My Thrifty Under $50 Desk Makeover


Hey friends!  Today I am participating in a fun blog hop called Thrifty Under $50 hosted by my friend Beth from Homes Stories A to Z!

If you are visiting from the talented, Lauren from Bless’er House, WELCOME!  Everything she does is beautiful right?!!  Can’t wait to see her again at Haven this year in August! :)



For my Thrifty Under $50 challenge, I decided to show you the makeover I did on this desk I found at the Habitat Store!!

Now, when I bought it, it didn’t look sanded down like the picture below. :)  I forgot to snap a picture before I started sanding…oops!


But the desk had good bones and was ONLY TWO DOLLARS!!!  YES!  Only $2.00!!  I knew that with a little TLC, this desk would be perfect for a little office space that I need to create in my master bedroom. 

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I created an office in one of our small bedrooms.  The craft closet in that room is one of my most pinned projects on my blog.  But after my son’s Blind Audition on The Voice, he desperately needed a space in the house to become his “music studio.”  So I reluctantly gave him my office and decided to create a work space in my master bedroom.

With just a little bit of paint, I transformed my $2.00 desk into a bright cheery workspace!


Isn’t it fun?  I brought some of my accessories from my previous office, and created a great spot for me to work on my computer and other tasks.

thrifty makeover
To make my old desk look brand new, I used these products…

th tddh th-10









The oil based painted gives my desk surface a smooth, durable finish and is easy to apply with a small foam roller.  I applied two coats on my desk, letting it cure over night in between coats.  I used the spray paint for my drawer pulls.



I told my four boys that this space is OFF LIMITS!  :)  They always seemed to make big messes in my previous office, so having this little space in my master bedroom all to myself is super wonderful.  


I love to grab fresh tulips from Kroger’s whenever I go and get groceries.  Tulips make me happy. :)

The metal tray below is from IKEA.


For the handles on my desk, I removed them with a screw driver and spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze seen above.


 I love the pull out board on the right side of my desk that creates more work space for me.

You can see some of the “old school charm” of this desk right below the pencil in this picture…


I could have sanded those nicks and and scraps smooth, but I love seeing them!  It adds character!


I found this cute little coffee cup at Marshall’s and use it when I am working here to remind me to DREAM BIG about my blog, about my kiddos, and about life in general!


This little “It is well with my soul” sign is a new addition from Hobby Lobby.  It’s one of my all time favorite hymns and a great reminder of what is most important in my life. 


So what do you think?!  Not bad for just two bucks, right?



Next stop on the Thrifty Under $50 blog hop is Liz from Love Grows Wild!  You are going to LOVE her project!  

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Dresser Makeover {for our girl’s room}


Hey friends!  I hope you are doing well!  

I haven’t posted in a week!  YIKES!  {I told y’all it was going to take me a while to get through the loads of laundry! ha!} :)

I’ve been super busy doing things around the house….cleaning out closets and drawers, putting summer clothes away and getting fall clothes out, re-arranging furniture, trying to get some pictures on the walls…..

I finally figured it out over the weekend…I’m in nesting mode!   Our sweet girl will be back home with us soon, and I am like a pregnant woman running around trying to get everything ready for her arrival!  I also think that with the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve been itching to get things in order before the chaos begins.  :)

Anyway, I wanted to drop in and show you the dresser makeover I did for our girl’s room.  I completed it in May, before our girl arrived for the summer, but I am just now sharing it.  I was trying to be extra frugal with her room, so I decided to use an old dresser of my mom’s that had been in storage.  It’s a cherry dresser, and I know that some people cringe when they see someone paint a cherry piece of furniture, but believe me y’all, my mom would TOTALLY want me to paint this dresser and use it in our girl’s room.  Unpainted, it would have sat in storage for years.  Plus, I LOVE having something of mom’s in my girl’s room.  :)

I shared this photo on instagram in the spring…



I removed the hardware and drawers and lightly sanded everything with a  fine grit sanding sponge.



