The Paper Café Giveaway {$100 Value}


I am so honored to be hosting this great giveaway from The Paper Café and Three Designing Women!

I have been a fan of The Paper Café for quite some time.  They carry the most beautiful products.




Look at these beautiful customized stamps!  This is just a sampling of the choices.  There are even more from which to choose.  You are sure to find one that fits your style.  Smile






Need an idea for a present? 

The Custom Stamp Gift Sets from The Paper Café and Three Designing Women is a present with which you can’t go wrong!

This gift set includes:

    • a gift certificate for a custom stamper (which the recipient can choose!)
    • two boxes of stylish note cards
    • two coordinating color ink pads

      (There are several different designs from which to choose.)image

These gift sets come in a beautiful gift box ready for gift-giving!


Or if you need to give a gift, but you are not sure what to choose, you can purchase a Gift Certificate from The Paper Café and Three Designing Women!



You might also enjoying checking out Stationary for Stampers!



Don’t ya love their stuff?!  Then let’s get to the giveaway!


Here is what one very lucky

Beneath My Heart reader has the chance to win:

 A $100 Gift Package of products from The Paper Café and Three Designing Women

which would include:

Here is how to enter this giveaway:

Just visit The Paper Café and Three Designing Women website and take a look around.

Come back here and leave a comment telling me which Three Designing Women stamp you would choose if you won, and that’s it!

This giveaway will end at noon on January 11, 2012, and I will announce the winner that day!

Here’s some more good news!

The Paper Café and Three Designing Women are also giving

a special discount code to Beneath My Heart readers of

15% off any purchase!

(discount applies to products from

Three Designing Women only)

Just enter this code: BMH-15OFF-TDW

between January 9-16 to receive this discount.



Thank you to The Paper Café

for spoiling us!


  1. I would choose the one with the baseball player (9702) or the one with the train (3272). Perfect for making cute name cards for my triplet boys (to be born in a month. :) ….

    Beautiful work!! Hope to win!!!

  2. Boy it would be REALLY hard to decide between a “this book belongs to” for my daughter (she’s a first grade teacher and this would be really handy), a “from the kitchen of”, the holiday return address one would be fun or several others that called to me.

  3. I would choose the “This book belongs to” stamp. I buy my grandsons so many books that it would be nice to stamp them for them too. Thanks for this giveaway. The products are amazing…so many different options available. It could be dangerous :) in a good way.

  4. I like TDW Custom Stamper CS-3604. Thanks for the chance and for introducing such an awesome company.

  5. love the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3252, TDW Custom Stamper CS-9705, and the TDW Photo Stamper POPH7002 stamp.

  6. Decisions, decisions! I would choose either 3606 (for everyday use) OR 3501(for Christmas). I would love a stamper!

  7. CS3607 I really like the simplicity of this one. But I would probably like many others too! Being a Breast Cancer Survivor I would probably design one too!

  8. What a treat to find this morning on your blog. I LOVE their things. I chose CS-3305 because I would like to have a basic stamp that I could use with stationary. I love the “swirlyness” of it! Thanks so much.

  9. Just an awesome giveaway. So many great ones to choose from. I would probably pick 3229. Thanks. As always, love your blog.

  10. I *think* I would choose 3220 as a return address stamp, but who knows, they are all adorable! :)

  11. I can’t tell you how much I love those stampers!

    I would choose TDW Custom Stamper CS-3291.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Great giveaway! I love any of the stampers with fleur de lis and “this book belongs to” stamper!

  13. So many to choose from. I think I like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3604 best! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  14. I would say, after much hard deliberating(!!), that I would choose #3609…..traditional & classy. But to be honest, I would love to share this prize with my daughter who is an English Lit major as she just informed me last night that she is up to 227 books in her library ( not counting her kindle books). She would adore one of these!!!

  15. I LOVE Three Designing Women … and I’ve had my eye on the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3245 FOREVAH!!!! Thank you for sponsoring this generous giveaway!

