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Hello, friends!

I hope you are having a great week so far! Smile

You are not going to believe what I did all day yesterday.

I was decorating my Christmas tree!  Kid you not.

I’m participating in the Home Depot Style Challenge: Holiday Edition, and the area of the home that I was given to decorate was the Christmas tree.  (Yay!)

Home Depot Style Challenge: Holiday Edition

My project has to be finished by the first of next week, so I have been busy getting it together.  Yesterday, I was singing Christmas carols all day long.  Crazy, yet fun!

Another place in our home that I am excited about decorating this upcoming Christmas season is our staircase.



Cy is currently building our newel post for our new staircase, and we will share how he did it with you soon.

diy newel post

I wanted a thick, chunky newel post, like the newel posts in some of my favorite pictures from Pinterest, to add some Old House Character and Charm to our new addition.


I would like to share them with you today.



newel post


newel post


newel post


newel post


newel post


newel post


Be still my heart!

I guess it’s pretty obvious the type of newel post that I love.  We are planning on painting ours white, and maybe staining the very top of the newel post to match the stair treads.  We are also planning on painting the spindles white.

If you would like to learn more ways to add Old House Character and Charm to your newer home, just click on the button below.

Old house character and charm

There are six steps to this series, so be sure to check them out! Smile

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  1. Lisa~A Cottage To Me says:

    Looks like he’s doing a wonderful job! Can’t wait to see it all put together! Have fun!

  2. We have a post like that in our 162-year-old federal home we just bought. I call it the arm bruiser and my husband refers to it as the rib crusher. I’m currently fantasizing about what I will replace it with, but there will not be a single sharp corner in site, that’s for dang sure.

    The problem with ours is that the turn radius at the top and bottom of the stairs is so narrow that it’s very difficult to navigate the area without some kind of close encounter with the post. It makes me sad because it was one of the first things I loved about my new home.

    Just call me jealous in Ohio.
    Suesan recently posted..Master Bedroom Makeover–The Reveal

  3. I can’t wait to see it…. I just know it will be beautiful……

  4. Oh I’m in love with all of them! Now I want to add stairs and I dont even have a two story. Wonder if it would be weird to have a set of fancy staris leading to the attic. LOL Just kidding…maybe. I really love those ideas. Can’t wait to see what you have been up to!

  5. Lookin’ gooood!! Can’t wait to see it all & check out your finished Christmas tree, too! :O)
    Julianne recently posted..Need Your Advice…What Would You Do???

  6. This is going to look great. Can’t wait to see it finished and I am sure you do too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love newel posts and can’t wait for the lowdown on making yours. I think my jaw dropped open with the last picture and THREE newel posts!

  8. Hi Traci,
    We completely de-constructed our staircase two years ago. We had oak spindles and the smallish oak newels that looked just like beefed up spindles. I put in newels very similar to the pictures above with wrought iron spindles. I do have a suggestion: The newels I used were not flat on the top. They have that architectural roof look (not dramatic) on top of them. I wish I put on the flat tops instead. Why? Because I have five kids! And with them comes oodles and oodles of laundry and other kid-like things. I would put a stack of towels, etc. on the newels before and take it upstairs when I was about to walk up the stairs. You cannot stack anything on the new ones. Maybe that is a good thing! I now put things on the stairs and take something with me every time I go up. Ninety percent of the time there is nothing on my stairs, but oh on laundry day!!!!! Just a little thing that I wished I’d done differently.

  9. Hey loving your stairs they look awesome and I look forward to seeing the rest of your place.

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