DIY-ing our Basic Brick Ranch into the Cottage of our Dreams – Part Three


Hey all!  

Today is the third post in my series of how we turned our basic ranch house into the cottage of our dreams.  house transformation series

First, I showed you the updates we made to the outside of our house when we moved in. 

Then, I showed you the addition that we began building to the side of our ranch. 

Now, I am going to show you our first huge renovation to the inside of our ranch, and that was our Kitchen Makeover. 


This makeover has to be one of my all time favorite.  Y’all it was a HUGE undertaking!!

Here is what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in.


Need I say more?

We had planned on waiting to renovate the kitchen, but it was more than I could handle.  

I begged Cy to let me paint the cabinets white!  I knew that it would at least help make the kitchen more tolerable. 

Well, he agreed to letting me paint the cabinets, but then I got to thinking….(which is very dangerous)….instead of wasting time painting the upper cabinets, why don’t we just take them down and put up open shelving?

And that is the point where I began opening a can of worms!kitchen-003_thumb1

Taking the cabinets down made the soffit stick out more.  ugh.

So guess what?!  Down with that soffit!!  We had insulation up to our knees when we took it down!  Let’s just say that my hubby was not as thrilled with my plans as I was.  It was not a pretty moment in our marriage.  hee.hee.


Cy patched up the walls with drywall, but we had parts of our ceiling missing where the soffits used to be.


Visually, I didn’t like how the pantry stuck out in the kitchen and made it look smaller.  So I asked Cy nicely if we could tear it down and build a new pantry?  (I was walking on very thin ice at this point.  But I was on a mission, and I wasn’t turning back!) :)

Cy took a sledge hammer to that baby, and it was gone!  Whoop!  (I’ve got a good man, don’t I?)


Look how much bigger the kitchen looked already!..


Cy built me a new long, shallow pantry with pretty french doors, and here is the pantry before we painted it


You can see how we built the pantry HERE.

We left some space to the left of the oven so Cy could build me some extra cabinets!


You can read about how he did it HERE.  I was loving the addition of these cabinets to my kitchen!

We then painted all of the cabinets white.


You can read about the process we followed to painting our cabinets white HERE.


You can see how we built them in this post.

Next step was to installed butcher block counter tops from IKEA.


I LOVE my countertops!  Almost four years later, and they still look amazing!!

You can see how Cy installed the countertops HERE.

We then needed a backsplash, so we chose white subway tile.  Click HERE to see how we installed it.


My kitchen was coming together!!

Remember the opening in the ceilings we created when we removed the soffit?  Well, we could either patch the ceiling, or install the new wood ceilings I have always dream about.  Hmmmm.  Might as well do the ceiling since we are already in a mess, right?  (Are you seeing where this is going?)


Cy helped get me started on our wood ceiling and I finished it ALL BY MYSELF!    Cy was out of town, and it was interesting trying to do this on my own!  

You can see a video of exactly how we installed our wood ceiling HERE.

You can read about our molding and baseboard HERE.

Once the cabinets and ceiling began looking good, it made the linoleum floor look even worse than it did in the first place.  And since we were on a roll, why not install those wood floors we were hoping to do one day?


Details about our wood floor HERE.


We were finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and we built some open shelves above the subway tile.


Read about how we built our open shelves in this post.

We also installed a new farmhouse sink and faucet.


After adding some new hardware from Lowe’s and some Christmas decor, my kitchen was finally complete!!


And I got the white kitchen cabinets that I wanted in the first place!  HA!

We started this *little* project at the beginning of October (2011,) and we finished it the week of Christmas (2011.)

In three short months, we got our kitchen completely renovated from top to bottom!

kitchen makeover

It was a crazy three months, but we were both so glad we did it once we were finished.  

It’s amazing the difference you can make with a little white paint.  {wink}


Photo by Layla

To see more before and afters of this kitchen makeover, click HERE.


Click HERE for a budget breakdown of our kitchen renovation!


Wanna see some more great kitchen makeovers

that my husband has done in other homes?  






See you tomorrow with some more interior renovations on our ranch!




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Kitchen Pantry Makeover


Welcome to Day 2 of my Organize your Heart and Home series!


