$60 Giveaway from Art Of Whimsy!

I have the best sponsors!!!!

They are ALL so creative and talented.

And it has been such an honor to get to know each one of them through my blog.

Tracy is one of my newest sponsors, and I count it such an honor.

(Great name, right?)



I absolutely love Tracy’s artwork.

Have you seen it?

If not, I am so excited to share it with you today.

Tracy makes beautiful, personalized name frames and alphabet photos.

Look at these…


To me, this is the most excellent wedding gift ever!!

I would have loved one of these when I got married!

And with wedding season right around the corner, you should definitely consider purchasing one of these.

I cannot think of a couple alive that wouldn’t treasure such a meaningful gift, can you?



And I also love her name frames for children.

How cute would these be in a baby or kid’s room?


393 395

Or if you would like a memento of a special date, you could have a personalized number print made.




You can also purchase an unframed print if you would like to…




Here’s one more beautiful print that would be such a warm greeting to your guests…




Wouldn’t you love to own one of Tracy’s beautiful artwork?

Well, here’s your chance!

Tracy is giving away a $60.00 Gift Certificate to her website or Etsy shop.


Gift Certificate copy


Here’s how to enter:

(Please leave a separate comment for each entry.)

1.  Visit Tracy’s website or Etsy shop and look around.  Let me know in a comment what you would order if you won!

2.  Visit the Art of Whimsy Facebook page and “like” it, then come back and tell me in a comment.

3.  Follow Art of Whimsy on twitter HERE, and come back and tell me in a separate comment.

4.  Tweet about this fabulous giveaway and come back and tell me about it.

You can copy and paste this tweet:

Come check out this $60.00 giveaway from @artofwhimsy at @beneathmyheart! http://bit.ly/heJpk9

5.  Share about this giveaway on your facebook page and come back and tell me in a comment.

That’s  a lot of ways to enter and a lot of ways to win!

The giveaway will run through midnight EST on Thursday, March 18th.

I will announce the winner on Friday, March 19th.



  1. AHHHHH! these are beautiful! We just bought are first home and the number prints with our house address number would be a treasured item for years to come! And then maybe looking at it everyday, I would actually remember it :)

  2. I would have our last name framed. It is unusual, Haislip, so the are no “stock” prints of it!

  3. oh, what a great giveaway!! I would get the personalized name frame wedding gift – 10×20. I hope I win!!

  4. Tracy has a lot of beautiful items to choose from but after looking around Tracy’s etsy shop for some time. I’d love to own one of Tracy’s beautiful personalized name framed artwork if I won.

  5. LOVE it! I would have our last name framed as well as the kids’ names done for the doors above their rooms! These are simple lovely!!!

  6. I really like the ones with the last name and then first names and wedding date added around it. It helps distinguish them from the others doing the same thing right now :)

  7. I found Tracy’s work a few months ago and just love it, it has been on my wish list for a while. We are moving soon and I would absolutely love to have one of the frames with our last name and the “established” date to hang in our new home!

  8. I just love these!! In fact, I ordered one for my husband for Christmas from a company here in Canada who does the same thing. I asked him what word he would want on his office wall, and he said “Eternity.” So that’s what I had made and then got a frame for it. It looks awesome in his office!!!

    I went to the website and I would get an alphabet art with our last name on it. :)

  9. I definitely would love the one with the personalized name on it. These are beautiful!

  10. I would love one of our family last name. Such interesting pictures for each letter! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I’m not sure what I would get if I won. But I am liking the Personalized Name Frame Lux wrapped CANVAS!

  12. I’ve got an idea for a wall of “R”‘s in my dining room. I think one of these prints with my last name would be so pretty as the center piece to work off of.

  13. I would love to have one of the custom wedding name frames.
    nettecan at hotmail dot com

  14. Wow what talent! I would love one with my last name on it. I think I would also have to order one for my little brother and his new bride [he eloped with his long time sweetheart on the eve of being deployed to Afghanistan]. Now that he has safely returned from 12 months over there, we are getting to celebrate!

