The Final Giveaway Winner and A Big Announcement!

I can’t believe that this is my last giveaway!

I want to thank everyone who participated!  It has been a joy to make these little gingerbread families for each of the winners.

My boys have done a great job helping me announce the winners each week, but for the final giveaway, I wanted to do it myself!

Here I am with the last, lonely little giveaway bag.  There were about 20 more names added to this week’s bag.



And the winner is…


CONGRATULATIONS, GINA @ Shabby Chic Cottage!  I will be contacting you for some information.

Thanks again for participating and leaving such sweet comments on my blog.  I have read EACH and EVERY  one of them!

Now, if you didn’t win, you may be interested in my



I am offering my Gingerbread Family Ornaments for 50% off during the month of August for all of my wonderful Beneath My Heart followers!

I just opened my Etsy shop a few months ago, and I haven’t sold any of my ornaments…yet!   So I thought this might be a way to get my business going. 

When you place your order, just let me know in the NOTE TO SELLER section what  names you would like on the ornament and how long it needs to be.

My listing is for a family of four, but I can make it as long as you’d like.  I tried to take pictures this morning of longer families, but they didn’t turn out good and I have to take the boys to a movie this afternoon…I promised!

So here are some pictures just for you to look at to get an idea of what each family would look like.  Of course, these are not personalized, but they would be for you!

Family of three…you can see the detail on the ornaments best in this picture.  The others didn’t turn out as good.


Family of one…great for a couple expecting their first child!


Family of four…


These make ADORABLE gifts for grandparents.  The longer the ornament, the cuter!

The gingerbread men and boys are decked out in green polka-dot bow ties, and the women and girls are sporting pretty red polka-dot bows on their heads.

Since my Etsy listing is for a family of four, I will adjust your Paypal invoice to have it match your order (if you are ordering a smaller or larger family.)

Any questions, please contact me at




  1. Traci, You are VERY generous offering your ornaments at 50% off. They are so cute. I've seen people standing in line at craft fairs waiting to buy them. They have always been a hit!

  2. Traci,

    Your ornaments are precious and I do see them at all of the church Christmas Bazaar's. I have several versions with my kid's names and some with the dogs!! I will try to think of any gifts I may need since you are being so generous. Have you thought about getting a table at one of these Christmas functions?? Gifts for teachers are very popular, maybe do a "teacher" gingerbread person! I have seen these ladies personalize them right at the table with permanent marker…

    I wish you much luck. These little guys are too cute to pass up!


  3. What a great offer. Your etsy shop isn't showing a link. I know Google has been haveing some MAJOR issues lately so I don't know if it is just gone temporari;y or if you haven't entered the info. I will go over to etsy and see if I can find you r shop.


  4. Let me know your etsy shop name. I tried Beneath my heart, gingerbread ornament, gingerbread family and a couple of others and couple find your items.
    That is one thing I don't like about etsy is everything keeps scrolling back and gets lost so far back that people don't go back more than a page or two so they never see your items. I went to every page and still didn't find yours.


  5. Hi, just checking in to say hello. We had a great vacation visiting our son and his wonderful family in Oregon. We were hoping for some cooler weather, but it was 103 while we were there. That's still cooler than our 114 we've been having. Hope you and your family are well. I know you're probably getting ready for school to start. Stop in and say hello when you get a chance. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh my word Traci – you are wonderful to offer your sweet little gingerbread family at a discount! I'm so happy for Gina that she one your last giveaway. I will definitely be placing an order for my family ornament very soon!


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