The Perfect Latex Paint Color Match to Annie Sloan’s French Linen Chalk Paint!



So, I was so excited to tell you about this!

Last year, when I painted my dresser/vanity with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen, I got a LOT of questions.

birthday 043

Mainly about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I used.  You loved the color of the paint, French Linen, but you weren’t sure about the chalk paint.

Many of you wanted to know how to use chalk paint. Is it easy to use?, is it durable?, how do you wax it?, etc.

You were also concerned with the price of the paint.  It’s between $30-$40 for a quart.  Ouch!

I guess a lot of you had reservations about using the chalk paint, and I totally get that.

But if you are more comfortable working with latex paint and love the color of the Annie Sloan French Linen, then I have good news for you!

I found the PERFECT MATCH in a latex paint to Annie Sloan’s French Linen!

annie sloan chalk paint french linen

It’s called Beige Shadow, and I found it at Lowe’s in the Waverly Home Classics section.

I wanted to use the same color gray on the wood plank walls in our guest bathroom renovation that I used on my dresser/vanity, but I didn’t want to use chalk paint on them.  I needed a less expensive latex paint to use on the walls.

bathroom wood plan wall

So I was thrilled when I discovered this perfect match!

I painted one half of this piece of wood with the Annie Sloan French Linen, and the other half of the wood with Beige Shadow.  I swear you cannot tell the difference between the two except for the finish.

paint 019

Annie Sloan’s paint is very flat, and I got a Satin finish in Beige Shadow.  That is the only difference at all.  If I had gotten Beige Shadow in flat, it would be even a closer match.


Soooo, if you love the color of Annie Sloan’s French Linen, but you don’t have the money or experience with chalk paint, maybe this is a better option for you!


I am working on my guest bathroom reveal for tomorrow.  So be sure to stop back by tomorrow to see it!


Have a blessed day!

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