Cottage of the Month Feature!


Happy Friday, friends!

I just wanted to share something exciting with you.  Well, it is exciting to me!

Today, my home is being featured as the Cottage of the Month at The Old Panted Cottage!



This is a huge honor for me because I remember checking out the featured homes each month on this blog when I started blogging six years ago.  I remember seeing some of my favorite bloggers who I stalked loved featured as the Cottage of the Month.  Never in a million years would I have thought that my home would one day be featured as the Cottage of the Month! 

So I was so thrilled when Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage asked to feature my home!  

cottage of the month


If you want to check out the feature and check out previous homes that have been featured as the Cottage of the Month, CLICK HERE.


If this is your first time visiting my blog, WELCOME!

I am the mother of four amazing boys and married to a wonderful man who loves to DIY as much as I do! :)

I love the simple things in life like porch swings, picnics, “bless your heart” and “hey y’all,” belly laughs, fresh cut grass, chippy paint, bare feet, and a good hug.

I believe in a good hard day’s work, and that something is only worth the time put in it. 

I’m trying to turn my 1970’s brick ranch into a modern day farmhouse with character and charm.  

I just wrote a series about the progress we have made in on our home so far.  You can check it out by clicking HERE:

home series


You may also like this popular series:

old house


Thanks for visiting and come back to see me soon!!

I would love to connect with you here:




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Christmas Home Tour {part two}


Merry Christmas!

I am so glad you are here!  You know you are welcome any time at my ol’ Kentucky home! :)

Today, I am sharing a little more of my Christmas decor around the house as part of the Blogger Stylin’ Christmas Home Tours hosted by Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co.

If you are on the tour, then you just left my friend Melissa’s home at  The Inspired Room. Wasn’t it beautiful?  She has a beautiful home, but I also love her beautiful heart.  :)

On Tuesday, I shared my Christmas kitchen, and today I am going to share a few more spaces in my home.  Let’s start with my den…


My main goal every year is to add lots of green and red to make my home feel Christmasey.  For this space, just some red pillows and some fresh greenery does the trick!

I am the mother of four wonderful boys, so I just had to get that pillow that said, “Santa, Leave Presents, Take Brother” when I saw it at Steinmart a couple of months ago.  I’ve been storing it in my office until now.  :)

I’ve also been dying for some red knit pillows.  These can get pretty pricey in the stores, but I finally found a good deal on some at Marshalls. 

I’ve decided to start a snow globe collection.  Snow globes and I have a long standing love affair with each other.  There is something so absolutely magical about them, and if they play music, well that’s the icing on the cake!  Watching the snow twirl round in a snow globe just reaches the child-like part of my heart that makes me smile.  

See the snow globe in the back with the church in it.  I just bought that last week at Hobby Lobby in memory of my mom.  She used to love to take pictures of churches from all around, especially their steeples.  If she could buy me a snow globe, I am sure she would have bought me this one.  It plays “Oh Holy Night” and when I shake it and watch the snow fall inside, I am reminded of all of the precious childhood memories I had growing up in church, especially at Christmas.  I always loved playing an angel in the Christmas play.  :)



This wood crate usually stands bare, but it was the perfect spot for my little Santa.  I added some fresh greenery, a red gingham bow, and some faux snow to make it all Christmasey. 

I love this fake snow.  I picked it up on sale at JoAnn Fabrics.  It is the coolest stuff. 

 I even sprinkled some in my ribbon and greenery.

I think the snow make my little Santa feel right at home.

I didn’t want to stress or make a fuss over decorating our fireplace mantel, so I just added some fresh greenery, lights, and the boys’ stockings and called it a day.  It’s simple, but I like it.

But my FAVORITE part of my Christmas mantle was the note I found that my seven year old, Eli, had written and taped up there.  It says, “Dear Santa, I like all of your rangers! They are cool! Please flip it over. I like your pufy gluvs! Well and I like your soot. Could you write me a note? Love Eli”



Melts my heart.

