Father’s Day Giveaway from WORX {$270.00 Value}

If you guys are like us, we have been doing a ton of yard work around the house to get ready for the outdoor season.

So Cy and I were super excited to try two new products to help make all of our yard work more easy.

First was the WORX AeroCart.


We love this thing because we always have so much stuff to carry around outside that can be back-breaking without a little help.  A lot of times, I have to wait for Cy to get home to help me move really heavy items outside, but now, I can do it by myself with the AeroCart.

AeroCart’s dual-position wheels handle the work of eight other tools including a wheelbarrow, hand truck/dolly, extended dolly, bag holder, cylinder holder, rock mover, plant mover, and trailer dolly.

Check out this short video to see all that the AeroCart can do!



The next product we were able to review was the

WORX 20V 2.0 GT Trimmer.




The WORX 20-volt GT is a grass trimmer, edger and mini-mower, powered by a 2 amp hour lithium-ion battery. It cuts a 12 inch swath.

Cy has always been an “electric grass trimmer” man, but he was really impressed with this battery operated one.  When I asked him what he would tell my readers, he said, “It’s nice to not have to think about the gas/oil mixture, or the string starter, you just push a button and GO!”

He uses it every week now, and it is our go-to grass trimmer.


Now it’s time to win your own

WORX AeroCart and 20V 2.0 GT Trimmer!

Use Rafflecopter below to enter!

(The winner will be announce next weekend.)

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Disclosure:  I was given the above products to review and giveaway on my blog.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I love the capacity of the cart to carry things without them falling off, and to grasp objects. What a big help this would be!

  2. Really love how multifunctional it is and especially how it can reach out to move heavy potted plants and object that you can’t place in the bed.

  3. I also like electric lawn care tools and really like the length of batter power on this trimmer.

  4. I love how versatile this is! My strength is not what it used to be..as I’ve aged. I would love the feature of “bag holder” for when I cut the grass and empty the clippings. This would be such a GREAT prize to win!!!

  5. My favorite feature of the Worx 20V 2.0 GT Trimmer is the 3 tools in one, a trimmer, a precision edger, and mini-mower

  6. The cart makes it easy to haul heavy pots, bags of soil or anything we need! Perfect and stores easily!

  7. Love the ability of the AreoCart to reduce the weight of a heavy load to a lighter load! No more backaches!

  8. It’s awesome that it instantly converts from a wheelbarrow to a dolly – that’s EXACTLY what my hubby needs.

    Thanks to all for this cool giveaway!

  9. I love the fact that it’s automatic single-line feed. And free spools for life is a great bonus! We have gone through a lot of those spools with our other trimmers.

  10. The aerocart looks awesome! I love the versatility it offers & it would definitely come in handy since my husband & I are buying our first home & will finally have a yard of our own!

  11. I love that it is an 8 in 1 tool. It can be anything from a wheelbarrow to a dolly and even a trailer toter. Awesome tool.

  12. God Golly this is a great giveaway! I love the idea of that cart and could totally use the trimmer. I even want my 14 year old to learn how to operate it.

  13. These would be helpful to my husband to now not only takes care of our yard but also my parents yard.

  14. Love that the trimmer runs on battery and no mixing gas. And that it cuts a 12 inch path.
    Thank You for the chance to win! We could use this!

  15. I Love the Turbo Lift design makes a 200 lb load feel like only 17 lbs, because we have a nice size yard and I’m always hauling bricks (For flower bed border) and they are heavy, this would help my back and make things a lot easier.

  16. I love the Converts from a trimmer to an edger or mini-mower in just seconds feature. That will save me tons of time.

  17. This will replace soooo many items in the garage and free up sooo much space. Well built. I love my WORX trimmer, can’t wait to see this product in person. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  18. I have had a WORX trimmer for about 3 years now. It is very light weight, adjustable (which comes in handy when kiddos are doing yard word) and the free for life string is amazing!! Not to mention there are no cords to cut!!

  19. Love the features of the cart! And I would be thrilled to have a trimmer which isn’t too heavy for me!

  20. I am always at a loss what to give my husband for father’s day. He is getting up in years and this would be the perfect helper around the house. With limited storage space, this would help reduce clutter our garage as an added bonus!

  21. Oh my gosh! I can’t get over how versatile the AeroCart is! It would be so handy to have for jobs around the yard.

  22. The Aero Cart looks like a great product! I think my favorite feature is that it makes a heavy load lighter, easier for a woman to do. My husband has had his second back surgery and is unable to lift so this would make projects much easier. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win.

  23. I have the trimmer and I LOVE it. I could not hold up the gas trimmer or the electric trimmer because it was too heavy. I would love to win this and give it to my son who just bought a house.

  24. So cool! I really like the idea of the sling that could assist in lifting heavy objects. Well, truly the entire cart is great!

  25. My favorite design element for the cart is that is makes 200 pounds fell like 17! Say What!!!!!??

  26. I like that the Aerocart can do so many different things but looks more stable than a wheelbarrow and easier to store.

