One of my favorite childhood memories was going to my Aunt Tassie and Uncle Tommy’s farm and spending hot summer days with my cousins playing in the rafters of their barn and getting eggs out of the coop.  I remember picking juicy red strawberries out of their u-pick strawberry patch and sipping ice cold lemonade out on the back porch in my bare feet.
strawberry 075

Those were the days….

Those memories have never left my heart, and I believe they are the reason that I desire to create those same memories with my own children. 

I have one small problem though…we don’t own a farm.

But we do have a brick ranch on five acres that we are DIY’ing into our dream farmhouse.  


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I’ve been sharing the adventures of building an addition to our ranch, transforming the interior, and decorating on a budget over the past seven years on my blog, along with a lot of stories about our crazy family of seven!


Our two most recent and amazing adventures have been the adoption of our 9 year old little girl, Sania Louise, from Latvia…


And my oldest son, Jonathan’s experience on Season 10 of the hit NBC show, The Voice, #teampharrell!

The Voice image

We are a family that loves to spend time together and enjoy the simple things in life.  

We hope you make yourself at home with us in this little corner of our world as we share with you the treasures we hold dear beneath our hearts….our faith, our family, and all things home.