I also used some of my faux snow in my glass lantern.  I added one of my favorite church ornaments and a couple of 75 cent trees from Walmart.  It looks just perfect on the cable knit table runner that I found at HomeGoods.

I am all about the knits right now, can you tell! :)  That red pillow is the most comfortable pillow!! I love taking naps with it.  (Yes, I take naps.)  However, it does leave a wicked pattern across your face when you wake up.  Don’t plan on going out anytime soon if you take a nap on that pillow!


Because we do not really have a good space in this room for a large tree, I decided to purchase 3 small live trees at Lowe’s, and decorate them instead.

They sit in front of the wall that is right beside our stairs.

I hot glued some clothespins on the back of the chalkboards so I could attach them to the tops of the trees.

Wanna see my favorite thing in our den?

Our two new Morkie puppies, Boomer and Biscuit! :)

Now, I know you are probably thinking that we got these for our boys for Christmas, but you would be wrong.

Cy and I got these for us!  Not kidding! :)  Boomer is Cy’s, and Biscuit is mine.   Although we do share them with our boys occasionally.  {wink}

Seriously, y’all!  Is there anything cuter?!  Me and Biscuit, we are like peas and carrots.  

Okay, let’s regroup.  

Back to the home tour.  Let’s take a quick stop in our master bedroom.  I tend not to do a lot of decorating in the bedrooms.  I just throw my red poinsettia wreath on the wall, add the boys’ red quilt to the bottom of the bed, and put out a couple of decorations on the bedside table.

The thing that I love about those little decorations though, is who they remind me of. 

This little greenery and red bow was my mom’s.  She always attached it to one of her lamps at Christmastime.  What I love about this little piece when I get it out every year is that my mom’s sweet hands made that red bow and attached it to the greenery.  For some crazy reason, it makes me feel so loved, like she made that bow especially for me.

Thank you, Mom.

And this little Christmas tree used to belong to my husband’s grandmother.  It plays, “Oh Christmas Tree” when you wind it up on the bottom.  I never got to meet my husband’s grandmother, but I love having one of her Christmas decorations to remember her by.  

The “Merry Everything” sign was a find at Gordman’s.  Nothing sentimental about that one. :)


Now to my favorite room on the tour…the boys’ bathroom!

Yep, I decorated their bathroom and had so much fun doing it!

But before we go on, I have to apologize for my pictures.  They did not turn out well.  I dropped my dslr camera a while back ago, and I have had trouble ever since.  The settings aren’t working right.  {Did you hear that, Santa?}

Their bathroom is soooo much cuter in real life!  I am so in love with these red vanities that my husband built.  The corner shower is to the left when you walk in the bathroom, and the toilet is on the right (but I figured you didn’t really care to see the toilet.)

I sort of went with a “woodsy” theme in the bathroom.  Not on purpose.  It just kind of happened.

I pulled the red lantern off of Luke’s bedroom shelf and used it in the bathroom.

The chalkboard wood tray is from last year’s Christmas tablescape.  I added some real holly, and pine cone, and an antler to finish it off.  How can  you go wrong with an antler, right?

On the other side of the shower, I placed this cute Christmas sign from Hobby Lobby above their wire baskets that hold their washcloths and toilet paper and such.

Some more fresh greenery and a pine cone, and we are finished with this space!

One the other vanity, I added this chalkboard print with a quote from one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf.


I found the car snow globe at Lowe’s this year!  I knew I had to buy it when I saw it!  Too cute.


I really wish you could see the banner I made for their window, but I could not get a good shot of it.

So I took a picture with my flash on so you could see what it says…

I got that banner kit at Michael’s half off.  You can make a much longer banner if you wanted.

I about died when I found these little lanterns at Walmart for $1.99!  

And Walmart had these cute little antler ornaments for $1.99 too!