Now, this is the part where I would show you a step by step tutorial of how I completed this makeover.  But that’s what really good bloggers do.  :)  I’m just going to tell you the steps, and you can picture it in your mind, and it will be fabulous!!

I painted everything with one coat of KILZ primer, and then I painted two coats of basic white Valspar paint.  Next, I spray painted the hardware an oil rubbed bronze and reattached them to the dresser.

Voila!  I love how the painting it white shows off the curvy detail at the bottom of the dresser.  I think it makes it look more feminine.  


The lamp was a Laura Ashley find at Goodwill for $6.00, and the pink flowers are from IKEA.  I got the frame for her picture half off at Hobby Lobby.DSC_1016

This dresser was/is absolutely perfect for our girl!  The small top drawer holds her hair bows, clips, nail polish, and lip glosses.  The other drawers hold her undergarments, shorts, and pajamas.  I can’t wait for her to be back home with us using this dresser each day!  




Have a blessed day, friends!!

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Farm Table Makeover {Miss Mustard Seed}

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Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Today, I am so excited to have one of my very dear blog friends here today, Marian from Miss Mustard Seed.

Haven Conference 2015

Haven Conference 2015

Marian and I started blogging around the same time many years ago.  I loved following her blog because she had the best style and made things beautiful for less. It has been fun to watch her blog “blow up” over the past five years.  She has been featured in practically every magazine on the planet, written a home decor book, and has her own line of milk paint products!  {And that’s only the half of it!}

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.28.18 AM

She’s a rockstar, y’all!

The best part is she is humble and grateful for all of the blessings her blog has brought her.  Plus, she knows from whom all blessings flow!  {wink}

Thank you, Marian, for sharing this beautiful project with us today!!



Would you believe that this…

farmhouse table makeover | miss mustard seed

…started out as this?

table before | miss mustard seed

I was hunting for a really great, large farm table, but everything I found was just a bit more than I wanted to pay. So, I decided to open my search to include new, solid wood tables that could be refinished to look old. That search yielded this newer table that had a great shape, but the shiny, orangey finish wasn’t the look I was going for.

I tried stripping off the finish with a chemical stripper, but it only took a little bit of the shine off. So, we had to go to sanding. Kriste sanded off the finish one afternoon when it was pretty and the table could be carried outside of the studio. It took some time, but she was able to get it down to the raw pine boards. Now it looked like a brand new, unfinished table. I wanted it to look old and worn, so I abused it with various sharp and blunt objects…denting, dinging, scratching and poking it.

how to make new wood look old | miss mustard seed

I tried to be random with the marks, except for clusters of pinholes I made with a nail, meant to look like worm holes.

how to make new wood look old | miss mustard seed

I wanted to give the wood a rich patina and a finish, so I slathered on some Antiquing Wax.

how to make new wood look old | miss mustard seed

When the excess is wiped away, the Antiquing Wax stays in the dents, dings and “worm holes”, simulating the look of age, wear and patina. It’s not quite as warm as pine that has been aged over decades, but it’s a great option for instant age.

how to make new wood look old | miss mustard seed

Here is a quick video on the finishing process, so you can see it in action.

The cool thing about using the Antiquing Wax is that it’s one step. It’s the technique and the finish all in one. I only applied one coat, buffed it by hand and then buffed it with a buffing pad on my orbital sander to make it smooth and slightly shiny. It’s not glossy, but the buffing pad brings out a luster.

And I love how it turned out. When I showed it to Kriste she said it didn’t even look like the same table.

making new wood look old | miss mustard seed

We lightly sanded the table base and applied a coat of Lucketts Green followed by a coat of Ironstone. We then distressed and left the paint unfinished. (I say “we” because Kriste and I both worked on it during various stages.) I like the two-tone look for the legs, because it’s pretty common to see that on old tables. It also gives the legs some visual texture, since they are pretty smooth to the touch.

making new wood look old | miss mustard seed

making new wood look old | miss mustard seed

making new wood look old | miss mustard seed

making new wood look old | miss mustard seed

making new wood look old | miss mustard seed


Check out  more of Marian’s amazing makeovers by visiting her blog….


