Magnet Board Tutorial


(Updated: If you would like to see the video tutorial of this same project, click HERE.)

Hello, ladies!

I am a little disappointed about my post today. I worked all day Saturday on creating a video to show you how to make my Ballard Designs inspired magnet board. Then I spent several hours yesterday and this morning trying to upload it, and I couldn’t get it to work! UGH!

I had a lot of fun making the video and was excited to share it with you. However, it’s not going to happen today. If for some reason, I figure out how to make it work, I might post it later.

Here is my inspiration:


I love these magnet boards from Ballard Designs. But they are $39 a piece! I immediately said, “I can make that!” And for a lot less!

So I found a 12×18 sheet of aluminum at Lowe’s for $4.66.

It is a very thin piece of metal, so I decided to “thicken” it up a bit by adding cork board to the back. I had found these squares of cork at Goodwill for 50 cents each. They are about a centimeter thick, and can be purchased at most craft stores, maybe even at Walmart.


Lowe’s had two types of 12×18 sheets of metal. One was more expensive than the one I purchased, so I took a picture of the exact one you want to buy…


Then I cut the cork board into two inch wide strips and hot glued it down the sides of the magnet board. You could cover the entire back of the board with cork, but I was trying to save the cork board I had for other projects.


It will look like this when you are finished gluing the cork down…


Lay the board on the material you want to use. I am using leftover drop cloth material for this one.


Fold the material over the edges and hot glue in down.


Fold over the corners and hot glue them down. Don’t worry if they do not lay down perfectly, it’s on the back and no one will ever see it! :)


Add some ribbon by hot gluing it down in the middle and cutting the ends.


Hot glue your ribbon to the back of the board…


You can leave the back like this, or you can cover the back with material. I cover the back with material for the ones I sell in my Etsy shop because it gives more of a finished look.




To make some custom magnets, I picked up this package of “Spare parts” at Hobby Lobby for half off. ($2.50) The round magnets were two dollars, I think. Then I just hot glued the “spare parts” onto my magnets, and that was it!



They are so cute on my burlap magnet board.


Untitled 0 00 16-13

FYI: If you cover your metal board with burlap, be sure to spray paint the front of the metal with white or off white paint. This keeps the metal from “shinning” through the burlap. (I know this from experience.) :)

Untitled 0 00 26-20

Here is another board I made for my Etsy shop. I’ve been dying to make one with some pink on it. I think these would be so cute in a little girl’s room. I chose a brown material with pink polk-a-dots and a pink ribbon. (The back is covered in the same material.)

Untitled 0 00 23-19




Untitled 0 00 06-20

That’s it! These are super easy to do, and I know all you crafty ladies out there could make some fabulous ones. You can use any color of material and ribbon to match your own home decor.

Let me know if you try this!

And if you don’t want to make it yourself, I can make it for you.

They are for sale in my Etsy shop. You can visit it by clicking on the button in my side bar.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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Burlap Lamp Shades for the Boys’ Room



I am so very excited about how this project turned out!


It’s exactly what I had envisioned in my head.

I bought some lamp shades from Target for the boys’ room a couple of years ago. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but they were the right size and shape, (and price).


They were covered with a tan paper that began to bubble. I tried to ignore it, but it was driving me crazy.


I began to think about how I could recover them…maybe with new material? blue? red? khaki?

And then it hit me….BURLAP, BABY!

If you don’t know about my obsession with burlap, just click on “burlap projects” in my side bar, and you’ll get a good idea.

I already had some leftover burlap, so I quickly got to work.

First I pulled the navy blue trim off of the lamp shade. That was super easy.


Then I took my burlap and wrapped it around the shade.


I covered each side of the shade with fabric glue and a sponge brush and pressed the burlap to the shade.



Then I let it dry.

I tucked the edge of the material under and secured it with my glue gun.



Press the seam down and it will lay nice and flat. Just be careful because the glue can seep through the holes of the burlap! Trust me…I know!


Then I trimmed the burlap around all of the edges with my scissors.


Next, I got out my trusty glue gun and glued the ribbon back on.


They were already looking sooooo good to me!


But it needed something else.


I bought some stencils at Michael’s (with a coupon) for 4 bucks. Then I got out my sponge brush and the same paint that I used to paint the boys’ collector’s shelves. (Colonial Red)


The boys picked out a number that they wanted stenciled on their lamp shade, and I got to work.


I taped the stencil in place and applied the paint with my sponge brush.


Then I used a smaller paint brush to go over the edges of the numbers to make them more even.


They are perfect! To me, at least.


