DIY Shower Curtain for Boys’ Bathroom

December 5, 2014 AT 8:28 am 9 Comments

Well, I finally made a shower curtain for the boys’ bathroom. 

Because we built our own shower, it wasn’t a regular size.  I knew I would have to make a custom shower curtain to fit it.  I also knew that I wanted to do some type of horizontal stripes on the shower curtain. 

So I was super excited when I found two window curtain panels that were extra long at Marshall’s for $25!  I KNEW I could turn these window curtains into a shower curtain. 


Where, here is where I should show you the complete tutorial of how I did it, but I don’t have any photos.  

I know.  HUGE blogger fail.  :(

Let me explain.  I DID take pictures. 

I just can’t find them.  

But I do have pictures of the finished shower curtain.


 I didn’t even use a sewing machine to make this curtain!  I just used fusing tape to attach one curtain panel to the other curtain panel. 

And I bought a grommet kit from Hobby Lobby to create the hole for the rings at the top of the shower curtain. 

We had to purchase the shower curtain rod online.

 The curtain works perfectly for this space.  We are very glad that we tore the tub out and created a corner shower.

Cy built the vanities himself, and installed a butcher block countertop.  As you can see, we decided to leave the countertop natural instead of staining it.

 We still need to figure out what type of lights to put above the mirrors.

 And I am going to install a window shade this weekend.

I am decorating the bathroom for Christmas and will share it next week.

 But for now, the boys are loving their new space.  They each have their own baskets full of their own toiletries.  Luke and Adam on the left, and Jonathan and Eli on the right.  :)

 I will share more details about the bathroom soon, but I have a lot of Christmas decorating to do today.  The boys will kill me if I don’t have their Christmas stockings hung when they get home from school today.  :)

Have a wonderful day!!

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Boys’ Bathroom Update

November 3, 2014 AT 11:22 am 20 Comments

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This bathroom is just days away from being completely finished!  Whoop!

This has been the eternal project!

Last time I posted about the bathroom, I told you were going to be doing a little demolition.  Usually demolition happens in an old space, not a new one. 

Well, we had originally planned to have a tub/shower combo in their bathroom.  So we installed a tub.

boys bathroom
But neither Cy or I ever liked the look of the tub. 

It butted up right to the doorway and made the bathroom feel crowded.  It just didn’t look good. 

boys bathroom

We tried to figure out how to not have a third (back) wall in the tub so the space would feel more open, but we still didn’t like it. 

We both knew it had to go, but we didn’t want to make this project take any longer than it already had.

Well, we eventually bit the bullet and tore the brand new tub out.  And removed some of the tile from the wall.  And hung new drywall and layed new tile on the floor.  Ugh.

We bought a square shower pan and created a corner shower for the boys.  Even though we would rather have a tub in this space, the stand up shower just worked better for us. 

boys bathroom
I’m going to try and find a cute shower curtain for it.  :)

So here is what the bathroom looks like today. 

boys bathroom
I bought those oval mirrors at Home Goods.  I “think” I like them.  What do you think?  Should I go with a different shape?

They are framed in that old brown metal, which I like.  I’m just not sure about the shape.  We haven’t hung them yet, so maybe it will look better when we do.

Now that the tub is gone, the bathroom looks sooooo much bigger!

boys bathroom
Now I need to find some cute baskets to put on the vanities Cy made.

boys bathroom
I found this cute piece at Hobby Lobby. 

I am going to hang it on the wall and use it as a towel holder by the shower. 

boys bathroom
I still need to figure out a window covering and lights above the vanities.  But at least the bathroom will be “usuable” soon, and I can kick the boys out of the downstairs guest bathroom. :)

boys bath
Have a blessed day!

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A Change in the Boy’s Bathroom… (and Kentucky Bottle Cap Art)

August 12, 2014 AT 11:28 am 35 Comments

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Last week, I showed you the DIY Sawhorse Desk that we made for Jonathan and Luke’s room.