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Coffee Table Makeover



Hey friends!

I wanted to share with you a quick coffee table makeover that I recently completed.

I actually bought this coffee table at the Habitat ReStore last fall for $65.



It was a very solid, well made piece of furniture, and although I didn’t like the orangey color, I knew I could make it into something I loved.



When I saw all of the drawers on the sides of the table, I knew they would look great with library card pulls on the fronts.




Now, if I were a blogger extraordinaire, I would have a very detailed tutorial of this makeover.

However, I do not.  Sad smile

Sometimes life just doesn’t allow for detailed tutorials, you know what I mean?

But here is basically what I did.

1.  Sanded it with a sanding sponge.

2.  Painted it white.

3.  Sealed it with wipe-on poly.



Once I finished painting it, I added some pulls from D. Lawless Hardware.

These pulls are only  . 53 cents a piece.  You can find them HERE.   They come in different sizes and colors too.



The pulls do not come with screws, so I found the perfect size at Lowe’s.  You can see them in the picture above.  I took a picture of the package in case you need the same size.

The last step was to attach the pulls to the drawer fronts, and voila! 


I love my new coffee table!!!


It’s just my style, and it is perfect for this space.




I think I will have fun decorating my coffee table for each of the seasons.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a blessed day!!


coffee table makeover*Linking this post to Home Stories of A to Zs’ Tutorials and Tips Linky Party!


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Bedside Table Makeover



Bedside Table Makeover

I am so excited to finally have completed this makeover on my bedside table!

This piece of furniture used to be my mom’s, and it has sat beside our bed in our master bedroom for over a year now.


However, I have never liked this piece of furniture because it just really isn’t my style.  I’m not a “cherry furniture” kind of gal.  Smile

Now, I know that some of you are, and a lot of you are going to think I am cray-cray for painting it.  But I know if my mom was still living, she would say, “Honey, if you would like it better painted, then paint it!!”

So I did!

Mainly because of this inspiration picture from Pinterest…

traditional bedroom by Tom Stringer Design Partners


This picture makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it!

Here is what the piece of furniture looked like before I started painting…



First, I removed all of the hardware with a screwdriver.


Then I applied a layer of KILZ primer with a sponge roller.


After the primer dried, I applied a coat of my favorite white paint at Lowe’s.  It is the same paint that I used on my kitchen cabinets.


It’s extremely durable and dries to a hard finish.  I used a paint brush for the curvy parts of the furniture and a sponge roller for the smooth parts.


I applied two coats of paint on top of the primer, then I let it dry really good.

The furniture was really finished at this point, but I wanted the table to have a little bit of a shine to it, so I added some wipe-on poly.

Bedside Table Makeover

Then when it was dry, I added some hardware from Hobby Lobby to the drawers.

The hardware only called for one hole in the middle, so I drilled new holes with my drill and then attached the hardware.


I already love this piece of furniture so much more!

Bedside Table Makeover

And truthfully, I know that my mom would too!  She would be so happy to know that I am loving and enjoying her piece of furniture.

This corner of our room used to look dark and dingy.  Now it looks like and airy!  Yay!

bedside table makeover
This project was part of my participation as a Lowe’s Creative Ideas blogger.


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This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. The project idea and opinions are 100% mine.

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Painted Leather Office Chair {Radiant Orchid}


Hello, friends!

I just wanted to pop in and show you my new, painted leather, office chair!

painted leather office chair

Eli said it looks like a pink race car! Smile

I’ll take that!

This little chair has been transformed more than once.

I got it several years ago at Goodwill for $12.50.

painted leather office chair

It was the style of chair I had been looking for, but not the color, so I made slipcover for it.

slipcovered office chair

You can read about how I did that, HERE.

Well, the slipcover had worn out {thanks to my boys}, and I needed to do something different.

As a Lowe’s Creative Idea Blogger, I was given the challenge of using Pantone’s Radiant Orchid paint by Valspar in a DIY home project.  I knew that I wanted to use it on my office chair.

I have seen other bloggers paint leather, so I thought I would give it a try!

