Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh {Adoption Update}


Happy Friday, Friends!

I am going to take a break from my fashion posts for a while because we have a lot to do around our house right now.  I am loving this warmer weather, and the chance to get outside and work in the dirt, ya know? 

Luke is going to be helping me with my garden this year.  He is super smart about stuff like that, and we are cooking up some plans for a great garden.  :)

Today, I wanted to show you a couple of changes I made last spring to our guest bathroom.  

You may remember the “unexpected” bathroom makeover we did on our guest bathroom a few years ago. 


Well, our guest bathroom is right off the kitchen and beside our little girl’s room.  



When we hosted her last summer, I told the boys that the guest bathroom was off limits to them because I wanted it to have the chance to stay clean!  Ha!

To make the bathroom seem a little more feminine, I added a pale pink rug from Marshall’s and a new shower curtain from Target.



The shower curtain is white with small gray circles on it.  


I added a different little picture on the wall that has a heart and says “love.”  I don’t remember where I got it, but I have had it for a long time.  The dark frame ties together with the light above the sink and the dark brown towel basket.  


I don’t always have real pink flowers in this bathroom, but I do whenever I can.   And what is more sweet and feminine that pink tulips?!


Tulips make me so happy!  The little white vase used to be my mom’s, and I use it all the time.  I love the scalloped edge.



For hand soap, I just use this old blue mason jar that I had in the laundry room in our previous home.  


So as you see, there were not a lot of changes made in this bathroom, but it definitely has a more feminine feel, and it is perfect for our little girl and guests. :)



Adoption Update:

I have had so many of you ask me through emails or social media for an update about our little girl, and unfortunately I do not really have one.  :(   Boy, I wish I did!

Our revised home study has been translated and submitted, which is great, but we have not received our i800 yet.  We are hoping and praying to get it sometime next week.  Once that document joins the others in her home country, then it is a matter of waiting for travel dates.  

She is not in a good place right now, and we desperately want to see her.  Please pray that the paperwork would continue to go quickly and smoothly and that we would be able to travel in May to get her. 

Her 9th birthday is May 11th, and we would LOVE to celebrate this special day with her as a family.  So if you don’t mind, pray specifically that we could be there on that day.  :)

As soon as I find out anything, please know that I will definitely share it with you!IMG_5698


Have a blessed day!








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New Lights for the Boys’ Bathroom! {Giveaway!!!}


Hey friends!  I hope you are having a great week!  We have been super busy around here!  Not only are we enjoying time with our little girl, but we are preparing for a very special audition that Jonathan has this weekend!!  (Can’t give any details right now, but I will share with you as soon as I can.)  ACK!  :)

Did I mention Jonathan turned 16 this past Sunday!   Oh my gosh!!!  Where has the time gone?!!!  

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.50.11 AM

Follow me on Instagram for more family pics!


I wanted to share with you the new light fixtures that we added to the boys’ bathroom vanities!


As you can see in the picture above, we had a wall plate above the mirror that covered the space that we eventually wanted to hang a light.  However, it takes me foooooorrrrrreeeeevvvvveeeeerrrr to pick lights out.  It drives the hubster crazy.  I actually kind of drive myself crazy!

But I finally found some lights that I LOVE!

I found them at Del Mar Fans & Lighting.  It is called the Hinkley Congress Wall Sconce.


There are many more beautiful Hinkley lights on their website to choose from, but I thought the “cage” look was boyish, and I thought the chrome would look good with the chrome vanity fixtures. 

I photoshopped the light into a picture of the boys’ bathroom to see if I would like it, and I did.

bathroom 1


When the lights  arrived, Cy helped me install them.  We added a 1 inch thick piece of wood to the wall behind the fixture to help the light stick out a little bit further since our mirror had a “lip” on it.

DSC_0698They were super easy to install.  We bought some vintage light bulbs at Lowe’s to use in the fixtures.  (I didn’t like that the glass on the bulbs was tinted yellow so I will probably try to buy some clear glass ones later.)

I painted the piece of wood behind the lights the same color white as the wall treatment in the bathroom.

