Dining Area Makeover Reveal


I am sooooo excited to show you my new dining space!!  I’ve never really liked our eating area.  I love the galvanized steel top table that we made for our kitchen, but other than that, this space needed a lot of help.   I mean, A.  LOT.

dining area makeover

The black windsor chairs were not going with the look I wanted to create for our kitchen.  I wanted a more warm feeling.

dining area makeover
And now I’ve got it!!!

Here is my new dining space!!!!!

dining area makeover
Don’t ya love it?  Well, I do! :)

It is definitely much more warm and inviting!

dining area makeover
The main change in this space was the seating.

There is now enough space for 8-9 people to sit around the table.

dining area makeover
I flanked the table with these beautiful Alaina slipcovered chairs.  Most people think I am crazy for having white furniture in my house with four boys, but they are my absolutely favorite thing to have!  All you have to do is throw the slipcover in the wash, and it looks like new!

dining area makeover
Against the wall, I placed this charming Kensington Bench.  The boys LOVE this bench and fight over who gets to sit there!

dining area makeover
The bench adds a lot of character and warmth to our kitchen.  And it will be fun to decorate with different pillows throughout the seasons.

dining area makeover

Here is what the side of the bench looks like…

dining area makeover

It reminds me of a church pew.

For the other side of the table, I chose three Cadence chairs.   I got mine in oak, but they also come in black and cream.

I LOVE these chairs!


dining area makeover
The metal detail on the back is beautiful!!

dining area makeover
I feel that all 6 of these furniture pieces really go well together even though they are all so different.

To finish off my dining space, I added two Darcy pendants.

dining area makeover

I am crazy about these pendants!  They definitely add a farmhouse feel to my kitchen.

dining area makeover
I started with just one pendant light over the table, but since my table is extra long, I needed two pendants.

dining area makeover
All of the pieces that I used to freshen up my dining area can be found at Arhaus.

Here is another look at the before and after…

dining area makeover
I am so excited to decorate this space for Christmas now!  :)

Hope you have a blessed day!!


*This post was sponsored by Arhaus.  I was able to pick furniture pieces to create my dining area makeover.  I chose pieces that best suited my decor.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.

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A Reader’s Home Makeover (Before and After)


Hello, friends!

On Saturday, I was at Pet Smart and met one of my blog readers.  I love when I meet one of my readers!!!  She said she felt silly introducing herself to me, but I absolutely LOVED it! 

I love knowing that people are actually reading what I write.  {hee.hee.}

Anyway, she showed me some pictures on her phone of the makeovers she has been doing in her own home.  I was so impressed!  Smile

I asked her to email them to me so I could share them with you.  I think it is good sometimes to see work of non-bloggers who are DIYing and working to improve their homes on a budget.

Here’s what Tonyia had to say about her makeover…

Our 30 plus year old kitchen really, really needed an update!  photo 1(2)

photo 2(2)

We laid a ceramic tile floor, took out the soffitts to open up the space…

photo 2(3)

and expanded the lower cabinets and countertop area to make the kitchen larger. photo 3(1)The eating area is now out in the sunroom area.photo 1(1)

We purchased our cabinets & counter top from Home Depot, but my husband did the installation himself (with the help of a friend). This saved us some $$$.photo 2(1)

Here’s a close-up of my favorite part of our new kitchen (open shelves & IKEA farmhouse sink). I’ve displayed a mix of some glassware that was my grandmother’s along with some newer pieces.

photo 1(3)


I have some “before” pics of our sunroom, but can’t locate them at the moment. These pics were taken  after we did the demo part. photo 1(4)Let me just say that this room was awful. We took out 2 sets of sliding glass doors that separated the sunroom from kitchen & dining room areas of the house, raised the floor because we used to have to step down a little into the sunroom, added heat/air, installed new windows & put in a new wood ceiling (it used to be a popcorn type ceiling).

photo 2(4)