  15. I am thinking about a gift for newlyweds…….their last name with the marriage date would be great!

  16. perfect timing. I have a wedding to go to in a couple of months and this would be perfect. I would get one with there last name and the date they were married.

  17. I came across Tracy’s Art of Whimsy site through Etsy two years ago. I’m in my mid-20’s and right in the thick of year round weddings, I’m averaging around 6 a year! I’m not a huge fan of picking off an item from a registry and while I know they need many items they request, it’s not how I would like to show them my support as a new couple. I want them to cherish the gift I give them and feel special every time they look at the frame with their names on it. It’s also great to see their reactions when they open the gift and realize it’s not something they asked for- it’s unique, original and completely customizable. The prices are right on point, and usually are less than what I would spend on one setting of overpriced china anyway! This has become my ‘go to’ gift and I usually order from Tracy in bulk for the entire year. She’s been great to work with and I look forward to making all of my friends feel loved and special on their wedding day. Next up: BABIES!


  18. 8:01 CST (way too early by the way with this spring forward bit, oh and to be waking up to snow in KS, ugh) tweeted the following: f16pilotwife: Come check out this $60.00 giveaway from @artofwhimsy at @beneathmyheart! http://bit.ly/heJpk9

  19. I purchased one of these beautiful alphabet letter frames a few years ago with my last name “Music” on it for an anniversary present to myself and my husband. I get many compliments on it and a few of my friends ordered shortly after me posting the picture to FB and telling how excited I was to get it in the mail. Time has passed since then and now the best man from my wedding is getting married himself. Due to my husband being deployed, I cannot attend the wedding, so would love to get one of the “premium homestyle black framed alphabet art” for my friend and his wife. He took the time to share with us in our special day and I would love to be able to send him this to hang on his wall as he begins this new season of life.

  20. Posted the link to this giveaway and tagged “Art of Whimsy” in the link so friends can go visit the website and see for themselves what great stuff she has to offer! Now should probably go get some work done myself. The driveway is calling my name to shovel.

  21. I would love to get the personalized name frame-photo letter art alphabet, in the contemporary black frame :)

  22. I liked you on FB ..I reposted the giveaway…I want a whole bunch …I want one of each of my daughter’s names (summer, Addison and Paige with their birthdates)…And i want one of my wedding with our crazy last name (Takach)..And one with the welcome sign …like i said a whole bunch ..Ive never seen this ever and absolutely love it …Great wedding anniversary,birthday, and christmas present ideas.. thanks so much ..

  23. I’ve purchased wedding dates for a number of friends and family. Such a great gift to give!

  24. Personalized Name Frame Lux wrapped CANVAS – Alphabet Photography – custom wedding gift is exactly what I would order! I want to win!

  25. I liked you on FB, posted this give-away on my FB page and if I win I woud want to get one of the baby name frames for my best friend that is having a baby girl in May. I ordered a bunch of these as gifts to our attendees at my September 2010 wedding…..they were a big hit. I love the “Welcome” sign too!

  26. Hi Tracy,

    I love these. I would choose our wedding date to give to my husband. We are celebrating our 30th in June and it would be nice to have. I might also choose the date of my grandparents or parents anniversary.
    The family name is nice too. Great ideas!

  27. I love Art of Whimsy! I would love to give one as a gift to friends who are about to get married!

  28. I would love to get a print with my daughters name and date w/ weight and inches they are so adorable

  29. I liked it on FB I wish there was a love button because the idea is just so cute and creative :)

  30. I love the Homestyle Black Framed Alphabet art. I’d love to get our last name framed to hang in our hallway beside our children’s artwork!

  31. I purchased one of Tracy’s frames for a wedding a few years back. I love her stuff. If I won, I’d get my last name framed.

  32. PREMIUM BB Black Framed Alphabet Art is one of my favorites nut I can’t say I dislike any of the items on this site! Lovely!

  33. oh I have a wedding of my dear friend’s son in April. I think this is the coolest wedding gift ever…I would definitely order one for wedding gift (although I would love to have one myself!!!!!)