It was nighttime when I took the pictures of the lamp shades in the boys’ room, so I used my flash for some of them. ( I usually try not to do that, but in this case I thought some of the pictures turned out better with the flash.)


The boys are thrilled! They love having those lamps beside their beds to read at night.


If you want to learn how to make a collector’s shelf similar to the ones in the boys’ room, click HERE.


I bought the swing arm lamps at Goodwill for $2.50 a piece. They were an ugly brass, so I spray painted them with a metal spray paint from Lowe’s. It was called “hammered metal” or something like that. It was two years ago…













Well, that’s it! It took me about 30 minutes to complete this project. It was well worth the time and $4.00 I spent on it. Don’t you agree?

Be sure to stop by on Tuesday for another FABULOUS giveaway! I’m so excited to share it with you!

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Have a blessed day!

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Another Fun Tile Creation!


Hello, all!

I wanted to share with you a quick little something I made that I absolutely love.


It’s another cute little tile!

I showed you how to make coasters from tiles a while back ago.


You can read about those HERE.

Well, I saw on another blog how to make coasters with tiles using rubber stamps instead of decoupage.

It looked so simple that I went to Lowe’s and bought some more tiles. And since I didn’t need any more coasters, I decided to make something else.

I used a black StazOn ink pad that I got half off at Hobby Lobby and a stamp that I have had for years in a closet. The StazOn ink is permanent and will not smear or come off . (Great for coasters.)


I stamped it in the middle of the tile and hot glued a little gingham bow to the top.



This little tile would be cute anywhere! You could hang it on a wall or sit in on a desk or dresser.

I decided to add something to the back so it could be hung on the wall.

I got my favorite material, burlap, and cut a square piece a little smaller than the tile.


I hot glued the burlap square to the back of the tile.


Then I used some jute string to make a “hanger” on the back. I hot glued the string in place.


To give it more of a “finished” look, I used some little decorative buttons I had left over from another project.


I hot glued the buttons over the ends of the jute string.


And now it is ready to hang!

But for now, I have enjoyed displaying it on my buffet table with my Christmas decorations.


I love black and white gingham. And this little tile matches my GW topiaries with gingham bows (that I added) in my hutch.



This project was so easy to do, and I am brainstorming some more little projects with tiles. I would like to use some bigger tiles next time. Wouldn’t they be cute monogrammed? Hmmm….

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Have a blessed day,

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My Burlap Beauty


(I posted this as a guest blogger over at Shanty 2 Chic a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to share it with you again in case you missed it!)

Check this out!


I got this chair at Goodwill for $6.50. I know “she” looks a little rough, but all she needed was a second chance.

So here’s what I did:
First of all, I decided to paint the chair black. I used Valspar spray paint in satin from Lowe’s.
Then I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand down the edges a bit.
As you can tell by the picture below, I left the chair in my garage too long without supervision.
One of my boys thought it would be fun to tear the material off the chair, thus the result…


Oh my, she’s looking really bad now!
But I didn’t let that stop me. I still had my vision…
She just needed a little more cushion, so I used my staple gun to apply some extra batting to the seat and back of the chair.


Now she was ready to cover with my material.
Of course, I chose burlap. My current obsession!
I started with the seat, using my staple gun to secure the burlap.


I cut the fabric around the arms of the chair, folded it under, and then stapled it down. (This part was not easy, and it did not turn out perfectly, but it still looks good to me!)



When I saw the extra burlap hanging below the staples, it looked like a cute little ruffled skirt. That’s when I decided that I wanted to add a skirt to the chair. (The above pictures were taken at night in my garage, so the burlap looks darker.)
Next, I covered the back of the chair using the same process as I did on the seat.


Then I stapled and trimmed the burlap on the back of the chair.



Next, I stapled on a piece of burlap to cover the back of the chair.


Now for the skirt…
I placed the cording in the middle of the burlap, folded the material over, and sewed it up using my zipper foot. Then I trimmed the excess material.


Notice I didn’t even use pins when I sewed. I’m dangerous like that!


I made a long piece of burlap that measured 5 inches wide and sewed a small hem. Then I pinned some ruffles in the material. I didn’t even measure them the same length apart. I just eyeballed it. That’s how I roll.


I attached the cording to the skirt, and sewed them together.



I made some double cording and hot glued it over the staples on the back. I got that idea from an upholstery book. (I will be explaining how to make the double cording in a future post on my blog.)

Then I attached the skirt with my staple gun.