I started with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I like the way it adheres to any surface.  I only had enough paint for one coat. Then I lightly sanded the chair after the paint dried.painted leather office chair

For the second coat of paint, I used my favorite Valspar Premium Latex Enamel paint in Satin White.  {It comes in a quart size over by the spray paint at Lowe’s.}painted leather office chair

After that dried, I lightly sanded again, and then I used painter’s tape to create stripes on the chair.

Lastly, I applied two coats of Valspar’s Pantone Universe, Radiant Orchid for my stripes.

painted leather office chair


Lastly, once dried, I removed the tape and applied one coat of Annie Sloan clear wax.

Done!  I am pleasantly surprised with how soft my chair still feels.  Cy was even impressed with this little makeover.  painted leather office chairI’ve had fun incorporating pink into this space and making it my own! Smile  Let’s just say that living with five guys doesn’t make for much pink in my house.

This room feels like “me.”

I have no idea how long this paint will last on the chair, but if I get a good year out of it, I will be thrilled!  From what I have read from other bloggers, though, is that the paint holds up really well.  I will let you know!

painted leather office chair

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Disclosure: I am a Lowes Creative blogger and this post is sponsored by Lowes. All project ideas and opinions are 100% mine.

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Side Table Makeover with Chalk Finish Paint


Today I am going to show you how I made over a $20 side table with DIY chalk finish paint!

Since last fall, I haven’t had any side tables to place beside our couch or loveseat.  That drives me crazy because I like to have a lamp and a place to sit my drink while I am sitting on the couch.

Honestly, I just haven’t had the extra money to buy a new side table, so I have been looking for something inexpensive to re-do and use.

I was so excited when I found this little side table at a local antique mall for $19.99.  I liked the shape, and it was well made with solid wood, so I decided to buy it.

Here it is sitting by our couch just a few days ago with the glass lamp full of Christmas ornaments in it that I kept forgetting to take out.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I instantly knew that this would be a great piece to paint with chalk finish paint.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

To make my chalk finish paint, I used my favorite white latex paint and Plaster of Paris.side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I stirred together 1 cup of paint, 1/3 cup of Plaster of Paris, and 1/3 cup of water in a plastic measuring cup from Lowe’s.


side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Then I was ready to paint.  You can see what the top of the table looked like here…

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I love that I didn’t even have to sand the table before I painted it.

That small amount of paint was enough to do three coats on this table.

I forgot to take a picture of the final coat, but you can see the first two coats below.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

For the drawer, I removed the old hardware to make room for some new ones.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Then I filled the holes with wood filler and let it dry.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

After the wood filler was dry, I sanded it down until it was smooth.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

After painting the drawer with three coats, I lightly sanded it with some fine grit sandpaper.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I sanded all the edges of the table as well.  You could skip this step if you do not like the “worn” look.  Smile

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

To make my white side table not look quite so “white,” I decided to add some glaze to it.

I decided to make my own glaze.  I mixed together about 1/2 cup of Valspar’s translucent glaze and 2 tablespoons of “Liberty Bell” {ar721}  paint from Lowe’s. {I only purchased the sample size.}

diy glaze

Now for this next step, I had to channel my inner Mr. Miyagi.


When applying the glaze, you wipe it on with a clean rag, and wipe it off with a another clean rag.

Wipe it on.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Wipe it off.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Wipe it on.

Wipe it off.

Repeat until you have covered the whole table with the glaze.

Lastly, I applied the Wipe-On Poly from my well-used and well-loved can.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I applied two coats of wipe on poly, lightly sanding between each coat.

Then let it dry and STYLE! Smile

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I bought two new handles from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  They are wrapped in jute string, and I just used Gorilla Glue to attach them to the drawer.  {They didn’t come with screws, so I will add those later.}

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Aren’t they cute?!!

I used a basket that I already had to place in the middle of the table.  Eventually, I will probably get a different basket that is a lighter color and maybe not quite as tall.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

But for now, this basket is fine.  I am loving how the table turned out!  And did I mention I only paid $20 for it?!


It looks perfect next to my slipcovered couch from Ballard Designs.