The “Merry Christmas” ribbon was found in the gift wrapping section at Walmart.  It made a great garland for their little tree.  

That “wraps” it up!  :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I loved sharing my heart and home with you.  

Merry Christmas
Next on the tour is the beautiful home of my friend Roshel, from the DIY Show Off.  Be sure to tell her I said, “hi!”


And if you missed my Christmas Kitchen tour, you can see that too by clicking the button below.   Have a blessed Christmas, y’all!!

christmas tour




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Christmas Home Tour {Part One}


Merry Christmas, y’all!  I am so excited to be participating in Just a Girl’s Holiday Home Tours this week!

holiday home tours
If you are coming over from my buddy Cheryl’s blog, Tidy Mom, welcome!!

I’m participating in two home tours this week, so today I am showing you some decorating I have done in my kitchen.

Since RED is my favorite color all year long, I always enjoy adding red to my decor around Christmas.  My philosophy in making your house feel Christmasey…just add green and red.  :)  This year, I used a lot of fresh greenery in my decorating.  I’ve always wanted to use fresh greenery, and I am so glad I did. 

This is our new eating area in the kitchen.  

I made these little boxwood wreaths for the backs of my chairs, and I love them!  I have NEVER made my own wreath with real greenery.  It was seriously so easy and so fun!  I just sat on the couch and watched “The Grinch” with my boys while I made them.  

I attached the wreaths to the chairs with some red and white gingham ribbon.

So far, these wreaths have survived the little hands of my four boys (knock on wood.)  I’ll let you know how that goes. :)

But for now, I am enjoying my little wreaths.

For my tabletop, I just added a red and white table runner and some fresh holly branches in little bottles.

For my wall, I just added some Christmas touches to what was already there.  To see what my shelf looked like before, click here.

Some red dishes, pinecones, and greenery in my pitchers does the trick!

I love my big red plate.  It is such a good reminder of the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Underneath my shelf, I added a Christmas print to my frame.  Merry Christmas, y’all!!

And I switched my bird plate out for this “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!” plate I found at Home Goods.

Our eating area is now all set for Christmas fun!  I can’t wait to make buckeyes with my boys here!

A couple of years ago, I started a “Hot Chocolate Bar” in our kitchen, and it has become an instant tradition.  My boys LOVE it!

Marshmallows and candy canes to stir with are a must!  I put the little candy canes in Santa’s boot.  That little boot used to belong to my mom.  I love using it each year.

I also added a little tag to the hot chocolate to remind my boys how much they should get.  They are guilty of making some reeeeeally chocolately hot chocolate!

I also put out some chocolate chips to add to your cup. Yum!

We love to drink hot chocolate while we color in our Christmas coloring books!  :)

Well, I had some more pictures of the rest of my kitchen, but they didn’t turn out.  :(  The lighting was a mess, and I didn’t have time to fix them because the boys had two away basketball games last night.  If I get a chance to take some new pics today, I will add them to my post later. 

But I want to thank you for stopping by!

As you continue on the tour and view all of the beautifully decorated homes, I pray that you don’t see “picture perfect” homes, but homes that are all decked out to celebrate this special season.  Sometimes we go overboard on decor, sometimes we don’t.  However you may celebrate Christmas in your home, I pray that your heart will be touched by the true meaning of this season, the birth of our Savior, Jesus. 

I am the last house on the tour today, but tomorrow you can check out Sand and Sisal’s Christmas tour.  I love Kim, and I can’t wait to see her home!


Have a blessed day, friends!

christmas tour


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My Summer Home Tour 2014


Hey Y’all!

I am so excited about participating the Summer Tour of Homes again this year.  This fabulous tour is hosted by Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage. 


It has been fun taking sneak peeks into so many beautiful homes!  Have you been joining us on the tour this week?

Today is Day 4 of the tour, and it is time for me to share my home with you.

