Celebrating the 4th! {In My Own Style}

Hey friends!  

Well , we got our sweet little girl on Sunday, and let’s just say that we are all totally smitten with her, especially Cy.  :)  She already has him wrapped around her finger!

I can’t show you her face online, but I can show you side and back views of her, so I will be sharing pictures with you in each post. My favorite picture is when we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home yesterday, and the boys were trying to teach her to say words like “straw” and “ketchup.”    They adore her, and she fits right in with them.  She is all girl, but is a little bit of a tomboy too!  

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.26.14 AM

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summer spectacular

I am so excited to have Diane from In My Own Style her today!  I met her several years ago on a trip with The Home Depot.  She has such a sweet and humble spirit even though she is loaded with a TON of talent!  I love her projects, her style, and her made photography skills.  If you do not follow her blog, you should.  :)  You will love it!


Thank you, Diane, for sharing your Fourth of July celebration ideas with us!



A big Hello to all!

When Traci asked me if I would like to share a project for her Summer Spectacular I couldn’t decide on just one. With the 4th of July this Saturday…YES!!!…. It is THIS Saturday. The calendar turns to July this week.

If your family is anything like mine, we always have a party at our house on the 4th.

Here are four easy ways I add the spirt of red, white, and blue to the festivities.



1. Instead of flowers in the door basket to greet our guests, I place 3 small American flags in the basket.

2. When it is time to eat, I tie plastic utensils to paper plates to make it easier for guests to fill their plates along the buffet line. One less thing to hold. Tutorial here.

3. One Dollar Store item is always fun, but putting two together with a little DIY’ing makes for one perfectly festive cake stand.

4. It is always hot on the 4th, so I serve up something red, cool, and refreshing to add to the celebration. Red, white, or blue striped straws are one easy way to make any beverage say…

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope yours is filled with lots of good food, family, friends and fun.

XO Diane

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