Did I Meet my 2012 Home Goals?



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So when I was writing my post about my Best DIY projects of 2012, I found an old post I wrote last year about my Home Goals for 2012.


It was very interesting for me to look back at where we were at this same time last year, and how far we have come.

So today, I wanted to share with you my Home Goals of 2012 and let you see whether I met them all or not.  Smile

I’ll share an excerpt from last year’s post first {in blue}, then I will answer whether we completed that goal or not.


1.  Finish the Addition to our Home.

Goal #1 contains about 248 projects in itself!

house 018

We need to drywall and install hard wood flooring in the whole upstairs and downstairs.  We need to install vanities, showers, toilets, and lights in two bathrooms. 

house 019

Trim, baseboards, outlets, and much, much more. 

And again, when I say “we”, I really mean “he.”

My superman of a husband.  Smile


Did we meet it?

I’m gonna say, MOSTLY!


We have installed the drywall and hard wood flooring throughout the upstairs and downstairs.

bedroom 015

We have completed the master bathroom, but not the master closet.

We have finished the boys rooms, but not their bathroom.

We have the staircase 95% finished.

So we MOSTLY met that goal.



2.  Paint the outside of our home.

Remember the popular posts I did on painting the brick on the exterior of our home?  I wrote a post, and another post full of inspirational pictures of painted brick homes.


Well, our home still remains unpainted because there were still a few projects we need to complete on the exterior of our home.  This spring, we hope to get those finished and get the house painted!  I cannot wait!   I’m sure our neighbors will appreciate it too!



Did we meet that goal?



Our house still remains unpainted.  Sad smile

We have been so busy on the inside, that we haven’t finished a few things on the outside that we need to finish before we paint.

But I am hoping and praying that we get to paint it this Spring.  {fingers crossed}





3. Create a Living Room that I actually like!

I can honestly say that in the 15 years that Cy and I have been married, I have never really liked any of our living rooms.  Or dens.  Or family rooms.  Whatever you want to call it.

We have never had a home that has had a formal living room and a den.  Thankfully, I don’t really  want both.

But I do want a den that is cozy and beautiful.  It seems that our den has always had hand-me-down or mismatched furniture.  It’s never really looked cohesive.

So I REALLY want to put some time into planning and decorating my new den in this home.  It’s right next to my newly renovated kitchen, so I am hoping to make the two rooms flow together.




Did I meet that one?


That’d be a big fat negative.

I definitely got our living room feeling “homey” for Christmas, but it is in NO WAY the way I want it to be decorated.

 bedroom 020

It’s just a hodge podge of stuff right now, so I am going to have to move this goal on into 2013.  Maybe I will get it where I want it this year!



4.  Make the Fireplace beautiful.

Our fireplace is a big eye sore and strangely located between two little windows in our den.  I want to make this thing pretty!

house 013

I don’t know if that means to paint it, cover it with wood, leave it alone?

Not sure yet.  But I will keep searching for inspiration until I figure it out!  I love fireplaces, and I know I can make this one work for us.  Smile

(I also hope to replace our front door with a pretty antique-looking door when I makeover our den.)




newel post and awana 016

High Fives all around, y’all!

I didn’t get the antique door yet, but the door definitely looks better painted black.


5.  Fill our home with gratefulness and love.

Though there are many unfinished projects in our home, and sometimes our home looks torn upside down, I want to always be grateful for the blessings God has given me.  I also want my children to remember their childhood home as a place of love and security, not just rooms and material things.


I pray that we met this goal.

This will always be my goal.  I try to remind my boys every day how blessed we are and to always be grateful for all the little things in our lives.  As hard as it has been to live in a construction zone for a year and a half, I can never complain.  We are more than blessed.

So there you have it.  We met {mostly} 3 out of our 5 goals from last year.

I’m good with that.

We definitely didn’t NOT meet all five of the goals because we were lazy.  We have worked our tails off.  Plus, we even threw in a guest bathroom renovation that wasn’t in our plans.  {Thank you, Luke, for stepping on the soap dish holder and tearing down the tile wall in the shower.} Smile

Now, I am looking forward to seeing all we can get accomplished in 2013!!!

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