Today, I am doing a small little switch-a-roo in my schedule this week.  I was supposed to show you my new organizing project in my kitchen and then on Thursday, I was going to do a “throw back” to a previous kitchen organization project I have done in the past.  But because I have spent the past few days trying to take down my Christmas decor and haven’t had time to organize my kitchen, I am going to share my “throw back” post today.  Is that okay?  We can call it “Toss it back tuesday!”  :)

This is a makeover I did on our pantry in our previous home back in 2011.  You will be able to tell that my picture taking skills were not very good at that time. I am so thankful that my blog has forced me to learn how to take better pictures.  And I couldn’t believe how young Luke and Jonathan look in these pictures.  They have grown up so much in the past three years.

But I hope this project helps to inspire you to organize a part of your kitchen this week and then share it with me!  

Here’s my blast from the past….


This is embarassing, but here is what my pantry looked like last week…



Shut. The. Door.

No rhyme, no reason…just a mess!


My husband actually built this pantry in our kitchen 3 years ago.  Before that, we had absolutely NO storage for food.  We had to take up cabinet space with groceries.

He installed the wired shelving when he built it.  It has worked okay, but my boxes tend to fall over a lot, and it drives me crazy.

My cookbooks fall through the cracks…


The inside of the pantry was painted the same yellow that our kitchen used to be painted.  But now that our kitchen is Khaki Shade by Sherwin Williams, I knew I was going to repaint the inside.


The floor is where I stored my crock pots, dog food, and the boys’ lunch boxes.  Ugh.

The door has wire baskets on it to store my spices, sandwich bags, plastic wrap. etc.

I like having it there, but when we installed this door on the pantry, we never painted the back of it.  So it was an off-white color.


And the door was still sporting the greasy handprint that my hubby left when he installed it.  (See right side of door.)

We are sentimental like that. :)


So I cleared out the pantry door so I could give it a fresh coat of white paint.


And I cleared out the pantry.  Notice the difference in colors?


Since the boys had a couple of snow days last week, I decided to put them to work.

Luke helped me put my spices in alphabetical order.  It is my goal to someday be able to afford matching spice jars to put them in, but can’t do it right now.


And Jonathan checked all the dates to see which ones had expired…


We had to throw the pile in the front of the picture below away…all expired!


Since I didn’t have the time or money to install new wood shelves, I decided just to add a thin piece of material to each shelf to make it more sturdy.

So I went to Lowe’s and bought a large 4 ft x 8ft piece of  tempered hardboard (item #15483)  for only $7.25.

I had the Lowe’s guy cut it into five pieces the same size as my wire shelves.

There were several pieces left over that I hope to use for later projects.


I painted the fronts and backs white and put them in my closet.

The closet was already looking better with newly painted walls and new white shelves.

And the door got a fresh coat of white paint too.


Here is something I learned during my pantry makeover:


I mean….seriously?!

I trotted down to Walmart to buy some containers, saw the prices, and left empty handed!  I wasn’t trotting when I left.  :(

So I have been frequenting Goodwill on the hunt for containers.

I found some, but was still needing more.

So I had to break down and spend a little money on a few.  But I tried to get them as cheap as possible.  I have less than $30.00 in this whole makeover.

Here is a look at my new clean pantry!!!


Isn’t she lovely?!

I am so happy with it!!!  (Sorry the pics are a little blurry.  We had no sunlight today and I tried to take pictures manually…obviously, I’m still learning.)


Here is a breakdown of what I paid for my containers purchased at Goodwill, Dollar General, and Kroger….


The cute rectangular chalkboard labels are from Leen the Graphics Queen.  The two curvy ones I made using my new Silhouette Machine!

I used a chalk-ink pen to write on the labels.

I fell in love with these little jars from Kroger.  I wish I had the money to buy more.  They were on sale last week and may still be.


And I love the two tall glass jars I found at the Dollar General.  They are very sturdy.  They have smaller ones for $2.00 that I am wanting to go back and get.


See those cute little tin containers on the left wall in the picture below?

I found them at Goodwill for $1.50 a piece and I love them!


I used my Silhouette Machine again to make labels for each container.

I used wall screws to attach them to the wall.


