10 Beautiful Outdoor Makeovers {and sweet words from our girl!}

Y’all, I just had to share something with you!  Yesterday, we were able to call the orphanage and speak to our girl on the phone.  We have done this several times, and we have added an interpreter from her country on the phone as well to help us understand what she is saying.

Whenever we get off the phone, Cy usually emails our translator and asks her anything our girl said that we didn’t understand or hear.  Yesterday, S- was extremely talkative, so there was a lot being said that our translator couldn’t translate fast enough.  But Cy and I both heard a ton of excitement in our girl’s voice.  It was a GREAT call!

This morning, Cy got this email from our translator…

Hi Cy,

You usually ask me about what did I hear in what S- said, how she reacted. This is the time I myself want to share.
You already heard S- excitement, that was a lot more bigger than any time before.

She was asking for several times – is it for real that you are coming, are you taking her away for the whole life? The conversation moved forward so fast, that it turned out that I answered these questions not you, but, well, she was addressing them to me, actually. I was very happy to answer YES :) And, when S- understood that conversation is over, she turned to the person next to her and joyfully started to share her fantastic news.
S- is waiting for you very much.

Have a blessed day and weekend!

Best regards,

Oh my goodness, y’all!  Our sweet little girl is so excited and trying to understand if this whole thing is really happening!  I am sure that her 9 year old little mind is trying to process all of this and trying to trust that she will truly be a part of our forever family.  My heart cannot take it.


What would it be like to never have a mom or dad?  To never have brothers or sisters?  To never be a part of a family?  It is something that my brain will never be able to comprehend, but it has been a reality for our little girl her whole life.

Now, Lord willing, in a little over a week, we will be with her.  We will hug her and kiss her.  We will tell her how precious she is, how special she is, how loved she is.  We will read to her from God’s word and explain to her how much He loves her, and how He chose us to be her forever family, and how He chose her to be our forever daughter.  How great The Father’s love is for us!!

Please pray for her (and for us) as she tries to take it all in.  There will be a lot of adjustments for all of us as a family.  A lot of new normals.  We know that there will be a lot of challenges ahead of us as we help our girl deal with the scars of her past and help her get to a healthy place in her life.  But we know that the Lord has many blessings for ALL of us in the years to come.



Now to today’s post!….

A couple of weeks ago, Joss and Main and Country Living teamed up with 10 fabulous bloggers to do some amazing Patio Makeovers!   There was so much inspiration that I was drooling and getting excited about finishing my own back patio makeover. In case you missed any of them, I wanted to share them with you.

Just click on the blog name above each photo to check out the details of each makeover!


Lucy from Craftberrybush





Jen from City Farmhouse




Jenna from Jenna Sue Design




Jennifer from Dear Lillie





Susan from Kindred Vintage & Co.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.50.01 PM





Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired





Courtney from French Country Cottage




Liz from Love Grows Wild




Bre from Rooms for Rent




Melaine from My Sweet Savannah

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.04.16 PM


How fabulous are these spaces?!!!  

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!







  1. OMG I’m shedding tears of happiness for y’all!! I’m so excited for your family I can’t contain it!!

    Congratulations, It’s a Girl!!

    The makeovers are so inspiring, I’m saving this page! Farmhouse styles r the thing now!

  2. It makes my heart sing to hear of your great news! God is so faithful to those who wait on Him! So excited for your new “addition”…what a blessing for all!
    Love the outdoor spaces!So pretty! Love your new site too!

  3. So happy for you. I have goose bumps. I well remember being where you are. God bless you and your family. It will prove to be the best summer ever!!! She will not have to return anywhere, she will be home. Hugs!!!!

  4. Well that was a sweet phone call and how wonderful for her to have a loving family to call her own! Can’t wait to “meet” her. :)

    Beautiful patios, too that you shared!

  5. I cannot think of anyone more gifted to handle whatever problems present themselves for your little girl. God has chosen the perfectly imperfect family to make her feel loved and wanted and to overcome whatever terrible things she has experienced in her past. You have a great capacity to love, and unselfish love can mend broken hearts and spirits! May God richly bless you as you take on this joyous responsibility!

  6. Hello Traci…. Its Sunday morning and I am reading your post about your little girl!! I can’t help but fill up with emotion and I feel the LOVE from both you and your family and the LOVE that this little girl is finally able to start to feel!!! Some body wants me is what she is feeling!! I am worthy of being LOVED!! I am so HAPPY for her because I know the feelings that she is having!!! I grew up in Foster Care for years until I was 16-17years old. I remember there was always this feeling of like where do I belong. Always feeling that I ‘m just here… trying to make my way. But to know that she has gotten someone that has faught just for her. She is already feeling I am home!!!! Like you said everyday especially at first is going to be a challenge. But you and your family got this!!! Those boys are going to learn one of the biggest life lessons that you could have ever taught them!! There going to make a difference in someones life!!! There going to LOVE that little girl so much and protect her to the ends of the earth!!! And now that you have done this GOD is going to be there helping you with every challenging moment that comes up!! Life now is going to be great!! You got a daughter to LOVE and she got her FOREVER FAIMLY for her WHOLE LIFE as she put it!!!! So now I just going to leave you by saying to your whole family!!!! CONGRADULATIONS ITS A GIRL!!!! And know that I am praying for your family!!! all 7 of you well 8 if you count Bently!!!! XOXOXO’S being sent your way!!! from a follower and friend in Hagerstown, Md.

  7. Hallelujah!!! Traci, my heart is rejoicing in the faithfulness of God. My prayers will continue for all of you .

  8. Such a wonderful garden restoration…it is amazing. I am impressed <3 I hope someday when I have my own house to be similar to these in the pictures. <3

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