The walls used to be paneling and this room only had single pane windows before so we basically could only use this room during “nice weather” months before.

photo 1(5)

Now this room is an extension of our home and we can use it year-round!!  photo 3(4)You can see our new eating area in these pictures.

photo 2(5)This project was my favorite during our first floor remodel because of the china cabinet transformation my mom & I did together (bottom picture is a “before” pic of the cabinet) photo 3 and also because of the group of paintings on the wall.

photo 2(6)

My grandmother was a beautiful artist & she painted all the pictures in this grouping. With her permission, I walked through her house and took pictures off her walls to create this grouping.

All of the frames were different (barn wood & other shades of light & dark wood) so I spray painted all of the frames black to give them consistency on the wall. I love how this turned out!! 

My grandmother lost her life to cancer October 2013, but she was able to see this completed project and was so proud that I have them displayed in my home.photo 1(6)

Oh, and the table belonged to my great-grandmother. I knew I wanted to use this table before the project started, so it was the base of the room & I picked out everything else to compliment the table.


One last room to share with you of our first floor remodel. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but this whole project took us about 3 years. We both work full-time, and we have a 15 yr old son that is involved in sports, so that doesn’t leave a lot of spare time to work on the house.

The first picture is what our ceiling used to look like in our living room & dining room.

photo 1(7)

We removed this ceiling & installed a new wood ceiling out of natural wood with several coats of polyurethane.

photo 2(7)

It automatically made these rooms look bigger. We installed this same wood ceiling in the sunroom.
You can sort of see what our living room used to look like in the 2nd picture. The funky shape above the old TV had the same dark wood that was on the ceiling. Our dining room is on the opposite side of the wall & then you walk into the sunroom.  You can see the horrible maroon/purple wall color that we lived with for many years . It was this color when we bought the house. . . I did NOT pick this color.

photo 3(5)
In the above picture, you can see the new mantle & entertainment center space that my husband built himself. I found the cabinet doors that are on the storage area next to the TV at the Habitat for Humanity Restore on Southland Dr. (another little trick I learned from you)!!  I found an old cabinet at the Restore that had doors the exact size we needed.  I bought the cabinet, removed the doors & donated the cabinet back to them.  SmileThe doors were brown when I bought them. A couple coats of white paint and they looked brand new!!

Here is the rest of that space…photo 4

photo 5

Didn’t Tonyia do an amazing job?!  I love seeing all of the hard work they have put into their home the past three years.

And I love that she has filled her home with so many precious keepsakes.  That is what makes a home truly special! 

It was so nice to meet you, Tonyia!  Thank you for saying hi to me at Pet Smart, and thank you for letting me share your beautiful home with my readers!!! Smile


Have a blessed day!!

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How to Style a Dark Leather Sofa (Den Makeover)


Hello Beneath My Heart readers!!

It’s Bre, from Rooms FOR Rent blog, and I’m so happy to be back with all you today!


Today I’m sharing with you how I decorate around a modern black sofa.

If you have visited my blog, than you already know my style is not modern, nor do I own a black leather sofa.  I am a white slip-covered girl through and through.

However, I have yet to meet a client who is on the white-slip covered band wagon. In fact my last 4 clients have all owned dark leather sofa’s, yet they are craving a lighter, fresh, cozier look.  But guess what, that dark leather sofa is not going anywhere. Nope! It’s here to stay.

So I want to show you how I tackled working with a very sleek, modern, black leather sofa, and brought some coastal chic into the space. Let’s start off with the a before:



Ok, so first things first!

We painted their walls. Before was what I call “builder beige,” that peachy-bone color, that did nothing but make this large black leather sectional stick out, and command all the attention in the room. I chose warm neutral colors to warm up the space and take away all the attention from the sofa. Creating a dark accent wall directly across the sofa, helped balance the space, and blend the tv in, which was a win-win in my book.