I am super excited with the way they look! 


They look great over both of the boys’ vanities!


I like that they are not super noticeable because they would have not looked good by the dark mirror frame if they were.  I like how they blend nicely with the rest of the decor.


It’s a little change, but it makes a big difference!

bathroom before and after





Guess what?!   You could win one of these Hinkley Congress Walls Sconces for yourself! {$160 Value!}

Visit Del Mar Fan’s facebook page to enter to win!




*this is a sponsored post.  all ideas and opinions are 100% mine.

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DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch into the Cottage of our Dreams! {Part Six}


Welcome to Part Six of my series!

house transformation series



Today, we are headed back over to the new addition of our house.





I found some old pictures of when we were working on our master bedroom, and I think it will help you visually see where everything is.

This is what you see when you walk into our master bedroom…


To the right is our sitting area and french doors that lead out to our “someday” wrap around porch…


You can see the entrance to the master bathroom below…


And there is the door leading out of our bedroom…



Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a ton of pictures of our bedroom because there are so many unfinished parts.  And when I say “unfinished,”  I am referring to decorating instead of building projects.

But I have been able to spruce up parts of the bedroom for home tours I have participated in, like my Christmas tour…

Christmas home tour


And my fall home tour…

Fall home tour


You can see the makeover I did on our bedside table HERE.

Beside table makeover

I do not have any current pictures of our sitting area because it isn’t finished yet.  I basically have two chairs sitting in that area, and it usually is used to “store” items I don’t want to see.   (aka: junk corner)   It is my plan to finally get the sitting area decorated and finished this year!  #fingerscrossed

I also found this picture of our bedroom in our Kentucky Home Tour (notice the sitting area is not included.  ha!)  My friend, Layla, took this picture.




For our master bathroom, we found a beautiful antique door that used to belong to a classroom in our alma mater, Asbury University.  We replaced the old glass with a new glazed piece of glass for privacy.


For our vanity, I re-did an antique dresser.  Click HERE to see how we added the sink, and HERE to see how we painted it.

dresser turned vanity

My favorite part of our bathroom is our claw foot tub.  We found it on craigslist and re-did it.  

Click HERE to see how refinished the claw foot tub.

how to refinish a claw foot tub


To give our ceiling some character, we installed faux wood beams.
faux wood beams

You can see more pictures and a video of how we did it HERE.

Since our brick had an “orangey” color to it, I decided I wanted to white wash it. 

how to white wash brick

You can see how we did that HERE.

how to white wash brick


We went for a clean, timeless look in the shower by using white subway tile on the walls and Carrera marble on the floor.

master shower

For more pictures of our master shower, click HERE.

Sooo, I haven’t really done anything else in the bathroom except we added this antique knob that we got at an antique mall for about five bucks. IMG_4191


I also found this rug that I loved at Home Goods, and it was the perfect size.  It also adds a little color to the space.



We also added a crystal chandelier above the tub, but it is impossible to take good pictures of it!  UGH!  We got it at Home Depot, I think.  I’m not super crazy about it, but it is fine for now.  I am hoping to eventually find a beautiful antique brass one to go there.



As you can see, I still need to add curtains and other decor.  When I do, I will be sure to share it here on my blog! :)


So as you can see, we have built a NEW addition onto our house, but we have tried out best to make it feel OLD.  Are you feelin’ it?

Working on this part of our house caused me to write one of my most popular series on my blog…..

How to Add Old House Character and Charm to your Newer Home

For more inspiration in how to make your new house feel old, click HERE.

Next week, we will finish our series with the upstairs in our addition and our den.  Yay!!





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DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch into the Cottage of our Dreams – Part 4


Welcome to Part 4 of my series!

house transformation series

Last week, I shared our exterior, our addition, and our crazy kitchen makeover.

Today, I am sharing the next space we renovated right beside our kitchen. 

First off, the guest bathroom.reveal_thumb1

This renovation occurred sooner than we had planned because one of our boys (ahem. Luke.) stood on the soap dish and caused the tiled shower wall to come tumbling down.  Ya can’t make this stuff up!