For those of you that are new to my blog, WELCOME!  My name is Traci, and I am the mom of four precious boys.


And I am married to my DIY Partner in Crime, Cy.  We have been renovating every home we have lived in over the past 17 years, and we are currently renovating our 1970’s home. 

ornament 007

Let’s start the tour in our kitchen, the heart of the home.

When we moved in the house three years ago, it was my least favorite room in the house, but now it is one of my favorite.

Here is the before…

kitchen 010

Here it was three years ago after we renovated it..

kitchen 043

(Yes, we finished the renovation the week before Christmas!)

And now here is my kitchen today…


We gave this kitchen a major over-haul, and did it all ourselves!  You can check out the entire renovation with all the before and after pictures HERE.


My favorite part of my kitchen is the open shelves.  They are pretty, and functional, at the same time.


The butcher block counter tops were from IKEA.  Cy installed them.  You can read about that HERE.


We did a makeover on our kitchen table last fall to make it a little bigger to fit our family around it.  It is an aged zinc table top.


We have loved this table.  I love how big it is and how easily the metal top cleans up.


Our den has also had a big over-haul.  Here is our fireplace before

soup 032

And here it is now.  We painted some of the brick, and my husband built a surround around the rest of the ugly brick. Smile


I looked for a long time in our old pictures and found this view of our den three years ago…

house 017

We had already started renovating the den in the picture above.  The white door above led to a bedroom, the other doorway was a bathroom, and then there was another small bedroom to the right of the bathroom.

We blew all of that out and added a two story addition to our home.

Now it looks like this…DSC_0782

It’s hard to believe it is even the same space!  I love how open it now feels.

I recently just completed this side table makeover.

2014-02-11 16.14.49

If you head upstairs, you will find two bedrooms and a full bath.  My two oldest boys share a room, and we just recently built industrial shelves in their room.

2014-02-23 17.56.25

Those shelves have been one of my favorite projects in our whole house.  I built a set of shelves for each side of the boys’ room.

My oldest son sings and plays guitar, so this is what his side of the room looks like…

2014-01-19 18.30.10

If you want to see how we made these shelves, click HERE or on the picture above.

We are still working on my youngest two boys’ room. I hope to get to that room next month, and I will be sharing the transformation on my blog.

We are still in the middle of finishing the boys’ bathroom. This is what it looks like right now…

2014-02-20 09.38.04

We will be DIYing concrete vanity tops, and I will be sharing them on my blog soon.

If we head back downstairs, you will find my office.  This used to be an 11×11 bedroom, that we turned into an office/craft room. 2014-03-06 14.36.07 My husband built window seats and desks around the room.  I repurposed some old cabinets and built new doors for them to create more storage. 

2014-03-06 14.34.11

We also turned the standard closet in the room into a craft closet.  I love this space, but I wish it would stay as organized as it is in this picture!  Smile  Right now, it is a mess!

office 019 (2)

To see how we turned our closet into a craft/closet, click HERE.

Now for my favorite part of my house right now, OUTSIDE!  I am loving this warm weather, and I have been sprucing up our back patio for summertime!

This week, I just posted about the outdoor serving station that I just created with my new console table from Birch Lane. You can find that table HERE.


We are all about sweet tea in the summer time!


Our back patio is covered, which makes it nice for sitting outside to eat.  We love eating outside during the summer.



We have a small tool barn in our back yard. 


We added some new doors and window coverings last summer, and I put some flower baskets under the window. 


I cannot get enough of pretty flowers during the summer! Smile


We have a lot more projects still to complete in our home, so I hope you will follow along on my blog.

Next stop on the tour is the fun and creative home of my friend Lisa from The Pennington Point.  Click HERE to take her home tour.

If you would like to view my previous tours, click on the buttons below…

tour collage



Here is the updated links from the entire Summer Tour of Homes! Enjoy!!

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Favorite “Pins” Friday {Home Tour Style!}



Happy Friday, friends!

