South of France Entertaining Decor


Do you like to travel?  I sure do!  Unfortunately, I have only been able to travel in the states.  I REALLY want to travel abroad someday. One place I have always wanted to visit with Cy is France.


I would want to sit with him at a table eating delicious food and soaking up the beautiful landscape.


But since I don’t see a trip to France anywhere in our new future, at least I can make it feel like I am dining in Provence in my own home.

How, you ask?

With the Martha Stewart Entertaining en Provence! line at One Kings Lane.



This beautiful collection of items will bring the feeling of Southern France straight to your dinner table.


If you have never shopped at One Kings Lane, here is a helpful bit of information:

Sales on One Kings Lane are called “flash sales” and launch at 8am PT/11 am ET and typically last 72 hours. Quantities are limited – shop early so you won’t miss out!



It is completely free to sign up for One Kings Lane, and then you can begin checking out all the eye candy.  I get their sales in my emails so I can check them out quickly.  Smile

So go on over there and start shopping!



Au revoir!




This article is sponsored by One King’s Lane.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Dear One, I hope I get to go back one day to France! May you get to go as well!
    I regret that I hadn’t studied up more about Paris before I was there. It was a dream come true and I was spell bound.

    Listening to French tapes and trying to learn a little wee wee or maybe that otta be oui oui??? Any how, I’m trying!

    God bless you and may the rest of summer be super,
    d on the kansas prairie

  2. The appeal and allure of France… oooh la la… I had the opportunity and blessing to do the summer study when I was in college.After a week in Paris- I stayed with a host family for about a month, took classes, immersed completely, I didn’t retain a thing. lol ! Your dinner table image brought back soooo many memories! I’ll have to dig out my photos of the dinner table on the patio. I stayed in a beautiful little city called Annecy. I turned 21 that summer. It was an amazing experience for a shy girl from the midwest. One thing I learned- the croissants here in the states are NOT the real thing. The REAL thing (unless purchased from an authentic bakery) is warm and drizzled with warm honey and topped with crumbled almonds and melts in your mouth. But I am rambling again. There is such a simplistic elegance in French Decor, well, Southern France that is… oh and the cheese and wine are pretty okay too! VIVE La France!

  3. Traci hello, my name is Florence, I live near paris but a part of my family lives in south France. I regularly read your blog. The Provencal decoration is very easy to make and cheap: using simple materials (wood, iron, flax) and neutral colors. few bouquets of dried flowers.
    Your blog is fabulous with great ideas.
    Good luck.

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