We eat a lot of popcorn and oatmeal at our house.  :)












And the bottom container holds drink mixes that usually get lost in our pantry: hot cocoa, lemonade, crystal light packets, etc.

And look at how my cookbooks stand up nice and tall now!

Notice my favorite?  Reluctant Entertainer, by Sandy Coughlin, of course!  :)


The next shelf holds my plastic containers and white bowl full of soup mixes and sauces.

I got two packages of 3 plastic white containers at Kroger for $5.00 each.  The boys love being able to see their cereal in the containers.

And they are so much neater than those cereal bags!


All of the baskets in my pantry used to belong to my mom.

I made one a bread basket and used the two matching ones to hold baking supplies and boxed goods.  (I am still planning on making labels for my baskets.  Just got a cute idea tonight!)

On the floor, I have our chip basket and potato basket.

I don’t like having the baskets sitting directly on the floor, so I sat them on two things that I use very often.  The chip basket is sitting on my large flat skillet, and the potato basket is sitting on my crock pot.


I am so very pleased with how it turned out!

The spices I just put back in the racks on the door, but they are in alphabetical order now, so hopefully I will be able to find things more easily.


I am so thankful for my blog and the inspiration it has given me to get things done!

My husband has told me several times today how much he loves it.  And the boys “ooh” and “aah” every time they open the door.  :)  Yeah me!

I even had a little more fun with my Silhouette machine and made this for my pantry door…


Here is the before and after picture you have been dying to see, right?

pantry makeover

So now it is your turn!!!

Clean up your kitchen, ladies!

Check those expiration dates!

Throw stuff away!


I will be back tomorrow with a video post on organizing your HEART!

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Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Kitchen!

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Welcome to Day One of Organize your Heart and Home!


Today, I am sharing some of my favorite kitchen organization tips and tricks.

I am hoping some of these ideas will help motivate you to organize an area in your kitchen as well, and then share it with me!  On Friday, I will be hosting a link up party on my blog for you to link up any kitchen organization posts, past or present.  If you do not have a blog, I would love for you to share your before and after pictures with me via an email or facebook, and I will be sharing them with my readers.

Utensil Organization

I love how these larger utensils are hanging from a shelf making room for coffee cups on top and leaving the countertop clear.


(source wouldn’t show up)


I love how Marian from Miss Mustard Seed stores her large utensils in an antique piece and creates a beautiful display with other items on a tray.  




If your utensil drawers are a hot mess like mine, you can follow this tutorial from Kevin {&} Amanda to create a DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer for less than ten dollars!



Pots and Pans Organization

Now, I am not one to have my pots and pans out in the open for everyone to see, but using a pegboard definitely makes great use of wall space and makes your items easy to reach.  The fresh flowers, glass canisters, and wicker tray on the table below makes this space look very beautiful and organized.


Country Living

I love how the space underneath this island was used to store pots and pans.  



Or you can store your pots and pans above your island to save space in your kitchen…




Here is an example of how you can store your pot lids on the inside of your cabinet door.  You can also use dividers to store your casserole dishes and muffin pans.




More Kitchen Organization


Make the most of the inside of your cabinet doors, like this idea from Classy Clutter.  She hung a measurement conversion chart and pot holders on her door.  I also love the way she has her spices organized inside her cabinet.



Here’s a nifty way to store your plastic wrap and aluminum foil boxes…attach a magazine rack to the cabinet door!



I like this idea as well!




Use tension rods to create dividers for trays and cutting boards.


Martha Stewart


I am in luuuurve with this pantry from Everyday Enchanting.  Click HERE to see the details. 



 Are you feeling inspired?

Maybe you would like to try one of these ideas in your kitchen, or maybe you have an organizing idea of your own!  Either way, let’s get it done THIS WEEK!!

I’m starting on mine today and will share it with you tomorrow. 

I can’t wait to see what you are up to!!

Have a blessed and organized day!!


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My New Open Kitchen Shelf (and Roman Numeral Print Coupon Code)


So, last week I got to show you my dining area makeover.  

arhaus makeover

I am REALLY enjoying this space.  It just makes me happy when I walk in the kitchen!

