Tips and Tricks to Organizing your Bathroom!

Welcome to week 2 of my “Organize your Heart and Home series!”


I hope you enjoyed all of the posts about organizing our kitchens last week.  

This week we are focusing on BATHROOMS!


Most of us have bathroom vanities, drawers, or linen closets that are in need of some reorganizing. 

Well, here are some ideas to help get you started.  Click on the picture or the link below it to visit the source.


I love how the Shanty Sisters made use of their wall space by making their own bathroom storage case.  The best part is the mirror on the outside!  It serves two purposes!  Genius!





Okay, y’all might think I am slow, but I have NEVER thought about using a utensil organizer for toothbrushes!!  Have you? (Please say no, so I don’t feel so stupid.)  :)



Look how pretty this vanity looks!

It is amazing what baskets and containers can do to help you get organized!

bathroom storage



You can purchase a package of three of these plastic bins at the dollar store for one buck and attach them to your vanity door with 3M clips.  These would be great for toothbrushes too!

bathroom door



My boys don’t take baths much anymore, and we certainly don’t have bath toys everywhere, but we used to!  This next idea is incredible smart!  Just use a shower curtain rod and some plastic bins to store bath time toys!




If I had a house full of girls, I’m sure I would be implementing this idea…


no source


This is clever.  If you have a small bathroom and need some extra storage space, create a shelf above the door!

shelf over door




I have seen so many of these privacy walls by the toilets in so many homes.  What a great way to use it for storage!




If you have room in your bathroom for a piece of furniture, that would be a great way to add extra storage!  I would love to add a piece like this one to my bathroom…



Okay, so are you ready to organize YOUR bathroom?!


Let’s do this, ladies!  


Pick which bathroom you want to organize and get started.  


Come back on Friday and link up to my linky party.  


(Or email me your pictures if you do not have a blog.)


For more ways to organize your bathroom, click on the button below!




  1. Great ideas. I’m all about using dead space for storage. I recessed a small alcove next to the toilet for toilet paper. One can’t even see it without looking. Traci, the red house logo with the heart inside and paint roller is SO CUTE! If possible you should make that your blog logo. It really brings heart, house and diy all together, as a house with love = a home! AND it’s your favourite colour: red!

  2. The toothbrush holder things have my brain wheels turning. I hadn’t thought of that before…and we have a “situation” when it comes to toothbrushes.

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