BUT when we rid ourselves of the things of this world Jesus has so much freedom to FILL US UP-with purpose, joy, hope, faith, love, and life! He lavishes our hearts when they are fully in his possession.

I am learning that “Why?” is the least important question. We should be asking

“What”- what beauty are you going to bring from these ashes?

“Who”- who are you going to reach through this?

Where”- where are you leading us next?”

These are the questions He loves to answer, often by showing us rather than telling us.

And those answers are what fill our hearts even when we feel we’ve poured out everything in us.

So, no. I still don’t understand why all of this happened.

And yes, I will count the cost of following Jesus and follow Him anyways.

When I don’t understand why, when I feel like I have nothing left, I will follow Him still- to the what’s, the who’s, and the where’s.

when I don't understand why


Front Porch Halloween Decor

October 10, 2014 AT 4:22 pm 12 Comments


So, I seriously do not think I have ever decorated my front door and shown it on my blog. 

Especially for Halloween.

I’m not a ghost and goblins kind-of-gal, so I usually skip Halloween.

But this year I decided to give it a whirl and have some fun.  I knew the boys would love it because they are always begging me to add lights to the front of our house during the holidays.

Here is what our front door usually looks like.  I am dreaming of a new front porch with double wood doors, but that is a loooong way down the road.  Smile

command clips for holiday decor

To help get me started on my decorating, I added some Outdoor Command light clips to my doorframe.

command clips for holiday decor

Command Outdoor adhesive strips are water- and UV-resistant and designed to resist all weather conditions such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

I made sure to clean off the surface before adding the clips.

command clips for holiday decor

The instructions are super easy to follow!

Peel off the blue side of the adhesive strip and attach it to the back of the clip…

3M Command clips for holiday decor


Next, remove the black side of the adhesive strip and attach the clip to the surface.

Press and hold for 30 seconds…

3M Command clips for holiday decor

I waited for over an hour before I added the orange light.

3M Command clips for holiday decor


Then I attached the jute string from the burlap bunting right over the lights.

3M Command clips for holiday decor

For the wreath on the door, I used a heavy duty Command outdoor hook that can hold up to five pounds.


3M Command clips for holiday decor

I followed the same steps as I did with the light clips.


I loved the graphite color of this hook because it is the exact same color as my door.  Smile


3M Command clips for holiday decor

Now my door is starting to come together!

3M Command clips for holiday decor


The wreath and sign are from Hobby Lobby.

The burlap bunting helps to hide the ugly dark green cording on the lights.

 3M Command clips for holiday decor


I had another sign that I wanted to hang by the door, but didn’t want to nail into my brick, so I used one of the heavy duty Command hooks and applied it to the trim work.


3M Command clips for holiday decor

After letting the clip sit for an hour, I just added some jute string to my sign and hung it from the clip. 


3M Command clips for holiday decor


Now my front porch is starting to show some personality! Smile

3M Command clips for holiday decor

I scooted my wicker chair closer to the door and added some pillows and a throw.

This would be a great spot to sit and hand out candy.


3M Command clips for holiday decor


For the other side of the door, I moved my black table under the window and added some mums and pumpkins.

I love how easy it is to decorate for fall.


3M Command clips for holiday decor

The thing I like most about using Command clips and hooks is that they are damage free, and I can use them over and over again!

With the refill adhesive strips, I can take them down after Halloween and reuse them for end-of-the-year decorating!


3M Command clips for holiday decor



I loved seeing Adam and Eli’s expressions when they got off the school bus and saw the door for the first time.  They were so excited to see our front porch decorated for Halloween!


3M Command clips for holiday decor


And check out what the lights look like at night…

3M Command clips for holiday decor


Isn’t that fun?!  Eli sure thinks so! Smile


3M Command clips for holiday decor


Happy Fall, y’all! 

3M Command clips for holiday decor


*This post was sponsored by 3M.  I was compensated for this post.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.  :)


Fall Décor for our Barn

October 9, 2014 AT 9:32 am 8 Comments


Fall is in full swing in these parts, (despite the tornadoes earlier this week!) and I am lovin’ life!