  27. My favorite about the other worx is the “Powerful and lightweight 2.0 Amp MaxLithium battery delivers
    long-lasting performance without self-discharge or memory effect”

  28. Love the versatile nature of the cart. We have every one of the items in our garage and this would be a space saver!

  29. It would be wonderful to win both items. I love them both. They would allow me to take care of my own yard without help. I will be retiring in 6 days after teaching for 36 years. One of my plans is to work in my yard. Adding to and refreshing my flower beds and having a garden.

  30. I love that it is easy to push myself and to handle heavy things. Great to not have to wait until my husband gets home to do things myself. Our dolly right now has a flat tire, so it doesn’t do much good.

  31. I visited WORX. The trimmer looks great. I love that it’s lightweight and that it converts to a blower.

  32. I love the versatility of this dolly/wheelbarrow, especially the flat free tires! I need this for Father’s Day!

  33. I have tried many times ti move large yard items with our old dolly since we didn’t have a whee barrow and in that process thought, ” this thing needs a tarp or something to hold the things for me”, WOW, this is it. I can only imagine the dozens of ways we could use the Aerocart!!!!

  34. I love that the trimmer doesn’t have a cord to keep track of – my lawnmower and snowblower both have cords that I’m always getting tangled in! The way that the AeroCart can handle and move big planters is awesome!

  35. I have been wanting to get my hubs wheelbarrow for Fathers Day…this awesome cart looks even better! So versatile!

  36. This is awesome! I didn’t know it existed until I saw it on your blog. It’s just what we need to do our yard work w/o cluttering up our limited storage space. Thanks for sharing this!

  37. This couldn’t come at a better time. We have been looking for a dolly and they are so expensive, and us being on a fixed income. My husband has two stents and I worry about him and the things that need moved and this would be a great item to help with this. It has so many features I can see him using all of them.

  38. My husband just mentioned he needs a trimmer but we are waiting. He is a fabulous husband
    and would love him to have this. Thank you for the opportunity

  39. I didn’t know Worx made a cart and since my is on its last legs the timing could not have been better. The trimmer isn’t too shabby either.

  40. I love that it can be used as a dolly as well as for hauling other stuff. This makes moving shrubs and trees easy!

  41. I think the fact that the Worx is a wheelbarrow AND a dolly is so cool! Would love to gave one of these at our house!

  42. I love that it can be used as both a dolly and a wheelbarrow, and the stabilizing legs so the wheelbarrow doesn’t tip backward are amazing! My husband loves to work in the yard (really!), and this would be perfect for him!

  43. I live that the trimmer adjusts to your height…my hubby is 6’8 and yard work can really make his back ache!

  44. My husband would love that the grass trimmer is battery powered! How fabulous not to have to drag the electric cord all around the yard to trim and edge!

  45. I was just wondering what to get the hubs from the boys for father’s day. These would be perfect!

  46. Love the ergonomic design and the fact that there are two wheels so that it doesn’t wobble like a wheelbarrow.

  47. My husband could use this for sure! I think the kids may even be able to get in on the chores with this tool!

  48. Like the versatility of the trimmer. The different jobs it can do as well as being able to adjust for height!

  49. I’ve got to say, the plant and rock mover would be my absolutely favorite thing about the Aerocart. Saw it advertised on TV recently and my husband said, “We NEED this thing!” He’s right…we do!

  50. My favorite thing about the trimmer would have to be that it also works as a mini mower so you can get in those small weedy/grassy places under the edge of bushes. We have lots of areas on our property like that and it’s so hard to get to them. This would be wonderful!

  51. The plant and rock mover would be my favorite thing…oh,and using it as a dolly. That would help my husband so much…he wouldn’t have to call the neighbors to help him move all the things that I seem to want moved all the time!

  52. I like the fact that a touch of a button starts the trimmer. No gasoline or oil is a plus too. Looks user friendly for women.

  53. This would be perfect for our Kentucky home! We can’t afford much for fathers day and this would be such a blessing!

  54. Oh man. We could totally use both of these tools! Especially considering the wheel on the wheel barrow is flat as a pancake, lol.

  55. I love this cart because it can hold so much and move so easy!! My husband would love this and so would I!

  56. LOVE WORXS! The trimmer is awesome and the flat free tires are by far my favorite part of the fart!

  57. I love the fact that the trimmer can adjust to different heights!! So handy since my husband is a full foot and a half taller than me and we both use our trimmer!

  58. My husband’s hobby is horses so we have more outdoor work than we seem to be able to get done. These tools look wonderful to make it a bit easier and something new and different always makes it more fun! :) Thank you for the opportunity

  59. I would love the “autonomy” these marvelous yard tools would afford me! I have so many projects to work on and, as my husband has had a double lung transplant and is unable to “play in the dirt” due to risk of infection, these tools would help me get all my jobs done “all by my own self”!!! :-)

  60. I would love both products. I love that the cart is both a dolly and a wheelbarrow & that flower pot strap is awesome.

  61. I need this trimmer. I love the long battery life & the fact that it is both a trimmer & edger. LOVE.

  62. My favorite feature of the dolly is the dual purpose. We are entering a less is more phase of life and we could downsize from the dolly AND wheelbarrow taking up space to one piece of equipment. What a concept.