I will have to say that I was kind of glad it happened because it forced us to give this bathroom an update it REALLY needed!  


This bathroom is close to our kitchen and the main one that our guests use, and it was really dated.

Note the cushioned, leaf print toilet seat…yes, that is a fish, moose, and bear at the top of the seat.


To see more pictures of us gutting the this bathroom, click HERE.

So we painted the walls white, added a beadboard ceiling, installed a new window, tiled the shower walls, and add a new shower head…


We also added new hexagon tile from Lowe’s on the floor.


And added wood planks to the walls.  Eli helped me fill in the nail holes with wood filler.


You can read about how we installed our wood plank walls HERE.


Cy built us a vanity with some newel post and leftover butcher block from our kitchen renovation.  Click HERE for the full tutorial.



We added a mirror and light from Lowe’s above the vanity.



We were thrilled with how our bathroom turned out.  It definitely fits into the cottage/farmhouse feel we are trying to create in our home.

See you tomorrow for more of our home renovation!


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Bathroom Closet Makeover


Welcome back to my Organize your Heart and Home series!


We took a little break this morning for my Healthy Living, Healthy Home series, but I am back for my “throwback Thursday” post. 

This is a post I wrote when I was organizing (creating) a linen closet for our master bathroom.  

Here it is…


(Originally posted on January 24, 2011)

This week I am going to show you how I organized my bathroom closet (which isn’t really in my bathroom).  :)

bathroom closet

This is the bathroom in the master bedroom…

bathroom closet makeover

It used to look completely different because my hubby and I did a complete makeover a few years ago (before my blogging days).

I love my bathroom, although there is nothing really “master” about it.  As far as storage goes, there is very little of it.

My husband and I have our toiletries under each of our sinks, and we keep our towels in the bottom of this black cabinet that we added to the space…

traditional bathroom

The only closet in our master bedroom was behind this little door…

bathroom closet makeover

Ain’t it purdy?

Yep, the bottom two panels on the door have had the mesh inserts missing since we moved into the house six years ago.  Yep…6.

(This door had to have those mesh panels because it has a vent inside the closet that has to be able to circulate air.)

Now, my hubby used to keep his clothes stuffed in this little closet (wish I had a picture of it, but we had already cleared it out before this makeover, and I forgot to take a picture).

But since we turned the laundry room into a master bedroom walk-in closet, we now had the space to do something different with this closet….it would be our bathroom/linen closet! (It’s just a few steps away from our bathroom.)

This is very humbling…but here is the before shot of this closet…

bathroom closet makeover

Yikes!  Aren’t you lovin’ the brown on the back of the door that we never painted?

bathroom closet makeover

This closet is located beneath our stairs, thus the slanted ceiling.

There used to be a bar than ran across the front of these shelves that my hubby’s clothes hung on, but we took it down.

bathroom closet makeover

See the beautiful vent on the floor?  Well, my hubby is getting ready to relocate it so we no longer have to have a vented door on this closet!  Woohoo!

I took everything out of the closet….

bathroom closet makeover

We did not paint this closet when we moved in six years ago.  I can guarantee that is has not been painted since this home was built in 1968!  It’s about time, doncha think?

Here is a look at the vent and yucky baseboard.  So glad my hubby is moving this vent!

bathroom closet makeover

I don’t know why the baseboard looks like that.  I cleaned it off and it still looks all speck-ly brown with dirt.

So the whole closet got a fresh coat of white paint.  I had to use KILZ primer on some parts because it had been painted with oil-based paint.  You cannot paint over oil-based paint with water-based paint without priming it first.  The paint will not adhere and will just scratch right off.

We also took the door off!!  Yeah!

We used the leftover brown paint from our laundry room makeover to paint the back wall.  I thought it would help the white shelves stand out, and it did.

bathroom closet makeover

This closet is a little dark, so I took the lamp off of my black dresser and sat it on the top shelf so I could see to paint.  The picture above only has one coat of brown paint on the walls.

Hey…I kind of like that little lamp in there…are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Now all we needed was a door.  Hmmmm…

I got to thinking.

