10 Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials

Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe I made it through the first week of my #write31days challenge!


And I also can believe that I am actually writing a post on a Saturday.  That a rare thing in these parts.  :)

But over the next four Saturdays, we are going to focus on different rooms of our homes and discuss ways to bring the farmhouse look in each.  

Today, we are going to start with the KITCHEN.



Here are my favorite 10 Kitchen Essentials to get that beautiful Farmhouse look:


 1.  Open Shelves

Y’all know my love affair with open shelves.  

We built them in our kitchen 5 years ago, and I love them just as much today as I did then.  



source:  Rooms for Rent

If you like the look of open shelves but don’t want them in your whole kitchen, then consider doing just one small area in your kitchen with open shelves. 






2.  White Cabinets

When you think farmhouse, you can’t help but think of white cabinets.  White cabinets are timeless and classic.  



They never go out of style, which is the main reason I have had them in all three of my houses.  And when we someday build a bigger kitchen in our house, I will do white cabinets again.  I just stinking love them.





3.  Farmhouse Sink

We bought a farmhouse sink for our current home’s kitchen, and I have loved it.  It’s a fireclay sink, and I often have readers ask me how it has held up, and I can truthfully say, PERFECTLY!  There are no scratches or dings, and that is pretty impressive in my house full of boys!



I like the white farmhouse sinks, but you can get metal ones as well.  The best thing about them is how deep they are.  They easily hide dirty dishes. ;)




4.  Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

Baskets are great in the kitchen for extra storage for many of your every day items. 




 Baskets can be all different sizes and placed on countertops and shelves.



5.  Metal and Mason Jars

You can usually find different types of metals in farmhouse kitchens from metal baskets to metal trays.  




 And of course, you can never have enough mason jars in your farmhouse kitchen.   They are  great for storage, to use as drink ware, and even decor  





6.  Wood Countertops


It is very common to see wood countertops in farmhouse kitchen. 



You can use wood planks or butcher block like we did.  It’s beautiful and it doesn’t break the bank!



7.  Greenery

To bring your kitchen to life, be sure to have plenty of fresh plants.





Our Vintage Home Love

8.  Wooden Cutting Boards

I love wood cutting boards!  They are functional and beautiful!




They ooze farmhouse charm.





9.  White Dishes

If  you want the  look of a farmhouse kitchen,  be sure  to stock up on white dishes. 




 The best part about this look is the dishes do not have to match.   Which means you can find white  which means you can find like this to aunt Cy can hand stores dishes at thrift stores and mix them with  brand new dishes or family  heirlooms.




10.  Collections

Lastly, farmhouse kitchens have a collected look, so have fun grouping small items together for easy access.





source:  Miss Mustard Seed


This is a picture of my kitchen that my friend, Layla,, took, and you can see the full makeover of our own kitchen HERE. beneath_my_heart_kitchen

I need to get updated pictures of our makeover, because I took them 5 years ago at Christmas, and I have better cameras now. :). But it is quite a drastic change, and it was one of my favorite projects in turning our basic ranch into our Kentucky farmhouse. 


Next week we will look at farmhouse essentials for the bedroom!




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  1. I always enjoy your posts! Love the farmhouse decor. I might have to borrow a couple ideas to add to my kitchen. God Bless!

  2. Wonderful posts as usual! Love that you share all these great ideas and where to find them. I’m always so impressed with your Blog. Looking forward to more farmhouse décor and finding out more about your precious daughter Sania Louise. God Bless!

  3. Hi, Traci!
    I do have a question about your butcher block counters. Are they a laminate looking butcher block or the real butcher block? The reason I ask is, I did some looking for real butcher block counters and they are very expensive. Thank You! Terri

    1. Mine are real butcher block but we bought them at IKEA which made them very affordable. We are now purchasing some for our laundry room from Lumber Liquidators because IKEA doesn’t carry the ones we like anymore.

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