I have had so many readers ask me where I bought or how I made the Kentucky Bottle Cap Art that was hanging on the pegboard.

bottle cap state art

That was a project that I did last year, and you can read how I did it HERE.

bottle cap state art

(It’s super easy.)  Smile


I also wanted to tell you about a little change we have decided to make in the boys’ bathroom.

We had originally planned on making concrete vanity tops, but decided to go with butcher block instead.

I drove to IKEA the week before last to buy some butcher block countertop like we did for our kitchen makeover, but they don’t have it anymore!  UGH!

So we found out that our local Lumber Liquidators in Lexington now carry butcher block countertops!  Yay!  So we bought an 8 foot piece of maple for the boys’ bathroom. 


Cy cut a hole out for the sink and hooked up the plumbing, and now the wood is ready to be stained.

But I kind of like the natural look. 


What do you think?

I was going to stain it “Provincial” which isn’t a very dark stain.

It would be similar to our guest bathroom, but not quite as dark.  The bathroom vanity is made of oak butcher block.

how to build a butcher block vanity

I’m trying to decide whether to stain or leave it natural.


I would LOVE to hear your opinion!


Have a wonderful day!!!

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The Boys’ Bathroom Update

July 23, 2014 AT 9:11 am 10 Comments

Oh my goodness!  I cannot believe how long it has taken us to get the boys’ bathroom finished!

I’m kind of embarrassed about it.  It’s been so long that most of you have probably even forgotten that we were even doing it! Smile

Well, Cy and I are trying to knock it out this week.  So yesterday, we started adding the wall treatment to the walls.  I was wanting to do something different than board and batten (which I love,) so we are going with a horizontal wall treatment.


We finished two walls yesterday, and today, I am going to fill in all the nail holes and sand them down to get ready to paint.  The wall will be painted white all the way up to the top piece of wood. 

photo 3

We’ve been struggling with completed their shower/bath.  We have two walls tiled, but the third wall has been giving us fits.  We originally had the wall going up about 6 feet, but it really chopped the bathroom in half and we didn’t like how it looked visually.  photo 2


So we cut the wall down to only about 4 feet.  We are going to have to be creative with how we do the shower curtain rod, but we think we know what we are going to do. photo 1

I know y’all are probably like, “Huh?  What are they doing?”  But I promise it will look great when we are finished.  Smile

We are hoping to make the concrete vanity tops this week too.  I am dying to get this bathroom finished so the boys can use it!

They’ve been using our guest bath downstairs, and it is time for them (and their messes) to be UPSTAIRS!

So that is what we are working on this week!

What have you been up to lately?!



If you are interested in learning more about essential oils or would like to take advantage of the special I am offering this week, click HERE.


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Seeing RED! {Upstairs Update}

February 20, 2014 AT 9:07 am 24 Comments

Hey friends!

I hope you are having a great week!

I’ve had an emotionally draining one, but I have to tell you AGAIN how much your sweet comments on Saturday’s post have blessed my heart!  They keep coming in, and I want to respond to each one, but I think it is up to almost 200 sweet, supportive comments.  That’s crazy!  You guys have definitely out done yourselves. Smile  Wish I could hug you each in real life.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Anyway, I wanted to give you a quick update on the boys’ bathroom upstairs.

A few weeks ago, I showed you the vanities that Cy was starting to make…

diy bathroom vanity

And I mentioned that I wanted to paint them red.

Well, I did.

It’s REALLY red!

diy red bathroom vanity

But I like it.  Smile  Totally boyish!

I think it will look great with baskets on the top shelf and fresh, white towels on the bottom shelf.

diy red bathroom vanity

We are still trying to decide what type of vanity top we want to use.  It’s between concrete, galvanized metal, or chippy wood.

What do you think?

As soon as we figure that out, we can get these vanities finished!

We are also almost finished with tiling the shower.

diy red bathroom vanity

We have to build the third wall in the shower and then grout it.