  34. I recently ordered two of the ones with the names and wedding date of the couple as wedding gifts and I am getting married in June and would love one of my own!

  35. 1 entry

    i would buy a wedding present for my brand new fiancee!!! we just got engaged on Saturday and I am so pumped. I wasn’t going to take his name, but he grew up in a family with a mother who did not share his last name. to him, sharing a last name is a sign of family that he hasn’t ever felt. i would love to give him a Jackson framed picture

  36. I am attending the wedding of two sweet young friends who have both been called into ministry. I’d love to get them one of the wedding items. If fact, I’ll probably get it anyway! Beautiful work Tracy.

  37. I love this giveaway! Art of Whimsy is a fabulous place to look around. If I win this giveaway I would purchase the black floating framed letter art. So fabulous!

  38. All of these are just so awesome! My nephew is getting married in June and one of these (Date or Welcome) would make such a unique gift! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :-)

  39. I would use it toward a wedding gift. Better yet, I may just order a wedding print for me….been married 15 years. Would look great in our master bedroom.

  40. I “LIKED” Art of Whimsy on facebook. I ordered a last name print for my parent’s 30th Wedding Anniversary…absolutely beautiful!!

  41. From the previous post….I ordered one for my parent’s anniversary and would love to make some for my two beautiful daughters!

  42. I’ve always wanted one of these! If I don’t win, I will surely buy one from the website! I liked the authentic barnwood frame with our names and wedding date. SO cute!

  43. Thanks for this offer….I’ve seen these before and love them! It’s tough to decide between getting my new married family name or our wedding date…..maybe if I win, I’ll buy the other! Thanks for the chance!

  44. This is the PERFECT gift for my little brother who just got engaged and will be married sometime in the next year. Awesome! Thanks!

  45. Personalized Name Frame – Pecan Brown FRAME -Custom Wedding -Family – Alphabet Photos I would get that with Jackson….love these photos!

  46. Oh I would buy an unframed print of our last name. I have a perfect place for it. Woo-hoo.

  47. Hopefully this is the correct place tot leave comments for the contest? If not my apologies.

    I posted your contest on my facebook,

  48. I am a fan of both facebook pages Art of Whimsy (in which I have already purchased a wed present for my husband & I) and Beneath My Heart,

  49. I would love to have another name made up for my sister and her family – they are fun and unique, just like my sister.

    Thank you.

  50. I ordered one as a Christmas gift & it was sooo well loved. I have a wedding to go to in June & this would be a great gift I hadn’t thought of.

  51. FB fan! I bought a frame for a wedding gift last year and loved it. 2 more weddings to go this year and I hope to for them as well :) thanks Tracy!

  52. These are so precious! My husband and I were just married last summer, it would be a fantastic piece to celebrate for our upcoming first anniversary! :)

  53. A personalized name frame for our entryway would be perfect!

    I wish I was talented enough to do this…I have tried and so far have not succeeded so winning one would be great. :)

  54. Have always wanted our name/wedding date. Love so many of her items. Thanks for offering the give-away.

  55. I absolutely love these pictures. We are getting sealed in the temple and I would love to have our family name. Great Giveaway

  56. If I won I would get the floating black frame with our name in it—or for someone as a gift! It would be tempting to keep it for myself but…I guess i’d decide if I won! I love this art. I have one similar I bought in Chicago several years ago when my daughter & I went w/another mom & her daughter to celebrate Alaka’s 16th birthday! So, these gifts make memories!!!!

  57. I checked out the website and there are so many cool items. I think I’d choose to have our last name with the ‘established’ option.

  58. I would buy the date and last name pictures framed for my brother and his fiance for their wedding. They are beautiful! I want one for myself and husband as well :)

  59. I now “Like” the Art of Whimsey on Facebook!! I now know what to purchase for some upcoming weddings! What a great idea…and so beautiful!

  60. I love your blog. I retweeted about this giveaway and I went to her easy shop. I would love framed prints of my children’s names. Lord bless you.

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