The homeowner was really craving a space that felt warm, cozy and lived in, so the next step was adding curtains to warm up the cold bare windows.



The only furniture in the space was the large leather sectional, modern glass coffee table, and flat screen tv on a sleek black stand.


I created a cozy reading corner in the space by bringing in an accent chair in a creamy linen.  To balance the once sleek modern look, I brought in a weathered trunk for a coffee table that I custom painted to fit the space.

We swapped out the too-small shag rug for a trellis patterned in a neutral hue to add interest to the space, and again take the attention off the sofa.   Loading the sofa up with lots of fun throw pillows not only makes the space feel cozy, but softens the look of the modern leather.

Even though the mantle plays no part in how the sofa looks technically, it still plays a key part in the rooms decor. Seen below in the before, it was decorated with too much of the same thing…rectangle metal frames, not really holding it’s own as a focal point, but just feeling kind of blah.


I left the original mirror, because it was a great size for the mantle, but instead of frames, I brought in weathered wooden candle sticks, faux boxwood topiaries, and seashells, for lots of texture and interest.


Now, we had a mantle that would truly take center stage in this family room and not be washed out by one very large distracting leather sofa. After completing this install, my client was given the space she craved with the sofa her husband loved.
While adding accent pillows and cozy throw blankets to your sofa will help soften it’s look, remember to look all around your room at other areas you can change and tweak to help balance out any distracting furniture you might have. Sometimes it’s not always just changing the most obvious piece, but learning how to work around it for a more blended look!

I Hope You Have a GREAT Day!

Have a Design need or questions? Email me at: [email protected]
To see what I’m currently up to follow me on Instagram @roomsforrent

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5 Easy Steps to an Outdoor Makeover


Are you enjoying more time outside now?  We sure are!  I cannot get enough of it.  However, my back yard was really needing a makeover.

Here is my sad outdoor space that was in desperate need of some TLC.  DSC_0684

There were five things that I wanted to do to this space to make it ready for outdoor entertaining this summer.

1.  Add a new rug to define the space.

2.  Add an umbrella to create shade from the sun.

3.  Add cushions and pillows for comfort.

4.  Add candles/lighting for ambiance.

5.  Add flowers to the pergola for color.

These 5 things are not very difficult to do, but they made a dramatic difference in our back yard.

Here is what it looks like now…


Can you believe the difference?!  I love it now!

The outdoor rug had been there for three years, and it had seen better days.  It was time for it to go.  It seriously had like grass growing in it, or something else.  Ew.



So I got a this new rug from Lowe’s…

Society Page 7-ft 10-in x 10-ft Rectangular Brown Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

It really brightened up the space and made my table really stand out!


Btw, I got those black iron table and chairs at a yard sale for $25 about 15 year ago.  I spray painted them hunter green to match my house at the time.  Yikes! Smile  Since then, I have painted them black.  I give the whole set a new coat of black spray paint every spring, and they work perfectly all summer long!

The second thing I wanted to do was add an umbrella because we get a ton of direct sun in this space.  An umbrella is a necessity!

I found a neutral one, by Garden Treasures, at Lowe’s that I loved.

I usually always buy a neutral colored umbrella because it goes with anything, and all I have to do is change out the cushions and pillows when I want to change my color scheme.


Next, I found some cushions and pillows that I loved and added them to my patio set and swing under the pergola.  They add so much color to our back yard, and they will help our guests feel extra cozy and comfortable when visiting.  Smile

My favorite, and fourth, thing that I love to add to an outdoor area is candles/lighting.

I found this candle holder at Lowe’s that I absolutely love!


Garden Treasures Hanging Umbrella Centerpiece

It’s a “umbrella centerpiece,” and I have always wanted to try one of these.


It was super easy to attach to the pole, and it looks so pretty all lit up at night.


I’m still finishing the area under out back patio, but I wanted to show you some lighting that I added to one wall in that space as well.