To finish this space, I am going to do a wall treatment, install new lights, and find some mirrors for above the vanity.  Still trying to decide the “look” I want.

Anyway, that’s it!

This bathroom has taken way longer than we had planned, but we are finally getting there.

Do you have a project in your home that has taken waaaaay to long to finish?

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Details on Robin’s Bathroom Makeover (and bedroom)

December 18, 2013 AT 9:08 am 21 Comments


Well, I knew you were going to love Robin’s Bathroom Makeover!

bathroom makeover

AND I knew you were going to ask a lot of questions about it.  Smile

I am still getting comments and emails about the details of her bathroom.

The number one question I keep getting asked is “What paint color is on the walls?”

bathroom makeover

I knew I was going to get that question asked.  A lot.

You are probably wondering why I didn’t include that information?

Well, there was a reason….

I didn’t have a paint color to give you.

Robin created the paint color by mixing together two paints.

I know!  She’s a stinker!!! Smile

Doesn’t she know that she can’t do that in blogland?  Oh wait.  That’s right.  She’s not a blogger.  (hee.hee.)

But she did give me the names of the two paints she mixed, so here they are:

Valspar Notre Dame is the main color.

She added some Valspar Blizzard Fog to lighten it up.

Wish I had the exact measurements, but I don’t.  But maybe that will give you a start?



Here are more answers to your questions…

The chandelier was purchased at Lowe’s.

bathroom makeover

The blue chest was purchased at Kirland’s.

The adorable chevron bench and pillows were purchased at Gordman’s.

bathroom makeover

The lovely wall art was found at Marshall’s.

bathroom makeover

Someone wanted to know about the cute little owl covering his nose on the back of the toilet.  Robin purchased that at Burke Outlet.

bathroom makeover

Her bedroom is painted the same color as the bathroom.


The comforter and euro pillows are from HomeGoods.

The Mr. and Mrs. pillow are from Marshall’s, along with the other pillows on the bed.


Did I miss any more questions that you may have had?

If I did, please list them in the comments, and I will answer them.


If you missed the full reveal of all the amazing before and after photos of Robin’s bathroom makeover, you can view it HERE.


Have a blessed day!

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Robin’s Bathroom Makeover Reveal {Part Two}

December 2, 2013 AT 10:58 pm 64 Comments

UPDATE:  Click HERE to see all the details on Robin’s bathroom, including paint color and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed Part One of Robin’s bathroom makeover yesterday.

If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Now I get to show you the whole beautiful bathroom!

But first, I want to thank Robin for letting me share her bathroom with all of you.

“Thank you, Robin!”  Smile

Robin did an amazing job decorating her new bathroom, and I know you are going to enjoy these photos.

Let’s look again at the before…

bathroom makeover reveal

And now the after…

bathroom makeover reveal

Remember the old linen closet and vanity?…

bathroom makeover reveal

The linen closet is gone, and the old vanity has been replaced with a beautiful custom double vanity…


bathroom makeover reveal

The old corner tub?

bathroom makeover reveal

See ya later, Alligator!…

bathroom makeover reveal

The old, bulky shower in the middle of the wall had to go!…

bathroom makeover reveal

Robin bought a beautiful blue dresser to go where the old shower used to be, and the now the new shower is tucked perfectly in the corner providing a lot more space in the bathroom and making it appear larger.

bathroom makeover reveal

Speaking of the shower….

I think my hubby did a great job creating that custom arch and tiling the shower!  Smile

bathroom makeover reveal

And I am in love with the custom glass doors that Robin picked out for her shower. bathroom makeover reveal

Here is a look at the bathroom from another angle…


bathroom makeover reveal


bathroom makeover reveal

Robin picked out the beautiful granite vanity top, and Cy installed it.

bathroom makeover reveal


bathroom makeover reveal

Did you notice all of the beautiful bead board that Cy installed around the bathroom?  Love it!

bathroom makeover reveal

And I love Robin’s new tile flooring too!

