Painted Brick Homes


Last week, I showed you some of the makeover we have completed on one side of our house.  The post was focusing on the DIY shutters and landscaping, but the topic of conversation on my facebook page was about the painted brick.

Did y’all know that people get real opinionated about painted brick?

Yeah, me either. Smile

I kind of think it has to do with what part of the US you live in.  Here in Kentucky, painted brick is a beautiful, “Southern” thing.

I love driving down in some of the wealthiest parts of Lexington and just looking at all of the beautifully painted brick homes.  They. Are. Dreamy.

That’s John Calipari’s house above.  He’s the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team.  GO BIG BLUE!!!

A couple of years ago, when I was searching for the perfect color to paint my brick, I went around taking pictures of all of the painted brick homes in this area.  I just fell in love with them. white brick house

I wrote a post about the homes, and shared them on my blog.  Click on the picture below to view those homes.

My readers LOVED that post and begged me to take more pictures of homes in my area.

So I wrote this post…

Click on the picture to see more gorgeous painted brick homes.

So what do you think? 

Do you like painted brick homes?

Or do you like natural brick better?

What is popular where you live?

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Instant Curb Appeal with DIY Shutters


Y’all know that we have been working on the exterior of our house for the entire three years that we have lived here.  We’ve been taking it one slow step at a time.

Very soon, I am planning on showing you how we painted our exterior brick and what our house looks like now.  We still have a lot to do, but we are getting there!

One side of our house that I have been dying to add a little curb appeal is the side next to our driveway.  It’s the side that everyone sees when they drive up to our house.

This is what this side of our house looked like when we bought the house three years ago…


I knew immediately when we bought the house that I wanted to paint the brick.  Notice the beautiful green mold on the brick?  Yuck!  We power washed that off before we painted.


We finally painted the exterior last year, and we used Valspar Duramax (exterior)paint from Lowe’s and had it tinted the same color as Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.


phone 033

Painting the exterior brick made a HUGE difference in the look of our home.  It made old, ugly brick look fresh and new!photo(23)

Of course, I wanted to make some shutters for these windows.

We used pressure treated 1×6 pieces of pine (about 54 inches long) to fit the size of our windows.


The horizontal slats of wood on the front are pressure treated 1×4’s.  We used construction adhesive and finish nails to attach the horizontal piece to the vertical slats.


We painted the shutters with an exterior Valspar Signature paint in my favorite color, Ebony Fields.  It’s kind of a

Here are the supplies we got at Lowe’s to hang the shutters…



First, we decided where we wanted to hang the shutters, marked the spot, and used a drill to create a starter hole in the brick.


Next, we used the masonry bit and concrete anchors to attach the shutter to the brick.  We only needed two anchors, one on the top and one on the bottom.


It started getting late when we were hanging the last shutters. Smile


The next day, I went to Lowe’s Garden Center and picked up some beautiful knock out roses and hostas.


I also got this beautiful bush to hide some of the “uglies” on our exterior.  It’s not quite big enough yet to cover them, but it will be eventually.


And I love my beautiful white azalea that I planted.


I am so happy with how cheerful this side of our house looks now!  It will be even more beautiful over the years as these plants continue to grow and get even bigger.


Just some paint, shutters, and landscaping has made a huge difference in the curb appeal of our home!  I love pulling up in our driveway now. Smile


What do you think?  Do you like my brick better painted?


This project was sponsored by Lowes as part of their monthly Lowes Creative Ideas Team.  For more inspiration, check out the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine in print or on your tablet.

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Back Door Makeover




I wanted to show you a quick little change we did to our back door.

We finished this back in July, but I am just getting around to showing it to you.

This is what our back door used to look like…

back door makeover

This is the door we use every single day.  And so does our company whenever they come over.  Sad smile

A white door does not work well with four little boys and a dog.  It stayed constantly dirty.

Notice the outdoor light?   Yep, it was just an exposed light bulb because the plastic cover fell off and cracked last year.  Tacky, I tell ya.

When we painted the exterior brick {which I still haven’t posted about yet}, I knew I had to paint that door.  I decided to paint it the same color as the front door, mainly because I already had the paint. Smile

It’s called Ebony Fields by Valspar.

Here is what our back door looks like now!

back door makeover

Aaaaahhhhh, much better!

We bought that beautiful copper-like outdoor light at Lowe’s.  I love our back door now.  I need a bigger rug, but I haven’t bought one yet.

I cannot believe how much difference a little bit of paint can make!


BTW, the pretty ferns are from my sweet daddy.  Smile  He buys ferns for my sister, my SIL, and me every Mother’s Day.  I love them!

I hope to show you the rest of our exterior soon, but we haven’t finished painting the two story addition yet.  We are going to have a rent a boom lift or something.

Have a blessed day!

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More Painted Brick Homes…{And my favorite!}


Okay.  I am obsessed with painted brick homes.

They are just so stinkin’ beautiful to me!

My hubby was working on Mandy’s bathroom remodel  last night, and the boys and I went with him.  While he was slaving away in the bathroom, we took a joy ride to that beautiful area of Lexington (or “where the rich people live” as my boys say) to go on a scavenger hunt for more painted brick homes.

