Our New House Plans! {Four Gables}

Happy Monday, friends!

I am so excited to share our new house plans with you today!!

It’s been two years since we bought our land, can you believe that?! I seriously can’t believe we have lived there almost two years!!!

Anyway, when we bought the land, I began dreaming of the house we would build on the hill. I have looked over so many house plans over the past two years, and I was definitely leaning toward a modern farmhouse feel.

Here are some of the pictures of the house plans I was leaning toward…

modern farmhouse plans

Even though all of the houses above are beautiful, and I would be blessed to have any of those, I still kept looking for a house plan that made my heart skip a beat.

One thing that I have come to realize in the selling of our Wilmore House is that it’s not so much what a house looks like, but how it makes you feel. Our Wilmore House wasn’t a big house or magazine worthy by today’s standards, but man, that house felt like ME. Every time I walked through the doors, it felt like home. I have a LOT to say about that, but I’m going to be sharing more with you about that in a future post.

Anyway, after a LOT of searching, I found a house that I think feels like me (and our family,) and I also think it will fit perfectly on top of our hill! I realized that I didn’t want a farmhouse that felt modern at all….I wanted it to feel like its been there for over 100 years. I’ve always been drawn to older things ever since I was little. I love old homes, old furniture, old cars…I think I was born in the wrong time period!😂😂😂 So when I saw this house plan, it just spoke to me. It represents the simplicity I love and crave in my life!

The plan is called FOUR GABLES, (I love the name!,) and it was one of Southern Living’s featured house plans.

four gables house plan

The cool thing about this plan is that I was able to search online and on instagram and find a lot of people who have built this house!

There are so many ways that we can make this plan feel even more like us by the exterior choices we make and how we adjust the floor plan just a bit.

I’m such a sucker for gable roofs! This plan has four gable roofs, and I just love how it feels like an old farmhouse. I know the farmhouse style exploded during the Chip and Jo era on HGTV, and truthfully it’s kind of out of style, but it has and always will have my heart. ❤️

This house just feels like home to me. And that is what I want it to feel like to everyone who walks through its doors. I want it to be a refuge, a place where souls feel refreshed and restored. Just like our property, Still Waters, does for us.

This house plan is by L. Mitchell Ginn & Associates, and it’s one of their most popular plans. Again, that is what makes it so much fun! I have been able to find Pinterest boards, Youtube videos, Instagram posts, and Blog posts all about this plan. It’s given me so many great ideas about how we want to build our house!

I love this house plan because it will give us room to add on in the future. Cy would love to build a garage to the right of the house. I love this inspiration photo below!

Now for the interior, here are the original floor plans…

four gables floor plan
four gables floor plan

We will be making several changes to the original plan to create a layout that works better for us and increases the square footage a little bit. I’ll be sharing that in a future post too, (once I figure it all out!😂)

I’ll also be sharing some interior photos and videos I have found of the house plan in a future post. See! We have soooo much to look forward to! 😊🎉

Lord willing, we hope to start the foundation in the middle of February. Cy and my boys will building this house, so it’s going to be so rewarding working as a family to bring this plan to life. Although it will be stressful for sure, I am going to try and enjoy the process as much as I can. So many memories will be made along the way. And that’s the best part, right?!

Thanks for joining me on this journey. It’s always so much more fun when I get to share it with YOU! Please leave any comments or questions you may have about this house plan. I read each comment, and I look forward to talking to you about it.

Have a blessed day, friends!

xoxo, Traci


    1. In the future, when the garage becomes a reality, wil you enable to add a mudroom in the breezeway? Thinking of all the muck that comes from having chickens and goats. You WILL have fists some day! I just know it! Congratulations on your new plans! Farmhouses are the BEST!

  1. I LOVE this house plan and am so very excited for all y’all! This home reminds me of my Aunt Waneda’s home that was nestled in the hills of KY. I loved the exterior of the home even as a child. But what I loved most about it was the warmth you felt when you were inside. She loved Jesus with all her heart and everyone was always welcomed in her home. Her love overflowed from her heart into her home, and I’m sure the same will be said about you and your new home. May God continue to bless you and keep you 💕🤗.