    The trimmer is cool because it also is a dual purpose. We have a trimmer, but have never actually edged any of our sidewalks or driveway. When I walk around the neighborhood I do sort of covet their edged lawns! This would give me the chance to join the edging craz! woohoo!!

  63. Where were both of these products two weeks ago when we pulled out half our front entry way to create a better curb-appeal in our landscape. My husband had 27 (yes!) wheel barrow loads down our 1 Acre property to compost pile and back again. Not easy and we could have used this to save all of that weight he was carrying (probably would have allowed us to carry more too!). Then, we went to trim away all of our weeds to help take the finished curb appeal and fresh cut grass to the next level and – boom – our own trimmer is completely dead (less than a year old). I like that your husband mentioned it could just “GO” and be on your way. This would be the BEST Father’s Day gift for him because we have 3-4 other areas on our lot to tackle still!

  64. I like that it also converts into a powerful dolly using a fulcrum to easily move
    large potted plants, boulders and even a trailer

  65. Just watched a commercial about this last night. My husband would really like one of them! (And I would love the weedeater/edger)

  66. I love that the trimmer is cordless and has the wheels – just started looking into getting a cordless electric trimmer so the timing is good for learning about this one. I also like the versatility of the work cart, especially the harness and arms for lifting and moving rocks, etc. Thanks, Traci, for this opportunity.

  67. This is awesome! It’s like a multipurpose wheelbarrow and even better. My husband would love it!

  68. I’ve had 3 wheelbarrows this past couple yrs and they just don’t last, so this would be an amazing tool :)

  69. What a versatile tools….the multifunctional
    Worx Aerocart and the light weight (body friendly) Trimmer

  70. I like the flat free tires that never need inflating. My current wheelbarrow has had numerous flats! This would be awesome!

  71. I would love to try a battery powered grass trimmer. I get tired of using the gasoline/ oil mixture. Maybe it would be lighter too! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  72. I haven’t been able to do the trimming since my husband died this past fall. I would dearly love to have something like this that I could handle and not have to try and crank. I want it.

  73. I don’t have any help now when
    it comes to lifting and moving heavy things. This would be awesome.

  74. I kind of love those worx infomercials and am obsessed with the trimmer. Glad to hearCy likes it too !

  75. Both of these products look amazing. Who wouldn’t be excited to own either of these. Here’s hoping!

  76. I would use the good old fashioned option of a wheelbarrow the most! Have lots to clean up and move in our backyard!

  77. Love that the Worx Trimmer is battery operated to save on cord or gas hassle and that it is so lightweight. Anything to make yardwork move along faster so that we can enjoy the time outdoors!

  78. Could use the new trimmer and cart as we are moving to a new home with a yard to take care of.

  79. My favorite feature of the trimmer is that it converts from a trimmer to an edger in seconds. That’s so convenient.

  80. Oh how we could use the edger and the WORX AeroCart. We love yard work, but WORK is the operative word here. With the work taken out of it by the WORX we can still enjoy being outside.

  81. I love that the trimmer adjusts to your height. I’m tall so it’s always hard bending over doing the yardwork.

  82. Either one of these new items would make life so much easier around our home. I like that the Worx has tires that never go flat. Unfortunately, our hand cart’s tires are always a problem when we need it to do some heavy lifting.

  83. My husband would totally die! We have a new house and hardly any yard tools so he’s getting very creative with how to get things done!

  84. we love our worx products, the cart looks great I love those arms that fold out to pick up the straps very clever!!

  85. On the Aerocart, I like the weight capacity and flat free tires. Our home is built on a hill (actually, in our area of Wisconsin,it’s a kettle), so this would make outdoor work SO much better!

  86. On the trimmer, I like the wheeled edger and the fact that the trimmer is adjustable for different heights–a bonus for my son who’s taking over more yard chores.

  87. The Aerocart looks amazing and it would give me freedom to move heavy things without waiting on my husband! The trimmer is my favorite though as we really need a new one and it looks awesome!

  88. I love the design of the aerocart, designed to save my back in so many ways! I can move my large flowerpots and carry dirt and mulch and use it to mix potting soil too.

  89. Whoa…I’d love to win that aerocart…I would use it to cart big rocks for a new flower bed!

  90. Trimmer: it adjust to fit your individual height and posture as we have a 5’3″ and a 6’2″ in our house :)

  91. I love that you can lift heavy loads even if you are not very strong! The rock moving would be super helpful and save some back strain for sure!

  92. My favorite feature of the Aerocart is that it’s, “Highly versatile lifting and moving work system that instantly converts from a wheelbarrow to a dolly and much more.”

  93. My favorite feature of the 20V 2.0 GT Trimmer is that it, “Converts from a trimmer to an edger or mini-mower in just seconds.”

  94. Looks really cool! We do so many things around our home ourselves and this would help out so much!!

  95. My favorite feature of the trimmer is that it has a lithium battery! They hold charge much longer

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