11.4-in H Light Blue Ceramic Outdoor Decorative Lantern

I got those lanterns at Lowe’s, and they match my pillows perfectly.  They have the black iron hooks/hangers at Lowe’s as well for just a few bucks.  Cy drilled a couple of holes in the brick and then we screwed the hook/hangers to the wall.  For an extra touch, I used some rope to hang the lanterns from as well.


I don’t know if you can tell that I have candles lit inside the lanterns because it wasn’t dark enough outside yet.  But they are beautiful at night!  They cast a beautiful glow on my brick wall, and I love them!

Lastly, adding flowers to your outdoor area definitely spruces things up.

I found these teal pots and pretty pink hydrangeas at Lowes, and thought  they would look beautiful in front of my pergola.


Now I can sit on my swing and enjoy them all summer long!


So there you have it!

My back yard is coming together.   Stay tuned for more pictures of our makeover later this week. Smileoutdoor makeoverMore DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on Instagram, Pinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app

LCI Summer Badge

Disclosure:  I received a Lowe’s gift card for this project.  All decorating ideas and opinions are 100% mine.

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Clint and Mary’s Kitchen Makeover Reveal


A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the before pictures of Clint and Mary’s Kitchen Makeover.

Clint and Mary lived in a very typical house of the 80’s where each room was separated by walls.

Their kitchen felt very small, and since Mary likes to entertain, they wanted a bigger kitchen/dining area.


Cy accomplished this by tearing down both walls in the kitchen.

IMG_0087 The wall where the kitchen sink was located separated the kitchen from the den.


Now check out how open their kitchen looks!

2014-04-22 10.37.31

Here’s the kicker, the kitchen sink cabinet was not moved!  It is still the same distance from the cabinets on the opposite wall!  But with the walls be removed, the small kitchen area now looks HUGE.

Here is the before picture of the view from the den to the kitchen…



And here it is now!

2014-04-22 10.23.42

I KNOW!  Isn’t it amazing?!!!

You can see on the far wall the new cabinets and pantry that Cy built for them.

Here is the before of that wall in the kitchen…


In the left corner of that wall, there was a blank space where Cy created a tall storage cabinet.

2014-04-22 10.24.36

The refrigerator was moved down, more cabinets were added along with new wall ovens, {which I love!}

2014-04-22 10.29.08

When he removed the wall to the dining room, it made room for Cy to create a large double door pantry.

2014-04-22 10.37.12

To the right of the pantry, the dining room wall looked like this…


Now it looks like this!…

2014-04-22 10.27.20

Mary wanted a LOT of cabinet space for storage, and man, did she get it!  Cy built these custom cabinets, installed a granite counter top, along with under cabinet lighting.

Here is a view from the other side of the dining room…2014-04-22 10.36.26

If you stand on the other side of the dining room, you will see the french doors that Cy added that lead into the liviing room.2014-04-22 10.26.04

That wall to the living room was originally even with the columns on the bar, but Cy moved that wall back to create a larger dining space and a smaller living room space.   It also created an entrance from the dining room to the den that was not previously there.

Here is what the living room looks like on the other side of that door.

2014-04-22 10.35.15

When you open the french doors, you see this!…

2014-04-22 10.35.42

I love this view of their kitchen!


2014-04-22 10.36.10

You can see how removing those walls really opened up the space.

2014-04-22 10.36.19

It is hard to believe that the window you see in the picture above is the same window in the picture below.  IMG_0131{Well, Cy did actually install new windows, but they are the same size and in the same location.} Smile

2014-04-22 10.30.40

Here are some more pictures of Clint and Mary’s new kitchen.

2014-04-22 10.24.42

2014-04-22 10.22.25

2014-04-22 10.26.45

This was a really big makeover, but definitely worth it!  It completely changed the whole look and feel of the house.  It also gave it a more updated and current look.

2014-04-22 10.30.12

Clint and Mary were a joy to work with!

