Hall Closet Makeover


Last year, I showed you a makeover I did on the exterior of our hall closet, but I have never shown you the inside.

closet makeover

Well, I did show you the “before” of the inside of the closet, but I never showed you the “after” of the inside of the closet.

closet makeover

I used an Easy Closet system to re-do the inside of my closet, but here is the cool thing.  It was FREE!

I worked with Easy Closets for my master closet makeover, and they accidentally sent me an extra closet system for a smaller closet.

master closet makeover

{master closet}

I contacted them to let them know, and they said since it was their mistake I could keep it!  Say What?!!  I was thrilled!  And I was even more excited when I realized it fit our hall closet perfectly!

Here is the before of our hall closet…

closet 011

There was only one shelf space and one bar to hold clothes.  {This closet didn’t used to be a “hall closet.”  It was a bedroom closet before we added the addition to our home.}

With the Easy Closet system, I was able to create three bar spaces, lots of shelving, and even some drawers!  Love that!

closet 012

Now, the inside of my closet looks like this…

2014-03-31 11.31.20I cannot believe how much storage I have in this closet now!

The left side of the closet holds my out of season clothes, and the middle shelves hold photo albums, décor items, and some home videos.

The upper right side holds tablecloths, and the drawers below hold wrapping supplies, like tissue paper and gift bags.  I also have a “junk drawer” full of miscellaneous stuff that needs to be organized.  Smile  We all have one of those, right?

I still have some organizing to do against the wall on the right.  Right now, I have some large picture frames and artwork stuffed in there.

The back of the doors hold a lot of space, so I added a belt holder for all of the boys belts that I find laying all over the house.  I plan on adding another one for their ties.

Eventually, I want to organize this space even better with cute matching baskets on the shelves and handles on the drawer, but I don’t have time for that right now.  Smile  And no one really sees the inside of my closet except for me.  I’ll save that project for a rainy day.

For now, I am thrilled with my more organized closet!

closet makeover

Do you have a closet in need of a makeover?

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

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  1. The doors alone make a huge difference. How beautiful. I know how it feels to finally get organized. When you finally give everything a “place” it’s amazing how much more room you have.
    Ashley recently posted..Liebster Award

  2. Belinda Aguirre says:

    I love how the closets turned out. I will comment that in your master closet….if you’re as OCD as me…I grouped all my shirts together by color and have found it’s much faster to find a white shirt grouped in with all the whites rather than going through each shirt. Keep up the great work.

    • Belinda, I do the same thing ! All my clothes are sorted by color too. It works great. I even organized my husbands that way and surprisingly enough, it has stayed that way! :-)

  3. Looks great Traci! I love organization too. :-)

  4. Dawn Rene says:

    That looks fab-u-lous. I love those closet doors. I have to revisit how to make them. That is probably my favorite project that I’ve seen you do. Hope SFO was a good time for you, and glad you’re back safely. Go Wildcats!

  5. I love this closet, can you come and do mine? LOL

    God Bless

  6. Beautiful! The white looks so crisp and clean : )

  7. You have worked so hard on your home – and it is lovely – every space has turned out so nice!

    I was thinking yesterday…there are five blogs I read daily…yours is one.
    I always know that when my day is a bit ‘blue’, or life gets so hectic and difficult, I save your blog for those times…then I read your daily post and those that came before…my spirits are lifted then. Your positivity thru your own daily walk, means so much to me. I get ‘fed’ inspiration of many ways – faith, hope, charity…and a lot of creative ideas to help make my daily life less hectic!

    Thank you Traci, for your blog, I know how much hard work is put into it on a daily basis!

    You are appreciated!!!

    If I could, I would give you a hug in person…since I cannot, consider yourself hugged!

  8. Your master closet inspires me to finally get around to organizing my own, it just looks great.

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