Buffet Table Re-do

goodwill furniture


I found a piece of furniture that I loved at, of course, Goodwill. I had actually been “eye-ing” it for a couple of weeks. But it was marked $125.00, which was nowhere near what I would pay for it. But it was so darn cute, and it kept calling my name every time I went to visit it.

It eventually began to get “trapped” behind new incoming furniture pieces. This week I went by to say “hi” to my beloved piece of furniture, and I noticed it had been marked down to $55.00. Now, that’s more like it!

Of course, I had to ask the manager if she would mark it down even further, and she politely said, “No.”

Can’t blame a lady for trying, right?

Anyway, I could see her beautiful potential (the buffet, not the manager!) , so I told her to pack her bags, we were going home! (Yes, my buffet is a girl!)

Here she is:

goodwill furniture

Isn’t she a beaut, Clark?

goodwill furniture

I love the detail on the front drawer. It’s missing some knobs, but I will take care of that!

At first, I thought it might be a large desk, but I noticed some old writing on the back that said it was a buffet. It also had this neat metal tag inside the front drawer.

goodwill furniture

It had some charming details…

goodwill furniture

And lots of little nicks and scratches that added even more character…

goodwill furniture

I think older pieces of furniture are so interesting, because you know they would all have a “story” to share if they could talk!

Now, I know it looks good as it is, but I had other plans for it. I was tempted to leave it alone, but I kept picturing it a little more “shabby.”

Since I had so much fun re-doing my guest house bedroom furniture, I thought I would try the same treatment on this piece.

So my first step was to give it a good sanding.

And BOY, did I have some good help!

goodwill furniture




The child labor laws in Kentucky are very vague…

goodwill furniture

This little face makes even the most boring of tasks so enjoyable!

goodwill furniture

(I usually use liquid sand paper, but today I felt like going with the good old sanding sponge!)

Then I got my supplies ready to paint: Valspar white paint, a brush, a small roller, and a paint tray.

goodwill furniture

Yes, that IS duct tape on the paint tray. It was cracked, and my ingenious husband fixed it for me. We do things professionally around here, ladies!

I gave my new BFF (buffet friends forever) and new coat of paint.

goodwill furniture

Then sanded her down real good…

goodwill furniture makeover

goodwill furniture

Then I prettied her up with some makeup. Well actually, it was Valspar Mocha glaze.

I have no idea what the correct way to apply glaze is. On my guest house furniture, I used a sponge brush and paper towels.

This time I mostly used an old washcloth. I put it on thicker this time because I wanted it to look a little more brown. I put a thin layer on smoothly, then let it dry for a bit. Then I used a slightly damp paper towel to go back over and take a little of the glaze off until I got the look I was after.

The glaze is pretty forgiving. If I messed up, I would wipe it off with a wet paper towel and start over. Thank goodness!

Here is the front with the glaze on it…

goodwill furniture

I was able to keep the original hinges on the piece. They are old and worn out, and I LOVE them. It adds to the piece.

goodwill furniture

goodwill furniture

I do not have the knobs that I want to put on the doors, but I added some knobs I got at Home Depot to the drawer to give you an idea of what it will look like.

I am so pleased with the results!

goodwill furniture

goodwill furniture

goodwill furniture


I paid $55.00 for the buffet, $9.00 for the paint, and $6.00 for the two knobs, (and I still have to purchase two more for the doors).

Not bad for $70.00!


Blessings to you all,



  1. Hi Traci, It is Kathysue and I just read your sweet comment over at Martys blog. Thank you for your kind words, It almost makes me want to do a blog. I really admire all of you bloggers and all the work you put into your blogs. I love what you did to your buffet. It looks so professional. I am horrible with a paint brush so I always admire someone like you who takes brush in hand and transforms something, Hugs Kathysue

  2. The child labor laws in Kentucky are very vague…


    I think that buffet turned out really pretty! Great find! My GW never has such great things, maybe a Lenox vase every now and again but no furniture!

  3. Girl, that is one beautiful table – I would have bought it too! I love the paint job you gave your lady ! I am sure she is glad you rescued her. It looks perfect in your home !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. Oh, Traci! I love how your olden buffet turned out! You did a fabulous job! It looks gorgeous here all decked out!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Oh my goodness, the hutch was a beauty before, but now she's a knockout! It looks fabulous with the pretties you put on her too. What a great find, and a great makeover!

  6. Not fair Traci! You have the cutest little helpers! I don't know how you do it with those little boys too but this is just amazing! You are so talented and the buffet all decorated looks perfect! Love this post, Cindy

  7. Girl, you find the BEST bargains… and what you do with them… WOW! I thought this piece looked very nice "as is" but your glaze makes it look really wonderful. I think your little helper must have worked some magic on it!

  8. Great transformation…I redid a buffet as well. My favorite makeover to date. I am on the hunt for a smaller one like yours for my MIL who is downsizing.

  9. Very nice! It looks so good painted white. I so cannot bring myself to paint antique furniture which is too bad. Some of it really could be saved with a good paint job.

  10. Wow I am so impressed! I love old furniture and I liked this buffet the way it was originally … but I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out after you finished the project. It's absolutely beautiful and it inspires me to do my own project! Thanks for sharing …

  11. Morning, Traci! I'm so sorry your didn't win my little pillow! But what a winner you are already with your beautiful family! Those little guys are just precious! I am coveting, just a bit, this wonderful buffet!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Wow, girl! You did a fantastic job on that piece. I just love, love, love it. Way to go on waiting til it got marked down. It has perfect lines for painting shabby white. That last pic with the mirror is just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Traci, you are one fabulous make over artist! That piece is stunning. And you know you have something good deep down to its bones when there is a METAL name plate on it! Woohoo! Score, girl! Linda

  14. Lovely makeover! Very impressive. If I could think of any more adjectives to positively describe it, I would go on and on. But… our time must end.

  15. Fifty-five dollars! That is a bargain, regardless that it may be US $$$$$.

    You did a fantasic transformation Traci and I'm guessing this piece wud now at least yield $700.00+ at any Canadian Flea/Antique market. Thanks for sharing your love of labour with us and giving the supply specs and method.

  16. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! It's interesting that it's a buffet. I would've thought it was a desk as well. I love your little helper, too. What a cutie. You did a great job on this one as well.

  17. Traci, this is absolutely lovely! Thanks for explaining how you used the gladze. A lot of my pieces look too harsh and I think it's b/c I've never tried glaze.

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