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

I wasn’t sure I would like making my own chalk finish paint, but I loved it.  It is thicker than regular paint, but it dries very quickly, and I love that I didn’t have to sand the table before I applied it.  I really like the “look” of the chalk finish paint, and I love that I can make it any color I want!  The skies the limit!  Smile

side table makeover with chalk finish paint

Have you ever made your own Chalk Finish Paint? 


Did you like it?


I created this project as part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Team.

If you have a smartphone or tablet,  be sure to download the Lowe’s Creative Ideas App to see some unique seasonal project ideas!  {Psst..they featured my craft closet makeover in their January Issue!  Download the app to see it!}Winter LCI Badge Banner-392x240

And be sure to follow Lowe’s on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


*Disclosure:  I am a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Team, and I received a gift card to purchase supplies for this project.  However, the project idea and opinions were 100% mine.

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Green Buffet Makeover


I wanted to quickly show you a makeover I did on a makeover. Smile

It’s my new green buffet.

green buffet makeover

It didn’t used to be green.  It used to look like this in our previous home…

buffet makeover

But that was what it looked like AFTER I gave it a makeover.

Here is what it looked like in the very beginning when I bought it from Goodwill…

buffet makeover

And here is Eli when he was two helping me sand the buffet.  I. am. dying.

buffet makeover

You can read about how I painted and glazed the buffet {the first time} HERE.

We have gotten a LOT of use out of this buffet, and we have used it in our kitchen, den, laundry room, and bedroom at one time or another. Smile

It was showing some wear, so I decided to give it some new life with a new Annie Sloan paint color that I have been wanting to try, Florence.

annie sloan florence

It is a very bright color, but I have seen it used before, and I knew that applying dark wax as a finish would turn it almost green in color.

So I painted the buffet one evening.  The thing I love about Annie Sloan chalk paint is that it dries very quickly.

annie sloan florence and dark wax

After two coats, I applied some Annie Sloan dark wax.

annie sloan florence and dark wax

I am TOTALLY not an Annie Sloan expert, but I just applied the wax in small sections at a time with an Annie Sloan wax brush.  If you do not have a brush, a lint free cloth will work just fine.

Then I used an old cloth to rub the wax off.  I rubbed off as much as I wanted to get the look I was after.  I give the wax a good scrub until it shines a little. Smile

That’s it!  How easy is that?!

I bought some white knobs from Hobby Lobby at 50% off, which came to about $6.00.

Then I added a few Christmas decorations, and I love the way it turned out!

green buffet

It’s a bright color for me because I usually stick to neutrals, but I am enjoying the “life” it brings to the room.

So there’s my buffet makeover-makeover.

Isn’t it fun to change the look of a piece of furniture with just a can of paint?

buffet transformation

Have a blessed day!

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DIY “Wonderful World” Chalkboard Print


Last Friday, I shared with you my kitchen table makeover.


The two most asked questions about that post were “Where did you get the chandelier?” and “Where did you get the Wonderful World print?”

Well, I have two easy answers! Smile

I got the chandelier from Ballard Designs.

Here is the link:

Laurenza 8 Light Chandelier

Laurenza 8 Light Chandelier


And I got the print from one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Jennifer, from Dear Lillie.

Dear Lillie

Her home and her decorating taste is to die for!  If for some crazy reason you have never been to her blog, treat yourself and GO TODAY.  You are welcome. Smile


She has the most beautiful chalkboard prints for sale in her shop.

Here is the link to the Wonderful World print…

I Think To Myself 24×36 Chalkboard Download

You can purchase the download for less than $10 and then take it to your local print shop to get it printed.  I sent mine download to Kinkos online and then went and picked it up.

I followed Jennifer’s directions for building the frame, and it was super, duper easy!  All you need is some wood and some screws. Smile

Click on the picture below to see how you can make one too!

I am absolutely in love with my print in my kitchen!  It’s funny how often the boys and I start randomly singing that song now!  Smile


Let me know if you make one too!

Have a blessed day!

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DIY Zinc Top Kitchen Table


Happy KnocktoberFest!