Here is a look at the old toilet area…

bathroom makeover reveal

Cy installed matching granite on top of the knee wall by the toilet, and I love the way it looks now!

bathroom makeover reveal

And Robin hung this pretty word art on the wall where the linen closet used to be…

bathroom makeover reveal

I hate to say goodbye to Robin’s beautiful bathroom, but I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Smile

Before we leave, I snapped a quick picture of her beautiful bedroom on the way out too because I knew you would love seeing it.

neutral bedroom

Thanks again, Robin, for sharing your beautiful bathroom makeover with us!

If you like this bathroom makeover, you might like these as well!  Just click on the picture to check them out.reveal

Bathroom Makeover Revealbathroom makeover












Also, if you live near Lexington, Kentucky and have a remodeling or insulation project that needs to be completed, I might have some connections. Smile

Just shoot me an email!


Have a blessed day!

*I’m linking this post to Home Stories A to Z’s Tutorial and Tips Linky Party.

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Robin’s Bathroom Makeover Reveal {Part One}

December 1, 2013 AT 9:58 pm 16 Comments

I am soooo excited to share this bathroom makeover reveal with you!

As you know, my husband went into business for himself this past year.  He started an insulation and remodeling business.  We thought he would do more insulation than remodeling, but it has actually been the opposite.

Part of the reason is because of my blog.  Many of his remodeling jobs have come from people who read my blog. Smile

Like Robin.

Robin has been reading my blog, and my sister’s blog, for a while now, and when she read that Cy was starting his own remodeling business, she asked him to give her master bathroom a makeover.

Robin is precious, and it was awesome meeting her in person!

Today, I want to show you what her bathroom looked like the day Cy and I went to her house, and some of the plans she/we had for the bathroom

Here is what the bathroom looked like as soon as you walked in…

bathroom makeover reveal

One of the first things Robin told us that she wanted to change in her bathroom was the flooring.

bathroom makeover reveal

She also wanted to remove the vanity and install a new double sink vanity.

I suggested that she tear out the small linen closet beside the vanity to make the bathroom feel more spacious.

bathroom makeover reveal

On the right side of the bathroom, there was a big, bulky shower right in the middle of the wall.  Robin wanted that shower torn out and a new one built in the right corner of the bathroom.

bathroom makeover reveal

She also wanted to get rid of the big tub.  I definitely agreed with this decision! Smile

bathroom makeover reveal

Removing the tub would make a huge difference in this space.

You can see in the picture below how the shower wall juts out and takes up a lot of space.

bathroom makeover reveal

The only thing that we were not going to change in this bathroom was the toilet.  It was going to stay where it was, but that area would get a little update.

bathroom makeover reveal

We also left the walk in closet alone.  It stayed put.

bathroom makeover reveal


Cy and his crew got busy on this bathroom!  They got rid of the old flooring and corner tub.

bathroom makeover reveal

They tore out the vanity and linen closet and hung new drywall in its place.bathroom makeover revealThey also tore out the old shower, and installed a new tub and shower in the corner of the bathroom.

bathroom makeover reveal

It is amazing how much larger the bathroom began to look with the shower moved down to the corner!

bathroom makeover reveal

Robin wanted an arch in the shower, so Cy custom built one for her.

bathroom makeover reveal

He installed beautiful 12×12 tiles on the shower wall along with an accent piece.

bathroom makeover reveal

For the new floor, Cy installed the tile on the diagonal which visually makes the floor space look larger.

bathroom makeover reveal

Do you liked what you have seen so far?

Well, here is a sneak peak of the final reveal tomorrow!

bathroom makeover reveal

I can’t wait to show you the rest of it!  {I wish I could take credit for how beautifully decorated Robin’s bathroom is, but she did it all herself, and you are going to LOVE it!}

Come back tomorrow to see all of the “before and afters” of this beautiful bathroom makeover!