Our next project in our home is going to be the boys’ upstairs bathroom.

It has a bathroom closet that has a door on it.

We are planning to take the door off for our makeover and leave the shelves open.

I wondered if that door would fit on our closet? I went upstairs and measured the width, and whatdayaknow?  It was the exact length!

I was so excited!!!

It was a little bit taller, but my hubby just sawed a little off the bottom and we were in business!

bathroom closet makeover

I love it!!!!

I love having the ironing board hanging on the door.

bathroom closet makeover

I found the adorable chicken wire baskets at T.J. Maxx yesterday, and I had to get them.  It was the only money I spent on this makeover, so it justified the $40.00 I spent on all four of the baskets.

The little wash cloth basket had a liner in it too, but I took it out because I like seeing the washcloths behind the wire.  I did the same thing to the basket that holds the toilet paper.

I had to had the greenery to hid the cord from the lamp.  :)

bathroom closet makeover

These are my “his” and “her” baskets.  I might add labels to them in the future.  They hold our personal items that do not need to be in the bathroom on a daily basis.

The lace had little brown buttons on it that I cut off because I thought it made it look a little too country.

bathroom closet makeover

Here are a few shots with the lamp on.  It makes the closet so bright and cheerful.  I cannot tell you how much I love this closet.  I don’t even close the door now.  :)

bathroom closet makeover

The lamp I already had (paid $10.00 for it at an antique mall last year), the bird was from the dollar store, and the white vase was a dollar at Goodwill.


bathroom closet makeover

Here are the before and after pictures….

bathroom closet makeover

bathroom closet makeover


It was so worth the time and effort to complete this makeover.


I really did love that little closet!  It served us well. :)

Come back tomorrow for our

Bathroom Organization linky party!  

If you have a blog, I would love for you to link up your projects!  

If you don’t, then you can email  before and after pictures to me at [email protected],

or message me on my facebook page.  (You might see them show up on my blog!)  :)

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Organizing our Master Bath Vanity


Warning:  This post is lacking the “wow” factor.  :)

In this “Pinterest Perfect” world, I struggled with this post because it’s really nothing big.  It’s just my unorganized vanity getting organized. 

But this is real life.

And I wanted to show you that I am trying to get organized JUST LIKE YOU!

If it weren’t for this series on my blog that I am sharing with you, I probably wouldn’t have organized our vanity yesterday.  And I am SO GLAD I DID!  My hubby is too!

So I am going to share with you my VERY highly specialized way of organizing called…

3-d's of organizing

Yep.  Impressive I know.  

Let me show you how The 3 – D’s of Organizing works!

Here is what my side of the vanity looked like before…


Step One:  DUMP

Dump all of your stuff into the floor like this…



Step Two:  DITCH

Get rid of all of the stuff you do not use anymore by throwing it away, donating to Goodwill, or giving it to someone else.  

(I threw most of my stuff away.)


Step Three:  DIVIDE

Divide all of the stuff you do want to keep in appropriate storage containers.


Our vanity is an old antique dresser that we turned into our bathroom vanity, so it is “old” looking inside, but I love that.  You can see how we did this project HERE.

dresser turned vanity

I divided my stuff into a wire container on the top shelf that holds all of my cotton balls and cotton makeup circle-thingies.  I used a plastic container on top of that to hold all of the travel size bottles that I use for my trips. 

For my taller items, that are always falling over, I bought this “freezer container” at Marshalls and put them in it.  It is a long, narrow container that works perfect in this space.  These are items I do not use very often, but just need a place to store them.  (I do use my toothbrush often, just not that one.  I use that one to clean my jewelry with toothpaste.   FYI:  Toothpaste is GREAT for cleaning your rings!)


Then I had enough room to put a basket for my hand towels and wash cloths!  Something I didn’t have in there before.  Yay!


I applied the 3 – D’s of Organizing to these spaces as well…

My top drawer…


Cy’s top drawer…


Cy’s bottom cabinet…


I took all of these photos on my phone, so sorry it is not the best quality.  