It is a very wealthy, established part of Lexington.  Former UK head coach, Tubby Smith, lived in this area.  Honestly, there are more painted brick homes than non-painted brick homes around there!  Sometimes there would be a whole street of painted brick homes.

I was in heaven!

Look at some of these beauties…

This home was a gray color.


Front close up

Side of house…

(the landscaping was amazing!!)




Here are some more gorgeous bone color homes (which seemed to be the favorite color in this area).




I love the two pictures of the home below because it is something we could totally do to our house.

We are thinking of adding a second story someday with dormer windows, and eventually a two car garage to the side.

I am also wanting to extend the front porch someday.

Can you picture it?

I didn’t like this paint color at all.  Just had to throw it in the mix.

(Please forgive me if this is your house.  If you like this color, that is all that matters.  I’m sure you are a lovely person, despite the color of your house.)

I had to drive by the home below twice to get a picture of it.  The first time some people were standing outside the home, and I thought I would totally freak them out if I started taking pictures of them.

I was right, wasn’t I.

This was one of my favorite homes.  It was breathtaking!

white brick house

The landscaping was amazing, and the paint was the perfect “bone” color.

white brick house

Here is the garage that went with the home above.  It sat to the left of the house.

A beautiful home painted in a taupe color…

At this point, I had all the windows rolled down in our car, and my boys were hanging out the windows like a bunch of hooligans.

They were yelling at all the walkers and runners going by.  You could totally tell we were not from those parts.  :)

This house was a show stopper to me.  My boys asked, “Mom, will we ever live in a house this big?”

To which I replied, “Um…no.”

But it doesn’t hurt to dream…

Here is another darker color brick…look at that lawn!


You wanna see my favorite house?

You wanna see the house that made me say, “Oh my heavens!”

You wanna see what color I think I might paint my house?

(After I knock on the door and ask the owner what color the brick is painted?)


I love this house!

Okay…so it is like 300 times bigger than mine will ever be, but would you look at it?!

I love the color!

If you could see it in person…it is not stark white, but it isn’t bone white either.

It’s just right.

I love the brown wood door.

I am hoping to get an antique wood door for our front porch.  And we will be needing a new roof soon, so maybe we could do the same gray shingles.

Isn’t it lovely?

When we first started thinking about painting our house, we were leaning toward a taupe/gray color.

Sort of like this one…

And I still love this color.  And I’m not gonna say that we won’t paint our home this color.

Many of you said on yesterday’s post that you liked the gray or taupe color homes the best.  It made me second guess my choice of off white.

But I really love the off white brick.  And I think it will stand out beautifully  on our property.

If I do not do the off white, I think I will go with this “bone” color (my second favorite color)…

white brick house

I just love painted brick.

It’s classic and old south to me.

I’m not sure about the shutters yet.

Dark brown?


Dark Gray?

We’ll see…

Funny thing is, my sweet Aunt Pat (my mom’s sister) left this comment on my “painted brick” blog post yesterday…

I love all these beautiful houses!

I just wanted to tell you and I’m sure you probably already know

that Wanda always loved and wanted a white (or off white) house with black shutters.

I’m just sayin… Whatever you pick, I know it will be stunning!
Love you!

No, Aunt Pat, I didn’t know that about my mom!  It made my heart skip a beat.  Now I know where I get it.  :)

Thank you for telling me.

That makes my love of white brick homes even more special.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that I am 100% for sure gonna paint my house an off white.

I do have to get a confident thumbs up from my better half.

So, we’ll see…

Thanks for all the comments you left yesterday.  It was so much fun to read each one.

So what do you think?

Do you think my home will be pretty painted off white?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

I love you guys.

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Painted Brick {A plethora of inspirational pictures!}







I think that we have definitely decided to paint our brick exterior probably.  :)

(Our home before we moved in.)


The boys and I jumped in the car a couple of days ago and drove through an area in Lexington that is full of older brick homes.

Many of those homes have painted exterior brick.  I was hoping to find a color that I loved.   (And I think I did.)

I took my camera and snapped pictures through the windows!  Sorta felt like I was doing something illegal.

Surprisingly, the boys loved it!  They kept yelling, “Ooh there’s one, Mom!”    “Over there, Mom!”

They actually want to do it again sometime.

As a child, I remember riding around with Mom looking at houses.  Especially when she was trying to get ideas for landscaping around her house.  She even took pictures. :)

If you are stuck in a rut and need inspiration, just go visit your favorite nearby neighborhood and soak up all the great inspiration.

Here are even more pictures I took of painted brick homes…
















Look at this beautiful white washed brick home…


Of course, I love this color palette…(those red pillows!)

I tried to get a picture of UK Basketball Coach, John Calipari’s home, but I couldn’t slow down to take the picture.

So I grabbed some pictures off the internet!

Here is his beautiful painted brick home…



So what do you think?

Tell me which picture was your favorite, or what paint color you liked best?

(Then I will tell you which color I think I have decided on!)



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