  16. It’s tough to choose, but I love the simplicity of TDW Custom Stamper CS-3286 – such a great giveaway!

  17. Traci, I would have a TOUGH time choosing the “one” I would want. There are so many nice stamps.
    My favorites are CS-3606 and CS-3263. But then I scrolled further, and saw the “Princess” stamp(CS-3271) which would be for my daughter!
    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  18. I simply love the TDW 3238 stamp. This is one of those things you would love to have for yourself, but won’t buy it. Hope I’m the lucky one!

  19. CS-3263 for sure! I was checking out TWD just before Christmas and then got all sidetracked! This giveaway is wonderful and the 15% off, (just in case I don’t win =), which lasts until the 16th is perfect! Thank you, Traci

  20. Really do love the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3614, so simple and cute! Starting my own business and think I could get the wording and info needed on this one! And how about those photo stamps….AWESOME!

  21. I would choose one of the holiday ones…..or the FROM THE KITCHEN of….
    Needed both of those during the holidays!

  22. I was just going to order address labels… this changes my mind. Love the stamp TDW CS-3252 thanks!!

  23. Too many to choose from! I think I would choose 3607. I had several people use a stamp like this on there Christmas cards and I love the look!

  24. We are moving next week to our first house – so I would definitely be excited about having a stamp with our address! It is hard to choose just one – I like CS-3604, CS-3278, CS-3252, and CS-3291. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Oh, I love so many of them, but I think CS3611 is lovely! Amazing things…thanks for sharing. I need to place an order. ;-)

  26. I love TDW Custom Stamper CS-3609 for an address label, but it would also be tempting to get one for my classroom!!!

  27. Ahhh! I wanted one for Christmas but didn’t get it because it didn’t fit under the “low cost” budget plan…

    I love the custom stamp 3601 …. Or 3607….

  28. #3313 would make a perfect wedding present for my daughter’s oldest friend who is being married this spring in Germany where he lives. She hopes to go to the wedding but if she can’t make it, this would be good to send.

  29. I would love to have the custom stamp #3257! It would be great to use while sending out Valentine’s and so many letters!

  30. Any of the stamps would be a real treat to have but I especially like CS 3331. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. All the stamps are great! I love stamp #s 3607 and 3614. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  32. I would love to have: TDW Custom Stamper CS-3607
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! (love your new kitchen by the way!!)

  33. I think I would choose #3239 or #3241. They are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  34. I love the Happy Birthday to You stamp with the child’s name, CS-3267 — great for homemade cards to kid’s parties… The black/white line art is also very unique for save the date and return address stamps!


  35. The choice is soooo difficult, but I would probably pick the embosser with the fleur de lis. It reminds me of an antique embosser that my grandfather had. When ever I visited him, he would let me waste sheet after sheet of notebook paper embossing every square inch. I would spend hours doing that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. If I won, I’d want the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3234. If I don’t win, I’ll buy it anyway.

  37. What a great giveaway! I have a Christmas return address stamper and love it – I’d love one for the rest of the year! I really like 3224 or 3259 but any of them would be fabulous. Thanks for this chance, Traci. Such cute products!!

  38. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opporunity! :O) I personally love the “TDW Custom Stamper CS-3253 Pineapple” stamp. That would be my favourite because every time I’d look at it, it would remind me of my dream to own a place in Hawaii. :O)

  39. 3607 Looks great, but really an one of them look awesome!!
    I am plan an ordering one for my sister’s birthday as well!
    Great products!

  40. So many great stamps to choose from…..I do love CS-3291! Would love to have a handy address stamp!

  41. Wow – awesome stuff! CS 3264 in sky blue is darling and would look so cute with the Toile Black Note Card! I very rarely purchase things for myself but should make that my 2012 resulution. Thank you TDW for being so generous and thank you BMH…you tug on my hear strings often. The post “Broken” of course brought tears to my eyes but inspired me to start a notebook with encouraging verses for my mom who is a widow. You are in my prayers. Bless you.