Many of you asked me where we got our new open kitchen shelf.  We’ll we made it, of course!  :)

It was so super easy.  I got the three metal brackets from The Home Depot.  I think they were about seven or eight bucks a piece?

DIY Kitchen Shelf
The shelf is simply a 1x10x8 piece of wood from The Home Depot stained with a Dark Walnut stain.  

DIY Kitchen Shelf
Since we needed the shelf centered over the bench, we weren’t able to attach it to the studs in the wall.   We had to use drywall anchors with the screws.  You install the drywall anchors first, and then attach the bracket to the wall with screws.

DIY Kitchen Shelf
Lastly, we screwed the shelf into the metal brackets.  

I decorated the shelf with items I had around the house.  The aqua bottles I got at Hobby Lobby last year.  The small pitcher was my moms and the large pitcher is from Home Goods.  The Artichaut plate was my mom’s.  She got it at a yard sale years ago.

I love adding real greenery to my decor.  Those adorable little plants were on clearance at Lowe’s for $1.00 each.  Precious!  

DIY Kitchen Shelf
The black mirror was a Goodwill find years ago.  I painted it black for our former laundry/mudroom in our previous home.

DIY Kitchen Shelf
The candle is from Marshall’s.  The wicker tray is from Walmart’s bathroom section.

DIY Kitchen Shelf
Since we had to hang the shelves high enough over the bench so we wouldn’t hit our heads on it when we got up and down, it left a huge, awkward empty space under the shelves.

I already had the frame from Kirkland’s, but hadn’t ever used it before.  

DIY Kitchen Shelf
I printed this scripture printable and placed it in the frame.

It says, “From the fullness of His Grace we have all received one BLESSING after another.  John 1:16″

I thought that was a perfect scripture for the table since we always say our blessing before we eat.

Chalkboard printable
I only had one frame, so I had to put something else in the other empty space.  I had the cutting board/ipad/recipe book holder on my other kitchen shelves.  I recently purchased it at Home Goods, and I love it!

I attached it to the wall, but it needed something more.  The sweet bird plate was a gift from my friend, Layla, last year when she and her husband, Kevin, visited us.  I sat it in the groove part, and it was perfect!  I added a piece of 3M adhesive to the back of the plate to keep it in place.  I know one of my boys would have knocked that plate off if I hadn’t! :)

bird plate
The other piece of art that I decorated my space with was this awesome Roman Numeral Print that I recently purchased from Jenna Sue Designs!

It is our wedding anniversary date!  Isn’t that cool?!  I got the wood frame half off at Hobby Lobby.

Roman Numeral Print
Jenna Sue has an AMAZING BLOG, and I love to go to it for inspiration.  (Her kitchen is to DIE for!)  She had one of these Roman Numeral prints in her home, and I knew I had to have one!  Mine is a 16×20, but you can get it smaller if you want. 



Jenna Sue has more than just Roman Numeral Prints, so visit her shop and check them out! 

Happy Shopping!!!

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5 Reasons I Love My Kitchen Open Shelves



Why I Love my Open Shelves


When we moved in our house four years ago, I knew one of the first rooms I wanted to do a makeover on was our kitchen.


Wasn’t it beautiful?!  Winking smile








I also knew that one of the first things I wanted to do was remove the soffit and upper cabinets and install open shelves.


Now my kitchen looks like this…




I LOVE my open shelves!!


When I shared them on my blog, most readers loved them too.


However, I had some readers not like the idea of open shelves, and that is totally fine.


And every now and then, I get a comment or email asking me if I still like my open shelves, or if they get dirty easily.


Well, I am hear to tell you that almost four years later, I am still in love with my open shelves and here are four reasons why.


1.  All of my dishes are easy to reach.


I love being able to just reach up and grab a dish or cup that I need.  I have the dishes that I use on a daily basis on the bottom open shelf.


There is no time wasted opening and closing doors.  I just grab and go.


2.  The shelves are easy to Decorate.


Open shelves literally decorate themselves.  To me, they look beautiful just full of white dishes, and if that was all I ever wanted to do, that would look great.


But just add a few red dishes to the white ones, and boom, you are ready for Christmas!  Smile



In the spring, I put the red dishes in my pantry, and bring out more springy dishes.