I hope you had a great week!

Today, I thought I would do something a little fun with my Friday post.  You know how this week was the “Summer Tour of Homes?”  Well, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite pin from each home with you.

Below each pin, I will have the link to each blog that you can click on and view the entire tour of each home if you desire.

I have loved taking a peek into each blogger’s home.  I hope you have too.


Gina @ The Shabby Creek Cottage



The Nester @ Nesting Place


Pink Wall Little Girls Room @vintage revivals

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals



Beth @ Home Stories of A to Z



Ashley @ The Handmade Home


Kristin @ The Hunted Interior


gray and coral bedroom

Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative


duvet out of a shower curtain angle

Jen @ Tatertots and Jello


Girls bedroom

Chris @ Just a Girl


entryway decor

Brooke @ All Things Thrifty


Karen @ The Graphics Fairy


Navy and Coral Room

Emily @ Decor Chick


barn patio makeover

Roeshel @ DIY Show Off


grey and white kitchen makeover

Melissa @ The Inspired Room


Wendy @ The Shabby Nest


Pallet wood night table in bedroom via Funky Junk Interiors

Donna @ Funky Junk Interior


summer house tour bed room Songbird blog

Marianne @ Songbird


Lisa @ The Pennington Point


A great home tour with a vintage eclectic feel.  Come see one bloggers home plus links to even more great home tours for inspiration!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage



Brittany@ PrettyHandyGirl



Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality



Stacy @ Not Just a Housewife


Jen @ Jennifer Rizzo


Lindsay @ Makely Home


Library - house tour

Sandra @ Sawdust Girl


Gina, from Shabby Creek Cottage, is hosting a Summer Home Tour linky party today on her blog.

You can go link up your own house tour, or just browse through all of the wonderful homes linked up to the party.  Just click on the button.

More fun!!!




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House Tour (Part Two)


I told you I would show you some pictures of the second house I toured while visiting my in-laws in Georgia.

But first, if you didn’t get a chance  to vote for my back patio makeover yet, I am shamelessly asking you to take about 30 seconds of your time to click on over to and vote for me!  :)

I would really love to win the $150 gift card to the home improvement store of my choice, plus I promise there will be a little “thank you” prize for my readers as well!

Click HERE to vote.  And a big fat hug to you all!

Now to the tour…

The second house my sweet MIL and I visited was called LINKS Greenhouse.

This house was supposed to be made very environmentally friendly.  (However, when we asked the hostess, she couldn’t really tell us why it was so “green”.  Go figure.  Time to hire a new hostess.)

Here are some of the pictures I took:

(I will only be commenting on my favorite parts of the house.)

The Exterior…

The Dining Room…

(Ladies, we could sooo make this painted wood mirror!  Any takers?)…

There was a beautiful grass cloth on the walls.

The Living Room…

The Kitchen…

Calling all DIYers!!! You could definitely make this stunning flooring!  It’s just square tiles surrounded by 4 inch wood planks.

The Landry/Gift Wrapping room…

The Home Office…

The Upstairs Outdoor Living Space…

The Downstairs Den…

(LOVE the dark wood on the steps!)

The Downstairs Outdoor Living Space…

Complete with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows!  See the beautiful lake between the trees?  My boys would love living here!

The Home Theater Room…

(This room is just too stinkin’ cool!)

Of course, I had to put my feet up and catch a little Top Gun action.  Oh yeah, baby!

I was loving the board and batten in the downstairs hallway.  Storing this idea away for future projects.  (wink.)

A Downstairs Bedroom…

My favorite downstairs bedroom…

The Hallway leading to the Master Bedroom…

This closet cracks me up!  It’s the size of my son’s bedroom!

And I had to take a picture of the beautifully manicured driveway…

Thank you for joining me on this tour!

Have a blessed day!

This post brought to you by…

Leen The Graphics Queen

Leen, the Graphics Queen

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