  42. I love these stamps! Tdw custom stamper cs-3243 would be so perfect!
    I have bought these for childern and friends as gifts ,always a big hit!
    Thank you for the opertunity!

    1. I like CS3268-330px
      my goal this year is to be more thankful and show my thanks with hand written notes, this would be a perfect stamp to put the finishing touch on the stationary or envelope.

  43. What a selection. I would have to choose” TDW Custom Stamper CS-3291.” Thanks for being you.

  44. I would love a custom 3207 stamp. I know it would make my life easier for my business. I either put labels or handwrite my contact info on carbon order forms I use and the stamp would be oh so much more efficient :)

  45. Wow! I LOVE their products……. my favorite stamp?? Hard to choose just one! TDW Custom Stamper CS-3220 would probably be my first choice!

  46. Goodness….I had a terrible time picking just one. If I had to choose but one…… I guess I would go with 3224, but there isn’t one that I didn’t like.

  47. I’m pretty much in love with the custom photo stamps! How amazing are they, right?!?! Awesome! I would love this as I always enjoy sending/receiving snail mail.

  48. going back to place and order but,…..another 100.00 would be EASY to spend there. Love the Paper Café…so happy you introduced us!!!

  49. i LOVE 3253 – it has the island feel that i love so much. would have a blast using it on all stationary and even on gifts from the islands :-)

  50. Traci – I love all of the stamps but for our home I would do this traditionally monogrammed style TDW Custom Stamper CS-3291…I hope I win but if not I know where I can come to find it when I am able to afford this beautiful product. Thanks! xoxo

  51. I love the snowflake stamp which is CS-3518H. I LOVE snow! Thanks for chance at a great giveaway!!

  52. I really like CS-3603. It has a Celtic flair that speaks to me. But I really like all of them. I’m a papercrafter, what can I say? :-)

  53. TDW Custom Stamper CS-3279 Book ~~~~ This one is such a great way to keep track of my books! My girlfriends and I are forever trading them out, and that way it reminds them who it belongs too. I guess this would mean we all need one. :)

  54. Wow! These custom stamps are so nice that it’s really hard to pick one. I loved them all but I picked CS-3291. Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  55. so many great ones to choose from! I like CS-3607. I’ve been wanting one for some time, so this is an awesome opportunity!

  56. I love the “The Page Created By” stamp. I’d love to use it for scrapbook pages I make as gifts! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  57. Definitely 3207…love the frilliness and elegance of it! Great website! Super hard choice to pick just one! :)

  58. Okay, that was fun browsing! I had my eye on a few, but one really stood out. The photo address stamper featuring the pic of the home. Love it! I’ve wanted an address stamper since we first moved into this house.
    Thanks for hosting the give away! This stampers and stationary are right up my alley!


  59. I love the custom stamper ~ #3251. I would love to see my family’s initial in the middle, and our NEW address around the edge. We’re moving…staying in the same town, but moving. So, we are in need of a new address stamper! I love these products. Thank you for including a discount code, too.

  60. I’d definitely get one of the address stamps! I’ve been pining after one for a while. I like 3607, 3252, and 3251 a lot!

  61. TDW Custom Stamper CS-3291

    I like this one because of the large capital letter in the middle. Very classy!

  62. Everything on the site is fabulous! I love custom stamper 3611 the best – hope to win! Thank you for this fun giveaway!

  63. I like the address stamp 3606. There are so many cute things to pick from. Thanks for giving me a chance to enter. I love your blog!!! Dawn

  64. Hey Traci! My favorite stamp is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3604. They are all just so cute, but I love this one the most! I’m a newlywed, so I like anything that has my new name on it! : )

  65. Oh my goodness! So hard to choose, but I think I settled on CS-3304. The initials are so pretty!

  66. Oh My – All of the stamps are fabulous and I am definitely going to save this site so that I can order some special gifts in the future. I absolutely LOVE
    TDW Custom Stamper CS-3239
    Item#: CS-3239

    Thank You So Much For the Chance to Win!