Open shelves look great with baskets on them which makes for a lot of extra storage.  I like to store my linen napkins in my baskets.


3.  My open shelves keep me organized.


Like I said above, I only keep out the dishes that I use the most.  The rest of my dishes that I only use every once and a while or on special occasions are in cabinets in the laundry room off of the kitchen.




I am amazed at how many kitchen items I almost never use!  Open shelves help me keep away the clutter.  When I had cabinets with doors, I would stuff them full of stuff because I knew that no one would really see it, and boy were they a mess!


4.  It makes it easy for guests.


Have you ever been over someone’s house, and you are trying to help out in the kitchen, but all you keep saying is, “Where’s your bowls?”  and “I don’t know where your glasses are?”


Not at my house!  Everything is easy to see and easy to find, and I love that my guests do not have to ask me where everything is.  I hope it makes them feel more comfortable in my home.


5.  They are so easy to clean and the dirt can’t hide!


So, it always seems that the main reason that people don’t like open shelves is because they say they would be hard to keep clean. 


Not true.  Yes, they do get dirty, but not like people think. 




Every couple of months, I just take a cloth and cleaner and wipe them off.  No big deal.



And the good thing is that my shelves look clean all the time, even if they aren’t.   Smile


I also like that my shelves are white, so that when they are dirty, I can see the dirt and get rid of it. I’m glad the dirt isn’t hiding on dark wood cabinets.

So there you have it!   Those are the reasons I am still loving my open shelves.


What are your thoughts about open shelves?

Love ‘em?  Hate ‘em?








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Pantry Coffee Station {#keurig}


Well, I’ve given my pantry makeover a new makeover!

Let’s take a look back at what my kitchen pantry looked like the day we moved into our home…

kitchen 016

See the big orange door?  That was my small, dark pantry.  I didn’t like it at all.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, tear it down, that’s what!

kitchen 017 (2)

Okay, so Cy tore it down.  Smile

And I made supper while he did it.

kitchen 016 (2)

Is it just me, or is seeing your husband tear a down a wall sexy or what?!

kitchen 024 (2)

Once the old pantry was completely gone, I was amazed at how much bigger the kitchen looked!

kitchen 040

Cy built some new cabinets with baskets where the pantry used to be…

microwave 002

We filled up the rest of the empty wall space with a shallow, wide pantry.

kitchen 032

I have loved this pantry ever since!

kitchen 010

It is so easy to see everything inside the pantry and nothing gets “lost” in the back of it.  It’s also easy to clean.

Even though I have loved this pantry very much, I had to make a couple of changes to it.

Why, you ask?

Because of my new Keurig.  Smile


Recently, I received a new Keurig Vue, and it sat on my kitchen countertop by the fridge.

That’s totally fine, except that my toaster, canisters, blender, mixer, and more was on my countertop too.

I don’t like a cluttered countertop, and I don’t have a lot of counter space.

So I decided I needed to “tweek” my pantry to accommodate my Keurig and my toaster.

Here is what the pantry used to look like…

pantry 011

And here it is now that I made room for my new Keurig Vue!

2013-11-05 16.46.41

I simply cut the top pantry shelf in half and cut some new boards to create new shelves.


I used my Rockwell Versacut to cut my 1×12 boards for the new shelves.


This tool is the bombdiggity!


It cuts like butta!


I glued and nailed the new shelves in place and installed an power strip with surge protection down the side of the pantry wall for my toaster and Keurig.

Luckily, there was an outlet underneath the bottom shelf of the pantry that I could plug the power strip into.

2013-11-05 16.48.21

I used screw-in hooks above the Keurig machine to hold my coffee cups.

I also got a carousel to hold my Vue cups and placed it on the shelf beneath my Keurig.


2013-11-05 16.49.51

Even though I lost some shelf space, I also gained some shelf space by creating an extra shelf on the top right of the pantry.

2013-11-05 16.47.05



Keurig’s Best Cup

Brew Stronger. Brew Bigger. Brew Hotter.®
The revolutionary Keurig Vue® Brewer works together with the Vue® packs to deliver the ultimate brewing experience.


Are you a coffee drinker? 

How do you like your coffee?


Click on the picture below to see “before and after” pictures of our complete kitchen makeover!