    1. Moriah, you Aunt sounds absolutely precious. I aspire to be like her and for our home to feel the same way. what a blessing! God bless you!

  2. Oh Traci!!!
    I love it! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to follow along. I will keep you in my prayers as you follow your dream and God’s plan for your special family.

  3. I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see what you add to it but it’s already perfect! And the Barndominium connected would be so cool as Cy’s workshop. Can’t wait to follow along!

    1. Thank you, Vickie! Yeah, Cy was salivating over that bardominium addition! wouldn’t it be cool to have a “grandkid bunk room” over the garage one day?!
      Thanks for following along!

    1. We will need all the prayers we can get, Nancy! Thank you! haha. I’m sure there will be a lot of ups and downs, but it will be a great adventure! Thanks for being here!!

  4. Traci,
    That is a Judy Clark house plan. Coming from rural GA I can see myself in that house. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see how this lovely home comes together.
    God Bless You,
    Judy Clark

  5. That is so exciting about building your house! Beautiful house plan! We are building two, we’ve been staying in a little farmhouse 580 ft.² for two years. And getting ready to build our forever home hopefully in February as well. So I’ll be following you to get ideas and inspirations.

  6. Oh Tracy, I love this floorplan so much well if modern farmhouse is out of style, I’ll be out of style for years to come😂😂. I love this simplicity, as well as some of the elegance of it all. Your house plan reminds me of a little farmhouse. I saw in Maine a few years ago. And it was not a new build. So there’s that. Congratulations to your family hoping everything goes well with the Wilmore house, clearing out and putting things in storage.

    1. Thank you, Donna! Hey~if you love the house you live in…it’s never out of style! :). That’s what I believe. Thanks for being a part of our journey! xoxo

  7. How very exciting! I love the process of building a house but it is a lot of work, and that’s not including the physical labor Cy and your young men will put in.
    Also, you mentioned farmhouse has gone out of style, and yes you’re right is seems to have but, I’ve always felt if you love it, whatever it is, it’s not out of style.
    Excited to share this next adventure with y’all 🥳

    1. Oh how absolutely beautiful!! It is perfect. I am so excited for your precious family. I am looking forward to following along :)

    2. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, I’m definitely not gonna worry about what is or isn’t in style…I want this home to represent “us” and be something we love and enjoy for years…that never goes out of style. :)

  8. Traci these plans give the feeling of being wrapped up in a warm hug, drinking hot chocolate snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket around a cozy fire, games and puzzles at the kitchen table, and a family gathering to honor our Lord and Savior at family devotion time. I can see a family learning and growing through challenging times, always together. Blessings to you and your family as you begin your next adventure!

  9. I love this plan! We built a house a few years ago, and it has a similar layout. The things I would do differently include making the living room and dining room bigger. We really didn’t give enough consideration to how much room we would need once our kids got married and started having kids. We can always make it work, but it does get a bit tight when everyone comes back home. The other thing I would do if I were building again is have sliding doors instead of French doors along the back wall so as to leave room for a Christmas tree in the corner and not have to account for the extra space that opening the french doors takes. Just some things to consider…enjoy the journey!

    1. Great thoughts and advice, Jeanine! Thank you so much! I’m definitely trying to keep those things in mind when we make some changes to the layout. Thanks for being here. xoxo

  10. I absolutely love this house plan! It’s so charming!! Looking forward to seeing the process unfold! Congratulations to your family! You have so many wonderful memories yet to make!

  11. So happy for you, Traci. It is a real charmer and I can understand why it feels like “home” to you. How special to not only get to live in it, but to have it actually built by your guys! It will be filled with love from the beginning! Congratulations!


  12. I’m so happy for you and your family on your new adventure. Having Cy and the boys working on this will create the best memories. I can’t wait to follow in your journey. ❤️

  13. Traci the house is just beautiful. I literally got chills when I saw the 1st inspo photo. Just lovely.
    What a fun journey it will be.

  14. I love this house plan so much. It’s the perfect house to sit on the hill at Still Waters. And how precious that Cy and your four boys will be building it.

    I’m looking forward to following along as Jesus continues blessing you and your sweet family.