And I love that I was able to feature a kitchen with stained cabinets on my blog.  Y’all know my love for white cabinets!  And you know that kitchens with white cabinets is what I share the most on my blog.

But not everyone likes white cabinets or has them in their homes. {Ahem…My cousin, Linda.} Smile

So I think this kitchen is a great example of how darker or stained cabinets can look great and fresh in the kitchen!

Thank you, Clint and Mary, for letting me share

your beautiful new kitchen on my blog!!


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Clint and Mary’s Kitchen Renovation {Part One}


Hey friends!

I am so excited to share Cy’s latest remodeling project with you!

A couple of months ago, he started working on Clint and Mary’s kitchen renovation. It was a HUGE renovation, and I wanted to share some of the “before” pictures with you.

When you walk in their front door, you immediately see their living room on the right.

kitchen renovation

The living room leads into the dining room.  The plan was to move the wall between the two rooms forward making the living room smaller and the dining room bigger.

Cy was also going to add new French pocket doors between the two rooms.

If you keep walking past the living room, you will find yourself in their den.

kitchen renovation

Like most homes built during this time, there is a wall separating the den from the kitchen.  Clint and Mary wanted a more “open” feel in their home and wanted to tear down the wall between the two rooms.

Mary loves to entertain and host get-togethers, so she wanted a space that facilitated a lot of people.

Her kitchen was small and closed off from the rest of the house.

kitchen renovation

It was also missing adequate storage.  Mary wanted a LOT of cabinets and storage space.  {What woman doesn’t, right?!} Smilekitchen renovation

We made plans to tear out the small panty and create a larger one with double doors.  The wall between the kitchen and dining room was also going to get torn down, opening up the space even more.

If you walk through the small kitchen, you will end up in the dining room.

kitchen renovation

As you can tell in the picture below, every room was separated from the other ones with walls.  Well that was going to change….BIG TIME!

kitchen renovation

Here are a few sneak peeks of the “during” photos.

The new wall between the living room and dining room was built…

kitchen renovation

And the wall between the den and the kitchen was torn down…

kitchen renovation

The space already looks SO much bigger!

kitchen renovation

I cannot wait to show you the “afters” of this space!  It is an amazing transformation!


Stay tuned….


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Robin’s Bathroom Makeover Reveal {Part Two}


UPDATE:  Click HERE to see all the details on Robin’s bathroom, including paint color and accessories.

I hope you enjoyed Part One of Robin’s bathroom makeover yesterday.

If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Now I get to show you the whole beautiful bathroom!

But first, I want to thank Robin for letting me share her bathroom with all of you.

“Thank you, Robin!”  Smile

Robin did an amazing job decorating her new bathroom, and I know you are going to enjoy these photos.

Let’s look again at the before…

bathroom makeover reveal

And now the after…

bathroom makeover reveal

Remember the old linen closet and vanity?…

bathroom makeover reveal

The linen closet is gone, and the old vanity has been replaced with a beautiful custom double vanity…


bathroom makeover reveal

The old corner tub?

bathroom makeover reveal

See ya later, Alligator!…

bathroom makeover reveal

The old, bulky shower in the middle of the wall had to go!…

bathroom makeover reveal

Robin bought a beautiful blue dresser to go where the old shower used to be, and the now the new shower is tucked perfectly in the corner providing a lot more space in the bathroom and making it appear larger.

bathroom makeover reveal

Speaking of the shower….

I think my hubby did a great job creating that custom arch and tiling the shower!  Smile

bathroom makeover reveal

And I am in love with the custom glass doors that Robin picked out for her shower. bathroom makeover reveal

Here is a look at the bathroom from another angle…


bathroom makeover reveal


bathroom makeover reveal

Robin picked out the beautiful granite vanity top, and Cy installed it.

bathroom makeover reveal


bathroom makeover reveal

Did you notice all of the beautiful bead board that Cy installed around the bathroom?  Love it!

bathroom makeover reveal

And I love Robin’s new tile flooring too!