Disclosure:  I received a free Keurig Vue to review on my blog.  I was not told what to do or say.  Everything I shared is 100% Traci-fied. Smile

*This post contains affiliate links.

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DIY {Undermount} Spice Rack


Hey friends!

I hope you had a great weekend!

I wanted to share with you a project that we completed in our kitchen a while back ago. Smile

We created a place underneath my kitchen cabinets for me to store my spices.

DIY spice rack

This project has been a long time coming.  Over a year and a half ago, we created a cookbook holder on the other side of the microwave.

Cook Book holder

Just for fun, do you remember what our kitchen looked like when we bought this house two and a half years ago?

kitchen makeover before

As you can see, we had a soffit above our cabinets that we tore down during our kitchen renovation.

Cy tore down the small pantry to the left of the oven, and raised the cabinets to the top of the ceiling when we installed the microwave.

DIY kitchen shelves

When we finished the kitchen makeover, this side of the kitchen looked like this…

DIY kitchen makeover

We had extra space under the cabinets on each side of the microwave that I knew I would fill up someday.

under cabinet shelves

I am happy to announce that we finally have both sides finished!

On the left is our cookbook holder…

cook book holder

And now on the right is our spice rack…

diy spice rack

Here’s how we made it:

Cy used his jigsaw to cut out two matching pieces of birch plywood from Lowe’s for the sides of the spice holder.

{I would give you the exact measurements, but everyone’s kitchen cabinets can be different sizes.  If you created this, you would need to measure your cabinets to figure out how big to make your spice rack holder.}

diy spice rack

Then he used wood glue and a nail gun to glue and nail the sides of the holder to the bottom piece.

diy spice rack

Next, he glued and nailed a piece of trim to the bottom of the spice holder.

diy spice rack


diy spice rack


He glued and nailed a matching piece of trim to the top of the holder.

diy spice rack

And then one more piece of trim to the back.

diy spice rack

Next, he glued and nailed the spice rack to the bottom of our kitchen cabinet.

diy spice rack

I filled the seams in with wood filler, sanded them smooth, and then painted them white.

diy spice rack

Next, we began creating the shelves for our spice rack.

diy spice rack

We basically created them like stair steps, gluing and nailing one board on top of the other.

diy spice rack

Don’t forget to check and make sure each board is level.

diy spice rack

Here are the shelves half way through…

diy spice rack

After we had finished each shelf, I used wood filler to fill in the seams.

diy spice rack

Then I sanded and painted the shelves, and they were ready to be used! Smile

diy spice rack

I bought some glass jars at Hobby Lobby {50% off, of course!} and used some chalk board labels to label each jar.

diy spice rack

I love how I have easy access to my spices now when I cook.  I’ve added a few more spice jars since taking these pictures.

diy spice rack

This project only took a couple hours from start to finish and was very inexpensive to create.

Do you have a special way that you store your spices?



See more fun DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on Instagram, Pinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app!


*Disclaimer: As a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Creators and Influencers network, I received a Lowe’s gift card to complete this project.  All ideas, instructions, and opinions are completely and totally mine! Smile



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DIY “Wonderful World” Chalkboard Print


Last Friday, I shared with you my kitchen table makeover.


The two most asked questions about that post were “Where did you get the chandelier?” and “Where did you get the Wonderful World print?”

Well, I have two easy answers! Smile

I got the chandelier from Ballard Designs.

Here is the link:

Laurenza 8 Light Chandelier

Laurenza 8 Light Chandelier


And I got the print from one of my absolute favorite bloggers, Jennifer, from Dear Lillie.

Dear Lillie

Her home and her decorating taste is to die for!  If for some crazy reason you have never been to her blog, treat yourself and GO TODAY.  You are welcome. Smile


She has the most beautiful chalkboard prints for sale in her shop.

Here is the link to the Wonderful World print…

I Think To Myself 24×36 Chalkboard Download

You can purchase the download for less than $10 and then take it to your local print shop to get it printed.  I sent mine download to Kinkos online and then went and picked it up.

I followed Jennifer’s directions for building the frame, and it was super, duper easy!  All you need is some wood and some screws. Smile

Click on the picture below to see how you can make one too!