  15. Traci, I absolutely LOVE the house plans you chose! Like you, I prefer old houses, furniture, etc., over the modern ones. Your home will be even more special because Cy and the boys will be doing so much of the build. I hope that all of your handprints will be part of the foundation. With the knowledge and skills y’all have, I know it’s going to be beautiful and very welcoming. And of course, there will be plenty of sharing God’s love with everyone that walks through the door. God bless all of you as you begin this exciting journey.

    1. Thank you, Ginger! Yes, we need to remember to do handprints in the foundation! Good idea. We also want to write scripture on the foundation and wood beams when we build. It’s going to be fun to share with you all.

  16. Traci! Love the house plan. I cannot wait to watch your family work together on this labor of love. What a legacy. I love your family and the ties that bind of faith and love. God bless you all in this new adventure!

  17. Oh Traci!
    I love this house plan! Thank you so much for allowing us to see this home be built with love by the Still Waters. Such an exciting new chapter for your family. ❤️

  18. What a dream!! We’ve built 3 houses but never one I got to design which would be SO much fun! I would have to agree with a comment above. Give yourself more living room/kitchen/eating space than you think you need. As our kids leave the nest, we tend to think we don’t need as much space but we definitely underestimated how crowded it was going to get when they started multiplying. You are BLESSED to have a husband as talented as Cy!!

    1. Hi Krista! Thanks for your comment! Great advice on the space. We are definitely going to add a little more square foot to the first floor. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we add some “add ons” in the future too. Thanks for being here!

  19. So happy for y’all, Traci! I love this house plan! While I think it’s true that while “modern farmhouse” is waning a bit in popularity, “real farmhouse” never goes out of style. I love the four gables, and can just picture a window candle in each gable at Christmas, or all the time!🕯️Can’t wait to follow along with your build. Enjoy the process!

    1. Yes, Tori! “Real farmhouse” never goes out of style!” I love that. oooh…candles in the windows at Christmas! I hadn’t even thought of that! LOVE IT! Thanks for being here and following along!

  20. I can’t wait to see what you all do with this plan! It’s adorable!! Enjoy the process. You’re so fortunate that Cy has the skill and knowledge to build it and that the boys can help. Two years since you all bought your land?!??? How is that possible?? Happy New Year!!!

  21. That plan is beautiful!!! Please tell me this means the return of Notes from Home! 🤞🏻Excited to follow along and see what your Uber talented family creates.

    1. Thank you Kelli! I want to resurrect Notes from Home, but I don’t think Luke will be able to help produce it. I might do a more simple version with just my iPhone. haha! it would still be fun! Thanks for following along!

  22. I love the style of this house. I’m so glad you are going with what you like and not what is popular at the moment. Things change so fast who could kept up? My sister in law has never followed the decor etc that’s in and her home is so unique to her and homey and not like you see at so many others homes. I’m excited for you and your family. So neat Cy and your sons will build it. Cy must really be talented to take on such a big project. Will he have time to still do his job doing other peoples remodels? That would be a lot, but of course I’m
    sure he will have to work. I can picture this house on your hill and it’s going to be great. Enjoy the whole process. Looking forward to hearing all about it. God bless.

    1. Hi Kathy! Yes, I agree. I have relatives who doesn’t follow design or decor trends, but decorate with what they love. Their house is so unique and fun and homey. I love it! It definitely will be a lot of work for Cy, but he loves this kind of work. He will be doing it mostly on the weekends, but I’m sure we will be up on the hill working in the evenings when the time changes and we have more daylight. I can’t wait! Thanks for being here.

  23. I am so happy for you and your family! Such a beautiful home that sure seems like a perfect fit for you! I love the porches! Perfect place to enjoy coffee and rock in a chair! Thanks for taking us on this journey!

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you so much for being happy for our family. And yes, I love porches too! I will be spending a lot of time of them for sure!

  24. Hi, Traci! Many of these houses are reminiscent of the homes of yesteryear when windows were smaller and fewer in number and rooms were darker. The amount of sunlight that comes into a home is really important to me as natural light lifts my spirit. I noticed that one house plan has double windows – at least on the lower level of the front facade – which would bring more light into the rooms. As you’re customizing your building plan, envision being inside each room as you make decisions on the number and size of your windows. Every house you and Cy have updated in the past has helped prepare you to finally create your dream home on that beautiful piece of land. Thank you for letting us follow along. 🏡

    1. Hi Jay! Thank you for your comment! And yes, I totally agree. I love LOTS of natural light, so I am hoping to use taller windows in the front of our house, and more windows in the kitchen. Thank you for being here and for celebrating with us.

