Burlap Stool Makeover

I have completed my stool makeover, but I would love your opinion on the “finishing touches”.

I posted earlier this week about a stool I found at Goodwill. I had been looking for a little stool that I could paint white and add a burlap seat cover.

This one was perfect! And it was only $3.50!


It was in great shape. Very sturdy. Just needed a little TLC.


So I took off the seat cover (it wasn’t screwed on), and covered it with some batting to make it a little fuller and softer. I always feel like I am wrapping a present when I do this part. The best part is the present is for ME!



Then I covered the batting with inexpensive burlap using the same steps.


For painting the stool, I just used a can of white spray paint because I already had it on hand. I took my time trying to spray evenly to avoid drips. Then I let it dry.

That’s my sweet little Luke helping me out!



Next, I used some light sand paper and “roughed up” the edges.



Then I used Valspar mocha glaze over the white paint.

I have absolutely NO idea what the correct steps to glazing are, but this is what I did, and I liked the results.

I applied the glaze with large sponge brush. Then I wiped it right off with paper towels. I worked on one side of the stool at a time. If the glaze looked to thick, I would use a wet paper towel to wipe it off. I just wanted to make it look like a “dirty” white…not very noticeable.

It’s the same paint treatment I used on the guest house bedroom suite that I hope to show you next Monday!

Then I attached the seat back on, and this is how it turned out…


I love it!

Here it is in the guest house.



Can you see the light hint of glaze?


Now I need your opinion.

My first idea was to stencil a black number on the seat. Then I thought about stenciling a letter. But I liked it so much plain, I thought maybe I should leave it alone.

What do you think? I cut some stencils out of black construction paper and set it on the burlap seat to give you an idea of what it would look like. Which do you like best?

The “H” stands for our last name.


The “4” stands for my four boys.


Or leave it plain…


Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think…

“H”….”4”….or “plain”?

I’ll post the final result on Wednesday!

For more transformations, please stop by Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday. Click on the picture below and it will take you right there!




  1. Either the "H" or the plain version….I like it plain myself…makes it more versatile for moving around the house (at least for me)
    You did a fabulous job on it…I love the burlap idea…burlap is so rustic and casual…it just adds something to a space!

  2. Love the stool! I vote for the "H" or plain. I love both. Hey I had a few questions for you about the hutch makeover, I am going to be painting mine this week. :0)

  3. What a great job on your stool! Love it and your instructions were wonderful. Personally, I like the "H" for your last name!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Loving the burlap..I have a whole bolt that I bought at our walmart- they are deleting the fabric dept so it was all 50% off – I vote for the letter H..it is our last name too so you could loan it to me sometime :)


  5. Great job on the stool and whatever your glazing method is, it worked!! Definitely the H! Your Luke is a cutie–I have a Luke too!

  6. Ok, I am being the voice of disention here b/c I really think the #4 is whacky and whimsical and too cute – and I love to add things to my home that keeps guests thinking and wondering. (like the cat's hairballs) LOL Just kidding.

    That's my two cents. :-)

    But either way, I love the addition of the added decoration to the stool top. I think it is the finishing touch. So cute! Great job on the paint/glaze treatment. Thx for sharing….Barb

  7. I just found a similar stool for 3.00. I LOVE the burlap, and I think I'm leaning toward the number 4 for yours. Good luck! It looks fabulous!

  8. Don't you just love burlap…you did such a good job!!! I love the "H"…but the "4" is so meaningful…just to you!!!!

  9. What a great job…… love the lines on the stool and the white and burlap are just perfect together……. I do love the "h" but most I love that sweet little helper what a little dear…

  10. Hi and thanks for stopping by for a visit. Your comments about my new apron were much appreciated. I just love the way it turned out.
    I have to vote for the H because it's so swirly and pretty and pretty is good in my book!
    I also need to say if your not sure leave it plain for a little while and live with it. You can always add the stencil later in the fall if you like. I painted my livingroom and diningroom furniture white with intentions of glazing it like you did with the stool. Well, when I finished painting it white I liked it so much I decided to just live with it "as is"and I'm glad that I did. So far I am really happy with the results~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  11. Oh…this is sooo wonderful!!! You did an amazing job…I love the white with the burlap…DARLING!!! I choose the H…I love monograms!!!

    Your boys are darling!!! I love the pic on your sidebar!!!

    Enjoy the day!!!

  12. I love the letter "H" on the little stool, so cool (I made a rhyme!). I've been wanting to cover some mini lamp shades in burlap so I better get busy cause you've inspired me to get it done.


  13. This project turned out so cute! I sort of favor the "H". I think the font is really pretty and monograms are very popular right now (plus it's the first initial of my maiden name). Even though 4 is my favorite number, the 4 would probably be my last choice.

  14. It turned out fabulous!!! I'm torn as to the stencil. My first thought is the "H", but I like the "4" and how most people won't know what it is for. Gives it some mystery. So I might just have to vote for the "4".

  15. Hi there. Your little stool came out wonderfully! Love the burlap!I happen to love the "H". I think it would be great on there. I was thinking of doing a "B" on the burlap runner on my buffet.
    Great job!

  16. I vote for the H also, it really makes it look classy and beautifully made! The stool came out so nice…..that was some bargain you got girl! Hugs, Pinky

  17. Hi Tracy!
    Your footstool is just darling. I love how you used burlap instead of regular fabric. Personally I love the look of the stencil letter. Can't wait to see more of your blog!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  18. Although I am a huge sucker for monograms, I think maybe the 4 would be a nice touch as it would serve as a conversation starter. I am sure it would launch many conversations of the significance of the number. Just a thought, but you can never go wrong with a monogram. :)



  20. Traci, thanks for stopping by my blog. You are welcome anytime. We are feeling better now! Yay!

    Also, that is so cute! I vote for H monogram as well. The colors you chose will go with a lot and the monogram will just put that right amount of personal touch to any room! ;-)

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