I was able to divide all of Cy’s stuff in just two containers:


So you get the idea.  I dumped.  I ditched.  I divided.

I also wanted to show you want I did to help my boys stay organized in their bathroom.

Each of the boys have their own basket below the sinks in which to store their toiletries.


However, their toiletries would fall all around inside the large baskets.

So for Christmas, I picked up these blue caddies at the dollar store, and filled it with all of their favorite toiletries.  (I can’t believe I had to buy Jonathan some razors!)


Then when they are getting ready, they just pull their caddy out and sit it on the vanity.IMG_3616


When they are finished, everything goes back in the caddy and into the basket.  Out of sight!!!  (Mama likes.)  :)

Now for the reeeeallllly embarrassing photo.  Just keeping it real, y’all.

This is my dressing table where I put my make up on…



Mama mia!  (Don’t look too closely.  Why do I feel so exposed right now?!)

But yesterday, I bought one of these makeup organizers at Marshall’s and voila!


I LOVED getting ready this morning!  So much easier to find everything!


So that’s it!

Nothing big, but man, does it feel better!

Alright now!

Are you organizing your bathrooms, ladies?!!


I showed you my drawers, now you need to show me yours.  



You will get the chance to share on Friday!

Just remember to DUMP, DITCH, and DIVIDE!

Have fun!




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Tips and Tricks to Organizing your Bathroom!


Welcome to week 2 of my “Organize your Heart and Home series!”


I hope you enjoyed all of the posts about organizing our kitchens last week.  

This week we are focusing on BATHROOMS!


Most of us have bathroom vanities, drawers, or linen closets that are in need of some reorganizing. 

Well, here are some ideas to help get you started.  Click on the picture or the link below it to visit the source.


I love how the Shanty Sisters made use of their wall space by making their own bathroom storage case.  The best part is the mirror on the outside!  It serves two purposes!  Genius!





Okay, y’all might think I am slow, but I have NEVER thought about using a utensil organizer for toothbrushes!!  Have you? (Please say no, so I don’t feel so stupid.)  :)



Look how pretty this vanity looks!

It is amazing what baskets and containers can do to help you get organized!

bathroom storage



You can purchase a package of three of these plastic bins at the dollar store for one buck and attach them to your vanity door with 3M clips.  These would be great for toothbrushes too!

bathroom door



My boys don’t take baths much anymore, and we certainly don’t have bath toys everywhere, but we used to!  This next idea is incredible smart!  Just use a shower curtain rod and some plastic bins to store bath time toys!




If I had a house full of girls, I’m sure I would be implementing this idea…


no source


This is clever.  If you have a small bathroom and need some extra storage space, create a shelf above the door!

shelf over door




I have seen so many of these privacy walls by the toilets in so many homes.  What a great way to use it for storage!




If you have room in your bathroom for a piece of furniture, that would be a great way to add extra storage!  I would love to add a piece like this one to my bathroom…



Okay, so are you ready to organize YOUR bathroom?!


Let’s do this, ladies!  


Pick which bathroom you want to organize and get started.  


Come back on Friday and link up to my linky party.  


(Or email me your pictures if you do not have a blog.)


For more ways to organize your bathroom, click on the button below!



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DIY Shower Curtain for Boys’ Bathroom


Well, I finally made a shower curtain for the boys’ bathroom. 

Because we built our own shower, it wasn’t a regular size.  I knew I would have to make a custom shower curtain to fit it.  I also knew that I wanted to do some type of horizontal stripes on the shower curtain. 

So I was super excited when I found two window curtain panels that were extra long at Marshall’s for $25!  I KNEW I could turn these window curtains into a shower curtain. 


Where, here is where I should show you the complete tutorial of how I did it, but I don’t have any photos.  

I know.  HUGE blogger fail.  :(

Let me explain.  I DID take pictures. 

I just can’t find them.  

But I do have pictures of the finished shower curtain.


 I didn’t even use a sewing machine to make this curtain!  I just used fusing tape to attach one curtain panel to the other curtain panel. 

And I bought a grommet kit from Hobby Lobby to create the hole for the rings at the top of the shower curtain. 

