Valentine Gift Idea (Be sure your man reads this post.)

Hey ladies!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching!

If your man is like my man, sometimes we have to give ’em a few hints for those special occasions.

(Okay. Okay. So I wrote of list of gift ideas for me and stuck it in my hubby’s wallet!  Subtle… I. am. not.)

So here is a post that you can leave up on your computer screen for your husband to see.  Or maybe you can leave a link to this post on your facebook page with a message like..”I love this jewelry!  Wish I had some!”

Or just enter your hubby’s email address in my subscribe button in my sidebar and send it directly to him!  :)

Again…subtle…I. am. not.

This is just my opinion, but I think every girl deserves to own a piece of Lisa Leonard Jewelry!

Can I get an “amen!”

I am the proud owner of several pieces, and I love wearing them everyday.

Lisa is constantly creating new designs, and I keep falling in love with each of them.

Here are a few of my new favorites…





(I don’t have a Lisa Leonard bracelet yet…hint…hint…but I sure do love this one!)

Okay, I could seriously show you every piece of jewelry on her site, because I love them that much!

Here’s what I wanted to make sure you know…

You need to order from Lisa

by noon on February 8th

to receive your order by Valentine’s Day!

So hop on over there and pick something out!

Click the button below to start shopping!

lisa leonard

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. i love her!! and her work! THanks for featuring Lisa today…and it was good to stop by and “see” you. I think I’ll hang around a while. :) xoxo, shaunna

  2. OH MY GOODNESS…..I’m totally in love with Lisa’s work!! This may sound strange, but it’s an answer to a pray. I’ve been wanting a tattoo of my kiddos name as a bracelet on my left arm. After sleeping on for weeks and praying….I decided that wasn’t such a great idea. And today I was reading one of my favorite blogs (My blessed Life) and came across your guest post. I knew as soon as I saw the daisy bracelet that was my answer. I showed my husband and he said “that’s perfect”. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and sometimes you have to be subtle…..if you don’t want to end up with a toaster. Thank you so very much for this post!!!

  3. I just wanted to tell you ; i ran across your blog for the furst time and read about your mother and it touched my heart in many ways. I lost my sweet, christian mother almost 17 yrs ago to cancer; it was a bad one also, ovarian cancer; she was only 63 and i was 44, It was terrible. I think it was such a tribute to your mother for you to write about her. I know you miss her very much. I am now almost 61 myself and hope i have been that much of a blessing to my son and almost 11 yr old grandaughter. They are the most important thing in my life and i cherish my time with them. I pray to God i can see my grandaughter grow up. But, we never know. Veronica Mackinnon from n.c.

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