I bought this chair for $6.50.
I bought about 4 yards of burlap from Hobby Lobby when it was on sale for $1.99 a yard. That’s $8.00, and I have some left over.
I already had the black spray paint, cording, and staples. So this whole transformation cost me about $15.00!
I’m lovi
ng that!
Every lady needs some cute accessories, so I made her a little pillow.
This picture was taken in our master bedroom, but I made the chair to go in our guest house.


Here it is in our guest house…




Well, there you have it!

My sad-looking seat is now a Burlap Beauty!
IMG_3128 IMG_4150

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Have a blessed day!

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Easy Burlap Tablecloth



I’ve been needing a kitchen table for my guest house for a looooooooong time now.

But I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

At first, I was thinking my husband could make me an island with some bar stools to use as my eating area in the guest house.

But I placed a large buffet table in the middle of the room, to get an idea of what an island would look like, and I didn’t like it.

It took away from the detail of the cabinets.

So then I started thinking I wanted a small table with two chairs.

But what kind of table did I want?

Well, I found what I wanted in my favorite inspiration spot…Ballard Designs magazine. (If you don’t get this magazine in the mail, visit their website and sign up to get it FREE in the mail.)

ballard designs burlap tablecloth knock off

It is a burlap tablecloth with jute trim and sells for $85.00.

Of course I said, “Why buy it, when I can make it?”

So I went to Hobby Lobby and got 4 1/2 yards of burlap. I like their burlap because it is a softer, smoother material, and it doesn’t stink like most burlap. :)

Their burlap was on sale for $1.99 a yard, so it cost me only $9.00.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

And here is the table I was going to use. It was a small patio table that Mom and Dad had on their back porch. Since I was covering it with a tablecloth, it didn’t matter what it looked like underneath! And it was the perfect size. (And price…FREE!)

Here’s how I measured it:

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

(Do not laugh at my drawing! I just really thought you would need to see this part if you wanted to make your own tablecloth. You would just use the measurements of the table you were using, not mine, of course.)

That is a total length of 94 inches.

My burlap was 45 inches wide. So I folded it over lengthwise 47 inches (half of the 94 inches I needed.)

I did that TWICE, so I would have two identical pieces.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

Then I took one of those pieces and cut it right down the middle.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

I laid the two smaller pieces on both sides of the larger piece. I unfolded them to show you what it would look like.


Then I sewed each of the two smaller pieces to each side of the whole piece. Ladies, I didn’t even pin the pieces together! I just held the pieces together on the sewing machine and sewed a straight stitch all the way down. The burlap did well this way. I wouldn’t be able to do that with every fabric. And I wasn’t worried if the ends matched up perfectly because I knew I would be trimming it and adding fringe.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

(The reason you add two smaller pieces to the side is so that you don’t have a seam running down the middle of the top of your table. Doing it this way keeps the seams on the sides of the table.)

Now, we are almost finished.

You need to fold this entire piece in half (from top to bottom).

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

Then fold it in half again, just like folding a piece of paper (from side to side).

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

Since the total length of my tablecloth was 94 inches, I needed to take half that amount to measure where I was going to cut the material, which was 47 inches.

Since I couldn’t find my sewing tape measure, I used my husband’s metal tape measure to cut a string 47 inches long.

My oldest son helped me with this part.

He held the string at the top corner of the material, as I measured.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

Then I drew a line from one side to the other to show where to cut.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth


how to make a round burlap tablecloth

(My son told me I should leave the scissors on the material to show you guys that I cut it with them. How cute is that?)

The angle at which I took this picture makes the right side look long than the other side, but they are both 47 inches long.

Then I put it on the table to see if it worked. (I was doubting myself a little at this point.)

But it DID!

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

Now I need to add some fringe at the bottom. I found some at Hobby Lobby that I loved, but even with the 40% off coupon, it is still pretty pricey.

So I am on the hunt for a bargain, or a homemade version.

I will post about that when I get it finished.

I could just sew a hem on the bottom, but I was really wanting some cute fringe.

But for now, I am very pleased with the results.

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

And now our guests have a place to eat!

how to make a round burlap tablecloth

I will be getting some glass to put on top of the table to protect the burlap.

The two black chairs on each side of the table were purchased at Goodwill for $30.00.

They looked like this when I bought them…

March 2009 162

And after I re-did them, they looked like this…

chairs 019

You can read about that project HERE.

I thought I would be using them by the couch in the “living” area of the guest house. But now I think they are perfect for the kitchen table.

I still have some more projects for the guest house that I am working on, and I will share them as soon as they are finished.

But for now, thanks for letting me share this project with you!




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Burlap Magnet Board Giveaway ends today!