  25. beautiful! very happy for you! Can you share how you’re finding a builder? Thank you! Our son lives in Nashville and we are considering building there:)

    1. ** I said “the boys”. You know I mean “the family”. Having three boys, I always say “the boys”. 🙈😂

  26. It’s hard to tell in this rendition BUT I would take the “breezeway” between the barn and the house and make it a 4 seasons area so that it could be like the front porch “off season” if you know what I mean. We live “in town” but 1/2 mile off the “hard road” (ha) and with our “semi” farm house we added a screened in porch to the FRONT of our house to watch wild life cause that is just the way the house was situated BUT with this beautiful open porch areas I would be cool to have a spot that you could sit…..to read a book, just watch the view, etc. when it was cold out too. Can’t wait to follow the progress

  27. I’m thrilled to follow this new adventure. I’ve been following you since you lived in the Lexington area (former Lexingtonian myself – Go BLUE) and have always loved your style. I’m hoping farmhouse hasn’t gone out of style if it has oh well. That’s been my style since before JOanna and Chip! So exciting and can’t wait to see all that you do this next year to Still Waters.

    1. Thank you, Vicki! Yes, I’ve loved farmhouse before chip and jo too. haha! And I’ve decided that if we love something, it never goes out of style!

  28. I love the plans and I love the pictures you shared! You would really love my house I think, it was built in 1886. All original woodwork still intact. The day my hubby and I walked through the front door to just “check it out” we were floored and knew it was meant to be ours. Eight years later we still love it just as much as day 1. It has a servant back staircase and that really sealed the deal. We’ve both been obsessed with those our whole life. The listing didn’t even mention that so you can imagine my surprise when I thought I was opening a closet door!!! :) Super happy for your family and am excited to follow along!

  29. It’s dreamy Traci! The first pic you shared of 4 gables almost has a country church feel, too, which I LOVE!!! IT is the perfect fit for you guys! I know I don’t know you in person, but I’ve been following you since you started, so I feel like I do! So excited for you guys!

    1. OOh, I never thought about a country church feel, but I love that! My mom used to love to take pictures of old country churches. Thanks for being here with me for so long! xoxoTraci

  30. So happy for you and I cannot wait to follow along! Home plans are one of my fave things to peruse, especially Southern Living plans! I’m with you—I don’t really care that farmhouse style isn’t “in”’. It’s basically what my new build is and I just still love it for a homey, simple, casual feel! Again, so excited to see all the details!

  31. Mitchell Ginn has some great house plans. I built his Honeymoon Cottage plan. I also was looking and looking for the “right” plan, and when I saw the Honeymoon Cottage, I had a quick intake of breath! I KNEW that was the one! It’s a Tudor with a fairytale vibe. People in our town tell me all the time it’s their favorite house. Good luck with the build! Can’t wait to see photos :-)

  32. Traci, I am thrilled for the Hutcherson family, how very exciting to have your family all involved in building your dream home! Four Gables at Still Waters is going to be beautiful! 😉

  33. I love this! I am so excited for you. My husband and I wanted to buy his Grandmother‘s house years ago when she passed away. The attic had four gables with three double hung windows in each and that made a big arched window. It was such a great space even though it had never been finished and had no insulation. I can’t wait to see your house go up!

  34. Oh my, I am so happy for you and your family, Traci! I completely resonated with a lot of your thoughts in this post, I have said to numerous people that I was probably born 100 years too late! LoL And my thoughts on a HOME also align with yours…I want it to be cozy, warm, welcoming and restorative to anyone that comes thru the door. And enjoys a delicious meal at my table! I’ve been searching for a farmhouse just like your plan for over 5 years now, since my divorce. =( So hard to compete in the market right now, since it’s just me with one salary. I know the Lord gave me this dream for a reason, so I’m going to keep the faith! Blessings to you all! Will be watching the build, hope all goes smoothly!

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