We had to purchase the shower curtain rod online.

 The curtain works perfectly for this space.  We are very glad that we tore the tub out and created a corner shower.

Cy built the vanities himself, and installed a butcher block countertop.  As you can see, we decided to leave the countertop natural instead of staining it.

 We still need to figure out what type of lights to put above the mirrors.

 And I am going to install a window shade this weekend.

I am decorating the bathroom for Christmas and will share it next week.

 But for now, the boys are loving their new space.  They each have their own baskets full of their own toiletries.  Luke and Adam on the left, and Jonathan and Eli on the right.  :)

 I will share more details about the bathroom soon, but I have a lot of Christmas decorating to do today.  The boys will kill me if I don’t have their Christmas stockings hung when they get home from school today.  :)

Have a wonderful day!!

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Boys’ Bathroom Update


I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This bathroom is just days away from being completely finished!  Whoop!

This has been the eternal project!

Last time I posted about the bathroom, I told you were going to be doing a little demolition.  Usually demolition happens in an old space, not a new one. 

Well, we had originally planned to have a tub/shower combo in their bathroom.  So we installed a tub.

boys bathroom
But neither Cy or I ever liked the look of the tub. 

It butted up right to the doorway and made the bathroom feel crowded.  It just didn’t look good. 

boys bathroom

We tried to figure out how to not have a third (back) wall in the tub so the space would feel more open, but we still didn’t like it. 

We both knew it had to go, but we didn’t want to make this project take any longer than it already had.

Well, we eventually bit the bullet and tore the brand new tub out.  And removed some of the tile from the wall.  And hung new drywall and layed new tile on the floor.  Ugh.

We bought a square shower pan and created a corner shower for the boys.  Even though we would rather have a tub in this space, the stand up shower just worked better for us. 

boys bathroom
I’m going to try and find a cute shower curtain for it.  :)

So here is what the bathroom looks like today. 

boys bathroom
I bought those oval mirrors at Home Goods.  I “think” I like them.  What do you think?  Should I go with a different shape?

They are framed in that old brown metal, which I like.  I’m just not sure about the shape.  We haven’t hung them yet, so maybe it will look better when we do.

Now that the tub is gone, the bathroom looks sooooo much bigger!

boys bathroom
Now I need to find some cute baskets to put on the vanities Cy made.

boys bathroom
I found this cute piece at Hobby Lobby. 

I am going to hang it on the wall and use it as a towel holder by the shower. 

boys bathroom
I still need to figure out a window covering and lights above the vanities.  But at least the bathroom will be “usuable” soon, and I can kick the boys out of the downstairs guest bathroom. :)

boys bath
Have a blessed day!

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A Change in the Boy’s Bathroom… (and Kentucky Bottle Cap Art)


Happy Tuesday, friends!

Last week, I showed you the DIY Sawhorse Desk that we made for Jonathan and Luke’s room.


I have had so many readers ask me where I bought or how I made the Kentucky Bottle Cap Art that was hanging on the pegboard.

bottle cap state art

That was a project that I did last year, and you can read how I did it HERE.

bottle cap state art

(It’s super easy.)  Smile


I also wanted to tell you about a little change we have decided to make in the boys’ bathroom.

We had originally planned on making concrete vanity tops, but decided to go with butcher block instead.

I drove to IKEA the week before last to buy some butcher block countertop like we did for our kitchen makeover, but they don’t have it anymore!  UGH!

So we found out that our local Lumber Liquidators in Lexington now carry butcher block countertops!  Yay!  So we bought an 8 foot piece of maple for the boys’ bathroom. 


Cy cut a hole out for the sink and hooked up the plumbing, and now the wood is ready to be stained.

But I kind of like the natural look. 


What do you think?

I was going to stain it “Provincial” which isn’t a very dark stain.

It would be similar to our guest bathroom, but not quite as dark.  The bathroom vanity is made of oak butcher block.

how to build a butcher block vanity

I’m trying to decide whether to stain or leave it natural.


I would LOVE to hear your opinion!


Have a wonderful day!!!

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