I am absolutely in love with my print in my kitchen!  It’s funny how often the boys and I start randomly singing that song now!  Smile


Let me know if you make one too!

Have a blessed day!

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A New Tile Backsplash!



Cy recently finished another kitchen project.  A client wanted him to help install a new tile backsplash in their kitchen.

They were doing some of the renovation themselves, and here is a “before” picture after their new countertop was installed…


Cy began removing the old tile, but before he did, he made sure that he had on his 3M™ TEKK Protection™ Holmes Workwear™ Safety Glasses.  He had a pair of clear protective glasses, but we didn’t look near as cool in them as we did in the dark protective glasses. Smile    Players don’t play.

phone 011


The tile can easily be removed with a hammer, box knife, and a pry bar, but Cy had to be sure to wear his protective eye wear because bits and pieces of tile can break off and fly in the air.  It is so super important to protect your eyes!

When the tile is removed, it usually damages the dry wall behind it.



So once everything was removed, Cy installed new drywall above the countertop.


phone 001


Once the old tile was removed and the new drywall was up, it was time to install the new tile.


phone 002

Cy wore his 3m protective eye gear and Digital WorkTunes™ Hearing Protector and AM/FM Stereo Radio while he worked.  For this project, hearing wasn’t a big concern because we didn’t use power tools.  However, Cy likes to wear them to block out any noise during noisier projects and wore them during this project for added safety protection and to listen to music while he was working.

He was trying to cut out the hole where the outlets would go in the wall.

phone 003

You have to be super careful with this part.

phone 006

Before applying the new tile to the drywall, he spread tile adhesive on the wall with a 1/8 inch V-notch trowel.


phone 008

Then he used his grout float to push the individual tiles firmly into the adhesive.  During this process, keep a damp sponge near and wipe off any excess adhesive that pushes through the tile before it dries.

The homeowner was going to grout the tile himself after Cy was finished installing it.

phone 009


I stopped back by to get some “after” pictures, and the tile looked beautiful!


The new tile definitely gives their kitchen a more updated look!


And the cutouts around the outlets worked out perfectly!


You can find other great 3M products here:

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3M™ TEKK Protection™ website

And connect with 3M here:

3M DIY on Facebook

3M DIY on Twitter


This post is a collaboration with 3M™ TEKK Protection™ Brand, but all words and opinions are my own.

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Kitchen Makeover Reveal



Remember back in March, how I told you that one of Cy’s first jobs in his new business was remodeling my brother and SIL’s kitchen in their new home?

Well, he finished it a couple of months ago, but I just now got over to their house to take some “after” pictures!

Sorry for the delay. Smile


But I am so excited to show you Cy’s fabulous work!

Let’s remember what it looked like before….


painting oak cabinets


And the after!….

painting oak cabinets


My brother, Blake,  and sister-in-law, Ande, are absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!

It is amazing how much of a difference was made by painting the kitchen cabinets white!


painting oak cabinets

He used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove on the cabinets.

painting oak cabinets white


The oak cabinets completely dated the kitchen…

painting oak cabinets white


But now the cabinets look fresh and current…

painting oak cabinets white


To paint the cabinets, Cy used the Homeright Finish Max Sprayer.

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer


You can read about how he painted the cabinets HERE.

painting kitchen cabinets white


Ande chose to paint the island herself, and Cy installed a new granite counter top on it.

painting oak cabinets white


Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I believe Ande got those stools at IKEA.


painting oak cabinets white



Cy also installed IKEA butcher block counter tops just like the ones in our kitchen.


IKEA butcher block counter tops


I cannot get enough of butcher block counter tops!


painting oak cabinets white


Ande picked out a beautiful stainless steel farmhouse sink for her kitchen.  Cy had to rebuild the cabinet below to make it fit, and it looks great!


IKEA butcher block countertops


Blake and Ande also had the floor refinished, which added even more beauty to this space!

kitchen makeover reveal


So there you have it!  What do you think?

Did Cy do a good job?  Smile


kitchen makeover

Next week, I am going to show you the makeover he completed on my Aunt and Uncle’s master bathroom.  You won’t believe it!


If you have any questions about the kitchen makeover, feel free to leave it in the comments below.  Thanks!

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