I LOVE all the beautiful colors of fall!  Not only are the bright hues of the leaves on the trees amazing, but what about mums, pumpkins, and gourds?!

fall barn decor


They make my heart happy.  Seriously. 

I love to put mums everywhere during the fall.  In the house.  On the porch.  In the landscaping.  And even on our barn.

fall barn decor

Our barn is right on top of a small hill at the end of of driveway, so it is very clearly seen as you drive up to our house.  I like to decorate our barn with the seasons.

In the spring, I filled the window baskets full of gorgeous spring flowers, but they finally lost their battle with the cooler weather, (and I may have forgotten to keep watering them towards the end of the summer) and they were looking pretty sad.

fall barn decor


Is that pitiful or what?!

My poor barn was looking plain and boring.

fall barn decor


So I went to Lowe’s and picked up some colorful mums and miniature pumpkins to add to my window baskets.

fall barn decor


Aaaaaaah!  So much better.  Are you smiling?  ‘Cause I am!  Smile

I also bought larger mums and pumpkins to put on the sides of the barn doors.

fall barn decor


fall barn decor

Now my barn looks bright and cheerful, and it definitely gets me in the mood for cool nights and s’mores by the campfire (which is behind our barn to the right.)

fall barn decor

As a side note, you know what else I love about fall?  The smell of wood burning!  Is that the best smell in the world, or what?!

fall barn decor

I swear, y’all, if I could “eat” Fall, I would!

fall barn decor

It’s been really cool at night this week, and I have loved snuggling on the couch with an afghan and some warm decaf coffee.  

Pure bliss.

fall barn decor



I think fall is when our homes feel their homiest!



fall barn decor


Have you purchased any mums this fall?  Which is your favorite color?  Mine is yellow.



fall barn decor


Let’s take one more look at the before and after of my window baskets…

fall barn decor


And one more look at the before and after of the barn…


fall barn decor


Isn’t it amazing the difference just a few mums and pumpkins can make?

I am super happy with how my barn looks now.  It makes me smile every time I drive up my driveaway!


Hope you have a mum and pumpkin-filled day!

For even more ideas, visit Lowes Creative Ideas. You can also sign up to receive their free Creative Ideas Magazine, which is full of inspiring ideas! There’s also a magazine app so you can get your inspiration anytime, anywhere!


As a Lowe’s Creative Ideas bloggers, I was given compensation for this post.  All ideas and opinions are 100% mine!



























Dipped Marshmallow Treats (for Adam’s school fair)

October 8, 2014 AT 8:50 am 11 Comments


Oh, y’all.

It’s been one of those weeks already.  Smile

One where you are going a hundred miles an hour and you can’t hardly come up for air. 

You know what I am talking about. 

Last night was the 5th grade Entrepreneur Fair at Adam’s School. 

Adam had to create something he could sell at the fair, so we came up with these dipped marshmallow treats.

Dipped Marshmallow Treats


These were so fun and easy to make!

We used…

  • large and small marshmallows
  • pretzels
  • straws
  • chocolate, white chocolate, and orange candy melts
  • caramel
  • sprinkles
  • graham crackers

I got the cute fall straws at the dollar store.


We used the straws for the large marshmallows and pretzels for the small ones.


We set up our dipping stations all over the kitchen…


And dipped away!

It was messy, but fun! Smile

My favorite was the ones we dipped in chocolate and then rolled in graham crackers.  S’mores on a stick!  Yum!

I also liked the ones dipped in caramel and then chocolate.  Watch out!  Smile

The marshmallows looked colorful and pretty on Adam’s table.

dipped marshmallow treats

And Adam was super proud of his “store.” 

(Okay, yes.  I added the bow and doilies.  It’s all about presentation, y’all!)  Smile

dipped marshmallow treats

The best part about the whole night was that they sold like hot cakes, and this made my “business owner” very happy!


Way to go, Adam!!




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