Knocktoberfest Button

Have you been hopping all around blogland this week checking out all the great Knock Off projects from many talented and creative bloggers?

They are amazing, and I can’t wait to make a few of those projects myself.  I LOVE getting the look of designer items for a lot less cash!

That’s why I jumped at the chance to participate in this year’s KnocktoberFest hosted my Lindsay at Makely School for Girls.

And I knew exactly which item I was going to Knock Off.

This little beauty…

Messina Dining Table

Messina Dining Table


I’ve been wanting to do a makeover on my kitchen table for a couple years now because my boys had destroyed the top of it.

I would love to purchase this Ballard’s table but I didn’t have the over $800 to purchase it.

So with some creativity and some help from my husband, I created my own zinc top table!

Why buy it when you can make it, right?!!

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

{I used this post from VanHook & Co. as my inspiration for this project.}

Here is what my table originally looked like…

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Y’all, that picture makes me cringe because it was when we first started our kitchen makeover when we moved in over two years ago!  This is the only picture I could find of the table with black legs.

I used Annie Sloan white chalk paint to paint the legs of the table first.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Then I sanded the legs with a sanding sponge and sealed them with Annie Sloan clear wax.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Have four boys that are continuing to grow everyday, I wanted to make our table as big as I could.  So I asked my husband to help me lengthen it.  DIY Aged Zinc Table TopWe pulled the table out farther than it normally extends and supported it with 2×4’s.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

We also attached some 2×4’s in the middle of the table where the gap now was.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

We always apply PL Construction Adhesive to every board before we screw it to the table to make it extra strong.

This is what our table now looked like…

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Next, we spread PL Construction Adhesive {available at Lowe’s} to the entire top of the table.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Then Cy screwed a large sheet of MDF board to the top of the table.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Our table measured almost 4 ft x 8ft, but you would cut the board to whatever size you want your table to be.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

To the edges of the table, we glued and screwed 2×2 boards.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Then we spread more PL adhesive to the top of the MDF board.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

We bought our piece of galvanized sheet metal from Harbor Steel in Lexington, Kentucky, and a 4 ft x 10 ft piece cost about $50.

Now here is where things got a little tricky.  We needed our galvanized steel to cover the edges of the table, so we took it to a friend of ours who owns a steel company, and he has a huge machine that does it perfectly.  And get this….he did it for us for FREE!  Woohoo.

Check out your local steel shops to see if you can find someone to do it for you for a small fee.  It should cost less than $100 to do.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

If you want to see a tutorial of how to bend the sides of the steel yourself, click HERE.

Next, we sprayed the table top with Muriatic Acid to give the zinc an aged look.

CAUTION:  Muriatic Acid is VERY DANGEROUS!!  Be sure to wear gloves and preferably use it outside.  It was raining the night we did this, so we had to do it inside, but we had all the doors and windows open.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

You can also brush the acid on, but I wanted the look we got from spraying it on.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

We left the acid on the table for about an hour, and then we neutralized it with baking soda and wiped it off.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

I was already thrilled with the results.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Then we needed to solder the edges of the table.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

We used a gas torch and some flux, but we should have used a paste as well.  There is a better tutorial of this process at VanHook & Co.  Click HERE to view it.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

{Side note:  I am going to buy some paste and re-do the edges later.}  Smile

After the corners are soldered, file them smooth.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

Last step is to seal the table with wax.  We used Butcher’s Wax.

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

And now we have a beautiful, LARGE table to enjoy in our kitchen!

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

I am so very happy with how it turned out, and you will be seeing this table in a lot of furniture posts from now on! Smile

Won’t it look beautiful at Christmas?!

DIY Aged Zinc Table Top

If you were stopping by from Not Just a Housewife, THANK YOU for visiting me!

Next stop on the KnocktoberFest tour is my buddy Brooke, from All Things Thrifty!


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Have a blessed day!


P.S.  We still have a gap in the side of our table where we lengthened it that I need to fill in with wood, but I ran out of time this week.  I will update this post as soon as I get that part finished.   Smile


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