An Opportunity to Love…{Heart to Heart}



At the beginning of the month, I received a sweet email from one of my readers, Courtney.

She shared with me something on her heart.

Her Aunt and Uncle and their four children are moving to Honduras to partner with a very special organization called Worldwide Heart to Heart, Children’s Village.

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This wonderful organization takes in abused, homeless, or abandoned children and raises them to be successful, educated Honduran citizens through the love of Jesus.

She was hoping that I would spread the word about this great organization and let my readers know that this would be a wonderful opportunity to show love to the children of Honduras,

I am so honored that she contacted me to share this with you.

I visited the Heart to Heart website and was so touched by all the great work they are doing.


They are working on completing a school for the children, and they also help to provide dental and medical needs.


The children are so beautiful!  I wish I could hug each and every one of them in person.

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Please visit their website and take a look around.  Maybe you could help Worldwide Heart to Heart in some way, if not financially, then through your prayers.


It is so inspiring to see people like Oscar and Amy, the National Directors of Worldwide Heart to Heart, who give their lives to the service of others.

These words of Amy touched me so deeply…

“I am reminded of how our Heavenly Father gets things done. It is not about buildings, homes, schools, clinics or churches, because one day all of these will fade away. It is Him building His dwelling place within us and doing what only He can do in us. It is Him saving, restoring and rebuilding what cannot be done with human hands. He does not build dollar to dollar or brick to brick. Our Father builds Heart to Heart.”

So, so true.


Thank you, Courtney, for sharing this wonderful organization with me.

May God bless the workers and the children of Heart to Heart for many, many years!


Have a blessed weekend!


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