Just want to remind you that my Burlap Magnet Board giveaway ends tonight at midnight!


And girls let me tell you…. it really is stinkin’ adorable!

I hate to brag about how cute it is….well… because I made it. But I can’t help myself! It’s just too cute!!


I’ve been trying to get a good picture of it to capture all of it’s “cuteness”, but I still think it is cuter in person.

It is the same size as the ones in Ballard Designs magazine, 12 x 18 inches, which cost $39.00.

But my board comes with FOUR cute little magnets, handmade by you-know-who.…ME!


Don’t cha just love the texture of the burlap?

I’m seriously thinking about entering this giveaway myself!

If you have not entered yet, click HERE. Scroll down to the end of the post and read the directions on how to win.

I will announce the winner on Friday!


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Burlap Covered Books


I wanted to share a quick project with you.

Since it was super cheap and easy, I am linking it to

Click on the picture to check out other inexpensive projects.

And since I did it myself, I am linking it to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.

Let me back up…

Several weeks ago, I shared with you a BIG project where I turned my big brown corner cabinet from this…


to this…


If you missed that post, you can see it here.

Now back to my little project for today.

I was trying to come up with some accessories for my “new” entertainment center.

I love the fabric covered books I’ve seen in Ballard Designs magazine. (The same magazine I got the inspiration for my new entertainment center.)

See them on the far right?

Here’s another inspiration photo that I found at My Sweet Savannah.


I’ve noticed a lot of books getting covered in solid, neutral fabrics.

Well, I had some burlap that I got at Hobby Lobby when it was $1.99 a yard. How cool is that?

I got some old books and my trusty glue gun…

and got busy…


I cut the burlap a little bigger than the outside of the book.


Then I very sloppily (is that a word?) glued the burlap to the inside of the book.

I had a little “flap” left over on the top and bottom of the book that I just rolled up and glued down. I didn’t care if the burlap stuck to the pages because these books are just “for looks”.


WARNING: Burlap has small holes in which the scalding hot glue can seep through and burn your fingers!

(I wore band-aids on several fingers for several days. Didn’t want to gross you out with pictures of the blisters.)

No pain, no gain, right?

Here are the results….


I love them!


Aren’t they sweet? I actually ended up making four, and put a candle beside them.


I can’t come up with an exact cost, but I already had the books and the glue for my glue gun. I used less than half of the yard of burlap, so I guess this may have cost me about $1.00?

Love it!

Check out my drop cloth curtains in this picture? I’ll be sharing about those in a future post…


That’s all for now!



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Monogrammed Burlap Stool


monogrammed stool



Well, I want to thank everyone for stopping by and sharing your opinion on what would look best on my burlap covered stool.

The overwhelming winner was……..(drumroll)……..

The “H”!

monogrammed stool

The monogrammed “H” won hands down! I was leaning toward the “H” as well, so I was excited to see all of your comments!

I hope I don’t insult anyone by sharing the steps I used…I know it’s not rocket science, but I took some pictures to share.

First of all, I had to find a font of the letter “H” that I liked. That actually took a lot longer than I thought. But I found this one and shared it with you on Met Monday.

Today, I printed it out on my computer…

monogrammed stool

Then I placed the copy paper under a sheet of stencil paper that I got at Michael’s the other day. It cost around $3.00.

furniture makeover

I placed an old magazine underneath it all before I used my exact-o knife to trace the shape of the “H”.

The stencil turned out good. Not perfect, but I knew I could use a small touch up brush to smooth out any mistakes.

monogrammed stool

Then I placed the stencil on the burlap…

monogrammed stool

I just used acrylic black paint and a “dobber” sponge brush (I have no idea if it has another name, that’s just what I call it.) Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture of that. It’s a small circle sponge on the bottom of a little dowel rod.

And wha-la!

monogrammed stool

Next came the hardest part…centering it on the cushion. I had to remove staples several times because I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. I finally got my measuring tape to help me get it just right.

I am very pleased with the results!

monogrammed stool

I am using this in our guest house bedroom. I have a space under one of the dormer windows that I would like to place a little desk.

monogrammed stool

Now I am on the hunt for a table that looks something like this, that I could paint black and place the stool under.


I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy this stool for many years to come.

monogrammed stool

Again, thanks to everyone for making this project so much fun for me. It’s always more fun when you have encouragement along the way.

Now I have been trying to find some bedding for the guest house that I hope I can share with you next Met Monday.

But I am also wanting to paint my kitchen tomorrow!

Oooh, too much to do, and not enough time!

Blessing to you all!

Linking to…

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