Here is a look at the old toilet area…

bathroom makeover reveal

Cy installed matching granite on top of the knee wall by the toilet, and I love the way it looks now!

bathroom makeover reveal

And Robin hung this pretty word art on the wall where the linen closet used to be…

bathroom makeover reveal

I hate to say goodbye to Robin’s beautiful bathroom, but I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Smile

Before we leave, I snapped a quick picture of her beautiful bedroom on the way out too because I knew you would love seeing it.

neutral bedroom

Thanks again, Robin, for sharing your beautiful bathroom makeover with us!

To find out the decor details of Robin’s bathroom, click HERE.

If you like this bathroom makeover, you might like these as well!  Just click on the picture to check them out.reveal

Bathroom Makeover Revealbathroom makeover












Also, if you live near Lexington, Kentucky and have a remodeling or insulation project that needs to be completed, I might have some connections. Smile

Just shoot me an email!


Have a blessed day!

*I’m linking this post to Home Stories A to Z’s Tutorial and Tips Linky Party.

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Robin’s Bathroom Makeover Reveal {Part One}


I am soooo excited to share this bathroom makeover reveal with you!

As you know, my husband went into business for himself this past year.  He started an insulation and remodeling business.  We thought he would do more insulation than remodeling, but it has actually been the opposite.

Part of the reason is because of my blog.  Many of his remodeling jobs have come from people who read my blog. Smile

Like Robin.

Robin has been reading my blog, and my sister’s blog, for a while now, and when she read that Cy was starting his own remodeling business, she asked him to give her master bathroom a makeover.

Robin is precious, and it was awesome meeting her in person!

Today, I want to show you what her bathroom looked like the day Cy and I went to her house, and some of the plans she/we had for the bathroom

Here is what the bathroom looked like as soon as you walked in…

bathroom makeover reveal

One of the first things Robin told us that she wanted to change in her bathroom was the flooring.

bathroom makeover reveal

She also wanted to remove the vanity and install a new double sink vanity.

I suggested that she tear out the small linen closet beside the vanity to make the bathroom feel more spacious.

bathroom makeover reveal

On the right side of the bathroom, there was a big, bulky shower right in the middle of the wall.  Robin wanted that shower torn out and a new one built in the right corner of the bathroom.

bathroom makeover reveal

She also wanted to get rid of the big tub.  I definitely agreed with this decision! Smile

bathroom makeover reveal

Removing the tub would make a huge difference in this space.

You can see in the picture below how the shower wall juts out and takes up a lot of space.

bathroom makeover reveal

The only thing that we were not going to change in this bathroom was the toilet.  It was going to stay where it was, but that area would get a little update.

bathroom makeover reveal

We also left the walk in closet alone.  It stayed put.

bathroom makeover reveal


Cy and his crew got busy on this bathroom!  They got rid of the old flooring and corner tub.

bathroom makeover reveal

They tore out the vanity and linen closet and hung new drywall in its place.bathroom makeover revealThey also tore out the old shower, and installed a new tub and shower in the corner of the bathroom.

bathroom makeover reveal

It is amazing how much larger the bathroom began to look with the shower moved down to the corner!

bathroom makeover reveal

Robin wanted an arch in the shower, so Cy custom built one for her.

bathroom makeover reveal

He installed beautiful 12×12 tiles on the shower wall along with an accent piece.

bathroom makeover reveal

For the new floor, Cy installed the tile on the diagonal which visually makes the floor space look larger.

bathroom makeover reveal

Do you liked what you have seen so far?

Well, here is a sneak peak of the final reveal tomorrow!

bathroom makeover reveal

I can’t wait to show you the rest of it!  {I wish I could take credit for how beautifully decorated Robin’s bathroom is, but she did it all herself, and you are going to LOVE it!}

Come back tomorrow to see all of the “before and afters” of this beautiful bathroom makeover!

