Hot Chocolate Bar {Our New Christmas Tradition}

Well, amidst the chaos of our kitchen renovation this December, we have been able to start a new Christmas tradition.

At least that’s what the boys’ say.

We have the “island” from our kitchen that we are not using as an island anymore, but it still holds some of the pots and pans that I need.  So I just sat it up against the wall and put some leftover butcher block on top.

It’s just a temporary thing.

But since it is sitting in our kitchen, I thought I would put it to use and make it a “Hot Chocolate Bar.”


Let’s just say that the boys went crazy over this!

They think I am the coolest mom EVA!

We always drink hot chocolate each winter, but we have never had a spot designated just for making hot chocolate.

That’s what me made so cool.

hot chocolate ba 005

We have regular marshmallows and peppermint marshmallows, some hot chocolate, and some candy canes.

I’m sure that new items will be added to our hot chocolate bar each year.

Maybe hazelnut or almond flavoring?  Yum!

The boys made me promise that I will do this again next year, and of course I agreed.

So a new family tradition has begun!

hot chocolate ba 010



Here are some hot chocolate bars I found on Pinterest if you need some more ideas to create your own.

The following three images are from Catch My Party!


















Warm Winter Wishes!


    1. This is probably my last Christmas with my childten, grand children and great grand chip as I am dying from brain cancer. This will be the best Hot Chocolate Bar ever and a tradition I can start now! Thank you for this. Truely great idea I never would have thought of. Wow, the brain is working fast on how to do this. Thank you again!

  1. My kids would love this, what a fun idea! We are going to start having our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so we can just chill and enjoy leftovers Christmas day. Merry Chrustmas!

  2. So funny! I have the pictures to do a post and haven’t had a chance to do it of our first hot chocolate bar. I did it for our church choir and their families last Sunday night after church along with a donut fellowship. They loved it (all 45 or more of them)! Then, on Monday I changed it around and made it “kid friendly” for grandkids, meaning that I took away crystal stemware and put out plastic containers! They absolutely LOVED it! I can fully understand why your boys want to make it a tradition. I’m sure this family will see a repeat as well! Hopefully I will be able to blog about it tomorrow. Maybe you can look for my version. Yours looks great! Have a Merry Christmas! Gail

  3. So going to do this for my daughter, who has really gotten into drinking hot chocolate this winter! It will be her Christmas morning surprise!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. That looks so pretty! You ARE one cool Mama! :) It’s been unusually warm here, I wish it would get cool enough to drink hot chocolate without sweating! LOL!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful new family tradition! I sure miss those days of young boys all excited running around the house at Christmas time! Alas, they grow up so quickly!! Now that we’ve moved to another state, I am so missing those lost moments and starts of family tradition with my grandchildren. I always try to remember that “Gods ways are not our ways” and that His plan for me has led me down another path in life. I so treasure the times my grandchildren get to spend with me, as is reflected in most of my blog posts this past year. I have tried to “stop and smell the roses” more and enjoy life instead of working myself to a frenzy every day. That is my prayer for you this Christmas…stop for a few days and enjoy making memories with your boys…you will always find things to do around your house but your kids will grow up and leave the nest. Blessings from my home to yours!

  6. What a fabulous idea! I’ll have to remember this for any winter parties we have. Such a fun presentation, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing chocolate ;-). Happy week after Christmas!

  7. I love this idea – except I live in the tropics. Maybe I could set up a hot chocolate bar middle of the year when it is our winter! I’m adding this to my pinterest. Love it!

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