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Bathroom Makeover Reveal!!

September 2, 2013 AT 8:39 am 53 Comments


Hey friends!  Happy Labor Day!

I wanted to quickly share with you a makeover that Cy did on a client’s bathroom.

bathroom makeover

He had already started the demolition process before I could get a before picture, so this is what it looked like when I showed up.

Bathroom makeover

That is where the toilet used to be.

He was going to try to keep and re-do the original vanity, but it was in such bad shape, I convinced him to let me find a piece of furniture I could turn into a vanity.

I found this piece of furniture at our local antique mall for $90 dollars.  That was so much cheaper than any new vanity that I would buy at Lowe’s or anywhere else.


Bathroom makeover

I painted the dresser with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray.  We reused the same hardware because it was perfect.  We were planning on keeping the original top on the dresser, but Cy ended up having to replace it.

dresser to vanity

He bought some oak, stained it, and sealed it with poly to create a new vanity top.

For the bathtub, he used a tub refinishing kit from Lowe’s to cover up the old blue tub.

Bathroom makeover


I picked out the tile for the shower and floor.  It is from Lowe’s.  I will try to get the exact name of this tile and add it to my post today.

Bathroom makeover


bathroom makeover

We were super pleased with how it looked.

Cy installed bead board all around the room which really made the space look bigger and brighter.

bathroom makeover

We painted the walls above the bead board a tan color.

bathroom makeover

Here is what the bathroom looked like before…

bathroom makeover

Here is the after!

bathroom makeover

Cy bought the light at Lowe’s, and he built a custom mirror.  I think it looks so fresh and lovely!

The clients were on vacation while Cy completed this remodel.  The husband wanted to surprise his wife with a new bathroom.

Before they got home, Cy bought some flowers to place on the vanity, a card, and a new brown hand towel.

Isn’t that sweet?!


bathroom makeover

I love my man.  Smile

He’s working on another bathroom remodel right now, and I can’t wait to show it to you when he is finished!


Have a blessed Labor Day!!


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Bathroom Makeover Reveal

July 29, 2013 AT 9:33 am 56 Comments


Hey Guys!

I get to show you another great makeover that my husband just finished at my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed’s home!

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

They live in a beautiful home, but they were wanting to update their master bathroom.

Here is what it looked like before…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Cy raised their old vanity to a higher height and painted it white.  He also added a new marble countertop, hardware, and faucets.

The previous tub and tile were definitely out dated…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Aunt Lois was wanting a free standing tub, so Cy installed this one…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

As you can tell, Cy installed beadboard paneling all around the bathroom.  And he installed the beautiful octagon tile on the floor.

Here is another look at the tub before…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And now the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I am in love with the blue paint on the wall.  It is so serene and spa-like in the bathroom now.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And after….

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

My Aunt Lois found this beautiful print at Kirklands, and I absolutely love it.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I found this light at Home Depot.  I wanted to add a little “bling” to the space.  Smile

2013-07-24 14.34.33

It looks so cool when it is all lit up.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal


It was super hard to take pictures of the shower, but if you look at the before, you can see that the old shower doors where trimmed in brass.  Not good.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Cy installed new tile in the shower and these beautiful glass doors to give it a much more up-to-date look.  The glass shower doors really open up the space too!


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Aunt Lois wanted a seat in the shower, so Cy created this corner seat and used some of the same marble that is on the vanity for the top of it.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

He also used a piece of the marble in the entry of the shower to tie it all together.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Here is a look at the vanity before…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And now the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Before…Bathroom Makeover Reveal

After…Bathroom Makeover Reveal


Bathroom Makeover Reveal



Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Bathroom Makeover Reveal


Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed are absolutely thrilled with their new bathroom.  I loved this makeover because I got to see my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed more than I usually do. So did my boys!  My boys LOVE going to see Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed!


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Thank you for letting me share this makeover with you!



Have a blessed day!

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