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Bathroom Makeover Reveal!!



Hey friends!  Happy Labor Day!

I wanted to quickly share with you a makeover that Cy did on a client’s bathroom.

bathroom makeover

He had already started the demolition process before I could get a before picture, so this is what it looked like when I showed up.

Bathroom makeover

That is where the toilet used to be.

He was going to try to keep and re-do the original vanity, but it was in such bad shape, I convinced him to let me find a piece of furniture I could turn into a vanity.

I found this piece of furniture at our local antique mall for $90 dollars.  That was so much cheaper than any new vanity that I would buy at Lowe’s or anywhere else.


Bathroom makeover

I painted the dresser with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Gray.  We reused the same hardware because it was perfect.  We were planning on keeping the original top on the dresser, but Cy ended up having to replace it.

dresser to vanity

He bought some oak, stained it, and sealed it with poly to create a new vanity top.

For the bathtub, he used a tub refinishing kit from Lowe’s to cover up the old blue tub.

Bathroom makeover


I picked out the tile for the shower and floor.  It is from Lowe’s.  I will try to get the exact name of this tile and add it to my post today.

Bathroom makeover


bathroom makeover

We were super pleased with how it looked.

Cy installed bead board all around the room which really made the space look bigger and brighter.

bathroom makeover

We painted the walls above the bead board a tan color.

bathroom makeover

Here is what the bathroom looked like before…

bathroom makeover

Here is the after!

bathroom makeover

Cy bought the light at Lowe’s, and he built a custom mirror.  I think it looks so fresh and lovely!

The clients were on vacation while Cy completed this remodel.  The husband wanted to surprise his wife with a new bathroom.

Before they got home, Cy bought some flowers to place on the vanity, a card, and a new brown hand towel.

Isn’t that sweet?!


bathroom makeover

I love my man.  Smile

He’s working on another bathroom remodel right now, and I can’t wait to show it to you when he is finished!


Have a blessed Labor Day!!


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Bathroom Makeover Reveal



Hey Guys!

I get to show you another great makeover that my husband just finished at my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed’s home!

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

They live in a beautiful home, but they were wanting to update their master bathroom.

Here is what it looked like before…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Cy raised their old vanity to a higher height and painted it white.  He also added a new marble countertop, hardware, and faucets.

The previous tub and tile were definitely out dated…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Aunt Lois was wanting a free standing tub, so Cy installed this one…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

As you can tell, Cy installed beadboard paneling all around the bathroom.  And he installed the beautiful octagon tile on the floor.

Here is another look at the tub before…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And now the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I am in love with the blue paint on the wall.  It is so serene and spa-like in the bathroom now.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before…


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And after….

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

My Aunt Lois found this beautiful print at Kirklands, and I absolutely love it.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

I found this light at Home Depot.  I wanted to add a little “bling” to the space.  Smile

2013-07-24 14.34.33

It looks so cool when it is all lit up.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal


It was super hard to take pictures of the shower, but if you look at the before, you can see that the old shower doors where trimmed in brass.  Not good.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Cy installed new tile in the shower and these beautiful glass doors to give it a much more up-to-date look.  The glass shower doors really open up the space too!


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Aunt Lois wanted a seat in the shower, so Cy created this corner seat and used some of the same marble that is on the vanity for the top of it.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

He also used a piece of the marble in the entry of the shower to tie it all together.

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Here is a look at the vanity before…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

And now the after…

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Before…Bathroom Makeover Reveal

After…Bathroom Makeover Reveal


Bathroom Makeover Reveal



Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Bathroom Makeover Reveal


Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed are absolutely thrilled with their new bathroom.  I loved this makeover because I got to see my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed more than I usually do. So did my boys!  My boys LOVE going to see Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed!


Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Thank you for letting me share this makeover with you!



Have a blessed day!

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