  67. Too many fabulous choices. For address labels: TDW Custom Stamper CS-3259 or perhaps TDW Custom Stamper CS-3604. For wedding related: TDW Custom Stamper CS3627

  68. i love love love the look of cs-3611, its simple yet elegant. what a great idea, especially for a newlywed like myself :) thanks for sharing their products with us!

  69. Oh my. Just spent far too much time deciding. For now, I guess I’d choose design 3032 — but if I were to win this wonderful giveaway, I’d be very happy with any of these great designs (I’ve been in love with their products for a while now…). Thanks for the chance to win. Happy New Year to all and a warm wave from the Cape.

  70. I love TDW Custom Stamper CS-3260. The shell in the middle reminds me of my beach wedding.

  71. Why pick one?!! I love so many!!
    #3207 is my favorite with the squiggly lines but I love #3252, 3252, 3231 and #3519. I used to have one of these but have since moved twice so I am way over due!!
    Thank you~~Sarah

  72. I would choose either stamp number 3611 or 3614 to use as my return address labels! I love them!!!

  73. I like CS-3235 or its simple style. Could use for all purposes. I also liked the bridal and holiday stamps. This would be a great addition to my stationary desk supplies. Thank you for entering my name in your drawing.

  74. so clever! so hard to choose! i have it narrowed down to 4 but in the interest of time, i will just say # 3339 and make a definite decision when i win! thanks for the opportunity…..:)

  75. I love them all! I think I would create one f the custom ones— I am going back to order one now. Dani

  76. I like several of the designs. I would probably choose CS-3251 or CS-3252 or maybe CS-3289. Thanks!

  77. WOW! What a great site!! I love several of those designs. So many to chose from!!! I think CS-3291 or CS-3607 are my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  78. Everything on their site is amazing. I’ve really been getting into personalized stationary. I’ve been keeping notes from other people tucked in a drawer so I can have ideas for my own order some day!! I absolutely love all of their stamps…but I guess my favorite on is the 3611….close second is the kitchen stamp or book stamp…such great great ideas!

  79. I love stamp 3603- I love the detail and the initial. I had one of these that I loved before we moved and really need a new one.

  80. If I won I would definitely order two custom stampers. One for myself and the other for my best friend. These are just beautiful!!!

  81. Lucky me to be searching kitchen ideas tonight! I just found your site and love it! I’m dreaming about doing my kitchen and just pinned about 20 pictures of yours and your inspirations…thank you! I love the open shelves you choose and think they look very “designerish” the way everything is arranged. Please enter me in your giveaway. I’ve been wanting to get a stamp for my business and have been putting it off. I would choose CS-3229 because it’s pretty and it will fit my loooong business name :) Thanks very kindly ~ Jenn

  82. I like the TDW Custom Stamper CS-3239, or since we’re trying to start our own business, the “You Design It!” Custom Logo Stamper would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. This is a tough choice. So many great ones to select!! I would have to decide between 3605, 3259, or 3220. Thanks so much for the chance to enter this fantastic give away.

  84. So hard to choose just one – love, love, love this website – thanks for sharing. I would choose for my 1st one: CS-3304!

  85. they’re all so fun, but i think my favorite is TDW Custom Stamper CS-3263. thanks for the chance to win! i really enjoy your blog! :)

  86. I would choose the #3607 stamp. We have three children and have decided to “simplify in 2012”.
    This stamp is simple but elegant and I love it. HAPPY 2012! Great things in store, for sure!!
    – Claire

  87. I am so excited about this give away! I have always wanted one of these stamps! I love them all but I would probably choose the 3611. I sure hope I win!
    Blessings, Lori

  88. I would have a hard time choosing. I like 3612, 9706 and 3501. I have a stamp with my name on it for making cards and such, but it would be nice to have an address one!

  89. LOVE 3252, all the cute little dots :) i’ve seen this before and i have wanted it! thanks :)

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