Creating more Storage Space with Skirted Desks

It has been almost two months since our move.

We’ve moved to a smaller home on more land.  And boy am I “feeling” the smaller space!

Guys, we are squished in here like sardines!

One problem is that our furniture from our previous home does not fit in this home (more on that in a later post).  :)

So I am having to come up with new ideas for furniture and how to create more storage space.

One thing I have discovered in my new home is I HAVE to have an office.  Unfortunately, we do not have an extra room for an office.  So I have given up space in other areas to make sure I can have an office (desk area).

Since I was going to be creating a new desk area, I knew that I would need to create as much storage space as possible.

One way I thought I could do this is by creating a skirted desk.

The skirt will hide all my “uglies” like my printer, paint and craft supplies, paper, my silhouette, etc.

So I am busy making my skirted desk, but until I share it with you, here are some beauties I pinned on Pinterest for you to enjoy!


Look at this adorable way to store the printer and such.  And I  am loving all this red!!!

Loving that Chandy!  Do you think I need one of those?


Here is one I love from Holly Mathis Interiors


And I few more I love…

I know this next picture is from a laundry room, but isn’t it great?!  I love the wood top and burlap skirt!

If you do not like the gathered look  for a skirt, here are some beautiful pictures of straight skirts…

Capture copy

I LOVE those wood floors!



Love the board and batten on the walls…


Okay, I love that blue lamp, and could I please borrow that cute little jacket?!  Please?…

I see chairs like the one above at Goodwill all the time for about 6 bucks.  Just spray paint it white and cover the seat, and you’ve got an adorable chair to go with your skirted desk!

Well, that’s all for now.

I have to work on my skirted table today for a guest post.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Love all your inspiration pics. Especially Holly Mathis. Saw her desk in a magazine. Loved the idea. Tons of space underneath to store all the “stuff.”

  2. LOVE using fabric to hide “the uglies”…I do this with everything in my classroom! There’s so much to store…and it can look really “cluttered” if it’s not covered! “Curtains” make it much better for my little boys with Autism to focus :)

    1. I love this idea! I love the clean lines of the straight skirt – very awesome!

      Do you know how I can get an invite for Pinterest? I have been hearing so much about it, and feel like I am missing out on something special! I requested an account, but haven’t heard back yet. I feel like its a secret society! LOL! :)

  3. will there be those moments where you feel like screaming and pulling your hair out? God bless you.
    I have moved 19 times as a married woman. Some moves were more enjoyable than others. Not all of our furniture made it into this old house with the move here. WHAHHHHHHHHHH…sniff sniff.

    God is still good and will help with the details!

    You have some ground around you that you can take a deep breath as you walk about.

    Still looking forward to the projects you’ll do over the years!
    Sweet blessings,

  4. What a great simple and beautiful solution to storage hiding :) The options are limitless to what kind of skirt can be used. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  5. Girlfriend, everytime we move I have to come up with a whole new way to organize things and not every house makes it easy (e.g. we don’t have closets in this apartment)! The skirted table sounds like a great solution and I’m excited to see what you come up with!

  6. Love the skirted desk! Heck, I love just about anything skirted – it just looks so cute and is just another reason to add fabric to a room. :-) I’m thinking about doing this to an ugly table that I am using as a tv stand in my office. This was nice inspiration, thanks!

  7. We also have no office with our new move and with hubby working on his dissertation, he HAS to have office space. It is currently in our bedroom which drives me crazy. Wish I could use the skirted desk idea, but I’m thinking that hubby would not go for it (seeing as it is HIS desk space). :-)

  8. Great storage idea! I have some side tables that are skirted, and they provide a wealth of storage space. Can’t wait to see your finished project :-)

  9. Tracy – you always find the most adorable things. I am collecting ideas for my storageroomturnedofficeandcrafting room! Lol – thanks for the inspiration. B:)

  10. I see a burlap skirt and some Velcro–kind of like your bedskirt. Am I right?

    I also see that you’ve been accepted as a BlogHer affiliate. Good for you! Have you seen my blog lately? After a lot of waiting, I’m finally a BlogHer member! My youngest son was so proud. :)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  11. Great inspiration pictures, Traci! I have plans to do something similar myself, not just for storage but because I have tables that I will probably just reuse and they are just plain straight lines. They are, however, stable pieces and will make great surfaces for my prospective craft/creative/officey space. I’ve even got the fabric already and we haven’t even moved yet! I’m looking forward to doing a gathered skirt, but will figure out how I want to attach it because I do want to be able to access the underneath easily. I’m kind of liking that one that looks like it must be on a rod to slide the fabric out of the way.

  12. I saw the guest post you did about the table you made (so cool!!!) and the skirt you made for it (awesome!). You are an inspiration! Well done.

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